For The Love Of Soaps: Eric Finds Out The Truth About Nicole


Days Of Our Lives: Jen finally tells Eric the truth about why Nicole left Salem. After several questions, he discovers Brady blackmailed Nicole, which led her to break Eric’s heart. Eric heads to Brady’s apartment, where he punches his brother in the face. I don’t think the directors have seen an actual punch thrown because Eric’s “punch” looked more like a two-handed push to the chest. Brady tries to explain his rationale, but Eric’s not here for that. What hurt Eric most was Jen and Brady hiding this secret from him for so long. He tells Brady they are no longer brothers and heads to the bar to drink away his sorrows. After Roman talks some sense into him, he meets Maggie at her home and asks her to contact Nicole. It seems everything Eve told Jen is going to happen. Eric is still in love with Nicole and wants to make things right. Jen ends this week by returning the engagement ring to Eric, a heartbreaking scene.

After Eric leaves Brady’s, Jen shows up. When she starts to tell Brady about Eve’s plotting, Eve decides she must tell him herself. After Brady tells Eve there’s nothing that could make him stop loving her, Eve admits colluding with Victor, which may prove Brady wrong. Brady realizes that he lost Tate because of Eve’s plotting and threatens to throw her out of the room. Instead of apologizing, Eve brings up the terrible things Brady lied to her about; however, Brady holds strong and storms out himself. After weeks of her secrets staying hidden, it was exhilarating to see Eve finally suffer for her scheming with Victor.

Last week’s MVP, Hattie, continues pushing John to marry her ASAP. If he won’t, she threatens to spill the beans on their Marlena plot. While John’s plot may save Marlena, the Hattie-marriage issue is entirely his fault. Oddly enough, Roman advises John to marry Hattie, saying the marriage will be easily annulled and worth the effort if Marlena survives. John signs Hattie’s marriage contract and the wheels start turning. Belle convinces Abe to marry them in the hospital and begins the ceremony. As he pronounces them husband and wife, Marlena wakes up in the hospital basement. She is greeted by an unwelcomed visitor: Kristen DiMera, who is looking to finish the job Sami started. If Marlena knew what was going on upstairs, I don’t think she would have woken up if given the choice.

At the DiMera residence, Kristen begs Stefan to let her stay with him until she can kill Marlena and get Brady back. Unfortunately for her, Stefan hates everyone, even his own family. However, he says she can stay if she tells him where EJ is. Before she can respond, Sami sneaks into the house, looking for Kristen. Sami is such a fool. She was given bail on the condition that she doesn’t interfere with the search for Kristen; of course, her first act as a free woman is to find Kristen. Maybe she likes being incarcerated. Stefan tells Sami he doesn’t know where Kristen is and kicks her out. After Stefan leaves, Sami sneaks back in and finds a hidden room in the tunnels, where she suspects Kristen is staying. After she locks herself in accidentally, Stefan releases her, holding a tray of food. Sami knows Kristen is staying here and, at this point, it isn’t worth Stefan’s denials. Unless he was having a snack in the basement, there isn’t a valid excuse for bringing food there. I predict Sami ends up in prison without EJ and Kristen escapes once again.

Sami didn’t find Kristen because she went to the hospital to find Marlena. Instead of finding Marlena, she pointed her gun at Hattie. Quick tangent, but how did a wanted criminal with a gun sneak into an active hospital wing unnoticed? The lax security there is appalling. Hattie explains that she isn’t Marlena and even makes a falling-out-the-window reference to Kristen. Even staring down the barrel of a gun, Hattie is here for the laughs. Hattie tells Kristen about John’s plot to hide Marlena, which is how Kristen finds her in the basement.

Gabi continues to reach cringeworthy levels of stalking by peering into Abigail’s living room window. After Abby falls asleep on the couch, Gabi sneaks in and sends a text message from Abigail’s phone. Shockingly, the text was sent to Stefan, begging him to come see her immediately. When he arrives, Abigail has no recollection of sending the text and wants him to leave. Stefan suggests that Gabby may be coming back, something Gabi desires very much as well. After he leaves, Abigail tells JJ that she thinks Stefan might be right. This is psychological warfare. I hope Gabi and Eve share a cell together for the rest of their miserable lives. I am shocked at how cruel Gabi is to a pregnant woman she once called her best friend.

Bonnie rejoices after hearing Adrienne dropped the charges against her. It’s not all good news, however, as Lucas wants her to sign paperwork relating to baby Bonnie. Lucas is afraid Bonnie will disappear with their child if she’s freed. I don’t blame Lucas; Bonnie has done nothing to earn his trust and should be treated as a potential liability.

