For The Love Of Soaps: In Remembrance Of Peggy McCay

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Days Of Our Lives: We start with Nicole forcibly removing Eric from her apartment and slamming the door in his face. After a couple moments, she opens the door and lets him in. They tell each other they are in love and passionately kiss. Bad news for Jen; he isn’t coming back. Nicole also brings up a major issue in the form of Xander, who appears at the door. Eric takes Xander down and puts him in a headlock. Nicole shamefully asks Eric to let him go because she and Xander are married. She admits she agreed to marry Xander so he would keep her murdering past a secret. After Eric lets him go, Xander pulls a gun on Eric. Always check the guy’s pockets before letting him go, folks. Thankfully, Nicole convinces him to let Eric go in exchange for finally having sex with him. This deal was very confusing for me; it seems like a really bizarre tradeoff for both parties.

After letting Eric go, Xander takes a shower and, goodness, gracious, that man knows where the local gym is; he looks like a superhero. Xander asks Nicole when she’s going to be a good wife to him. Is this guy living in the 1920s? That’s unacceptable. She responds with, “when Hell freezes over.” Nicole’s here for the zingers. He begs her to “put out” and says he’s younger and more handsome than Eric. Not everyone is so shallow, X. This marriage might be the most uncomfortable relationship I’ve ever seen on television.

Xander leaves for work, which involves sitting at a desk in a remote warehouse, listening to Nicole’s taped confession. While he has a pathetic work ethic, at least he was telling the truth about possessing the recording. His boss enters in the form of Kristen DiMera. Xander tells her about shooting Marlena, which brings her great joy. Looking back, it is INSANE that no one noticed him at the wedding. Shockingly, Kristen is furious that he risked their secrecy by shooting Marlena. They are protecting a secret project inside a door marked “E.D.” Could it be EJ?

Brady and Kristen bunk up in a shabby motel somewhere outside Salem. While Kristen won’t share their destination, Brady doesn’t mind; he’s there for the fun. He offers to be with her long-term if she drops her grudge with his father and Marlena. She doesn’t respond either way, because she isn’t the type of person to do the right thing. After she falls asleep, we hear Brady’s inner monologue about his plan to uncover her secrets. While I knew Brady would never fall back in love with Kristen, this is a daring endeavor he’s undertaking.

After proving his trust to Kristen, Brady follows her to work. Unfortunately, there’s an electronic password lock on the door. He tries every combination he can think of before giving up. Instead, he unscrews the touchpad and cuts a random wire like he’s on the bomb squad. Shockingly, Brady is electrocuted by a livewire and flies backwards, unconscious. Even Brady knew that wasn’t going to end well. After several scenes on the floor, he wakes up and finds a crowbar amongst some dumpsters. He pries the door open and sneaks inside. As a clumsy fool, he makes too much noise and alerts Kristen to his presence. He runs away and ends up in front of the “E.D.” door. Brady opens the door to find a wheelchair-bound EJ DiMera. After repeatedly making stupid decisions, Brady falls into this massive discovery that will change the storyline moving forward. Talk about dumb luck.

Sami has herself quite a week. She tells her mother how she figured out Hattie was an imposter and that her attempted murder charges were dropped.  Along with John and Kayla, they watch footage from Marlena and John’s wedding, realizing Xander was the shooter! After this news, Sami heads to Stefan’s, where she offers him $124 million for EJ’s whereabouts. Talk about overpayment! He tells her EJ is alive, but in a secret location. Even though he doesn’t know the location, he hands over a piece of paper that Kristen gave him; I assume this is related to EJ’s current situation. She is overjoyed and kisses Stefan on the mouth before sprinting out of the house. She heads to Nashville and knocks on Nicole’s door. When Nicole answers, she accidentally sprays her in the face with pepper spray, likely expecting Xander instead. While this wasn’t exactly a win, it made me laugh. After a rough couple of weeks, Sami’s stock is flying.

Lucas is thrilled to be a father again, even though it must make Chloe uncomfortable. When Bonnie shows up to take the baby back, Lucas reveals his plan to take full custody from her. The biggest loser in this scenario is Mimi. She plans to get her baby back while keeping her mother at a safe distance for the rest of her life. Based on Bonnie’s actions, I don’t blame Mimi one bit.