General Hospital: DA Dawson tells Sonny she knows he worked under the same mob boss as her father. She proceeds to tell him every reason why they suspect his involvement with the corpse at Charlie’s Pub. I know the DA is particularly interested in finding her father’s killer but giving a suspect every piece of evidence is not the smartest idea. Like Hope on Days, I don’t think the DA should be this involved in the case. Her personal connection to the victim may hinder her ability to do her job objectively. Since this is GH, I’m sure she’ll remain on the case and find a way to mess everything up. However, she reveals to Commissioner Ashford that she thinks Sonny murdered her father. She seems to be building a strong case against Sonny.

Drew and Kim continue struggling with Oscar’s diagnosis. Drew tells her that they need to tell Oscar the truth from a moral standpoint. Before they tell him, Drew and Kim meet with a cancer specialist to find other potential options. They discover that the operation would kill him, and chemotherapy/radiation have been unsuccessful for this type of cancer. The only other choice is a clinical drug trial that brings potential side effects including death. It is crazy to me that they’re talking about the next steps before even telling their son what’s going on. At that moment, Oscar bursts into the room asking Kim if he has cancer. They finally tell him the truth and how grim his future is. It is a moving scene, with incredible acting by Garren Stitt (Oscar). I’m not crying, it’s just really dusty in here.

Lulu meets with Felicia for her Ryan Chamberlain story. After Lulu refers to her as the only surviving victim, Felicia disagrees. In fact, she doesn’t feel like a victim at all: “He came after me. He didn’t get me. He lost. I won. He’s dead. I survived.” She continues by saying she’s angry with the coverage of the story and says Ryan would have loved the attention. Felicia storms out of the interview and heads to dinner with Lucy, Mac and, conveniently, Ryan. Felicia gives Ryan a big hug and proceeds to tear him to shreds, calling him “a sick, empty shell of a human.” What a zinger! Ryan acts very unlike his twin brother, leading Lucy to worry if he’s suffering from an illness. He is going to slip up in front of the wrong person and give away his real identity. I hope it’s someone capable of taking him down because Ryan remains the most dangerous character on this show.

Chase reveals to Anna that the bureau has a lead on Obrecht, which worries everyone in Port Charles. Maxie and Anna are worried about Peter, and Peter is worried about Nina. While it’s kind of Maxie to worry about Peter’s safety, she must pick a side. She can’t treat him with disdain while also being supportive and caring; it’s very confusing for everyone involved. I also don’t understand why everyone is so afraid of Obrecht. She’s an old, frail woman; her threat to everyone seems overblown, regardless of how many awful things she’s done to citizens of Port Charles.

Baby Wiley’s heart condition causes several issues this week. Brad is worried that Lucas’ desire for genetic testing will reveal the baby’s real father. Alexis informs him that while the baby’s mother forfeited her parental rights, the baby’s father also has the 30-day period. Carly comments that Michael and Wiley’s infant heart condition must be rare; however, Michael says there are over 200,000 cases annually. It’s frustrating how much the writers are teasing us with this storyline. How many references can Michael be involved in before he realizes Wiley is his son? While the clock is ticking, Michael still has a window to get his baby back.

Jordan and Stella meet once again to break bread. However, it doesn’t take long for everything to blow up. Jordan calls Stella a hypocrite for attempting to ruin her relationship with Curtis. Stella tells Jordan she’s going to make sure she’s working on their wedding day. She once again blames Jordan for her nephew’s death and says she will never forgive her. Stella tells the news to Curtis, who must be feeling powerless as the middle man in their relationship. While Curtis is proud of Jordan’s attempt to make peace with his aunt, Jordan worries that destroying Curtis’ relationship with his aunt may damage their impending marriage. Stella removing herself from the situation is best for everyone. She clearly can’t forgive Jordan for Tommy’s death and her presence at the wedding could ruin what should be a happy ceremony.

Ava once again shows how immature she is regarding her relationship with her daughter. She tells Franco she can’t forgive Kiki for her one-night stand with Griffin. Franco points out how loyal Kiki has been to Ava after enduring numerous insults and lies from her mother. Instead of seeing sense, Ava tells him she’s in a war with her daughter and says, “we’ll see who’s left standing.” At this point, Ava has turned her anger towards Griffin entirely at Kiki. I rolled my eyes throughout this entire scene because Ava is aiming her anger at the only person that still loves her.


Performer Of The Week: Greg Vaughan as Eric Brady. While the punching scene was questionable at best, Vaughan’s performance was emotional, convincing, and heartfelt. When he confronted Brady, you could feel the anger exploding through his reddened face. His dialogue was particularly effective, depicting betrayal and heartbreak throughout his scenes.

Update: Ex-Days star, Frank Parker, has passed recently. He portrayed Shawn Brady for 25 years and his impact on several current cast members was expressed on their Twitter feeds.

Kelly Thiebaud revealed her return to GH in her role as Britt Westbourne on Twitter this week. “The Britch” did not reveal when she’ll be returning, but insisted her comeback is happening soon.