Abe is upset someone parked their Chevette in his reserved parking space. We find out it’s Sheila, with the license plate TLC4EVA, a nod to her famous role as T-Boz in the R&B group TLC.

General Hospital: Everyone this week continues mourning Morgan. Ava and Julian visit his grave, where Ave admits only Morgan and Griffin saw the good in her. Kiki appears out of nowhere (how long was she hiding there?) and tells them how cruel Ava truly is. She accuses her mother of making a day about Morgan all about herself, which brings Ava to tears. Margaux also visits Morgan’s grave, which enrages Carly and Sonny. Carly tells her to leave, since the DA is harassing them. Margaux reveals she isn’t there for Morgan, but her father; she conveniently had her father’s remains buried directly next to Morgan. That is creepy. She asks Carly why she’s still with Sonny when she knows he’s a murderer and a criminal. Even though he’s gone, this week shows that Morgan was beloved by the entire town of Port Charles.

Nina waits with Curtis in the park to meet Sasha. Nina worries that she won’t show up, until she arrives fashionably late. After a brief greeting, Curtis gives Sasha the DNA results, proving Nina is her birthmother. They bond over horseback riding and laying on the beach and decide to have a drink together. After ordering a couple chardonnays, Nina asks Sasha if she has the other half of her heart pendant. She also asks her to come with her to Paris for a fashion event, which is the equivalent of asking a first date to move in with you. Thankfully, Sasha refuses her and says she wants to take it slow. Suddenly, Nina loses her cool. She calls Sasha’s mother a liar for keeping the truth about her adoption a secret and Sasha is clearly offended. She gets up to leave, but Nina pleads for her forgiveness. Nina says she remembers giving birth to her and how excited she was to share her life with her daughter. After everything, they agree to meet again the following day to try again with a clean slate. I feel terrible for Nina; she’s so overwhelmed with meeting Sasha that she can’t think clearly and does a terrible job of making her feel comfortable after learning such a monumental secret. Hopefully, she can do a better job next week.

Drew and Kim talk about Oscar’s options and worry that Oscar doesn’t want to take part in the drug trial. As a minor, his parents have the final decision, something Drew is hesitant to do. Meanwhile, Oscar sees Josslyn at their special bench but only to tell her to leave him alone. Although Cameron tries to convince her to move on, Joss is not giving up on Oscar. He meets with Cameron, who pleads with Oscar to tell Joss the truth. Instead, he asks Cameron for help photoshopping a picture that he believes will finally force Joss to move on. Josslyn sees the picture, Oscar with his arm around another girl, and breaks down immediately. I don’t understand Oscar’s thinking here. Although he thinks breaking Joss’ heart will make things easier for her, he is clearly too young and naïve to realize that’s not going to happen.

In her second week back, Laura confronts Valentin. She tells him she’s back for good, insults every part of his character and slaps him across the face. Laura is not messing around. Unfortunately for her, her imitation husband, Ryan, has no interest in being intimate or even being around her at all. He’s more concerned that no one is showing his story the proper respect. He’s clearly losing his marbles; when he meets with Ava, he tries to convince her that she should murder Kiki. At some point, the illness excuse is not going to work, and Laura will realize he isn’t really Dr. Chamberlain. I’m excited to see how Ryan responds when Laura figures out the truth.

Finn gets his father’s test results, showing he has chronic Lyme disease. While Finn is happy to get rid of him, his father wants to stay in Port Charles to salvage his relationship with his two sons. Finn comes off as a real prick in this scene; while his father is not perfect, he hasn’t done anything recently to hurt Finn. He needs to stop holding this grudge and try to build a relationship.

The week ends with Michael and Carly coming face-to-face with Nelle in the courthouse. She tells Michael about her dream of living a life with him and their baby and teases that she has another secret to tell him. In court, she calls out to Brad, who’s holding Wiley. I hope she tells Michael the truth before the 30-day period ends. He’s been through so much and deserves to be a father.


A Tribute to Peggy McCay: Soap opera legend Margaret Ann “Peggy” McCay passed away this week at the age of 90. She spent several decades portraying fan-favorite characters on soaps like Love of Life and Days of Our Lives. McCay was nominated five times for Daytime Emmy Awards as a supporting actress and lead actress. She achieved many milestones for an actress in theater, television, and film. She will be greatly missed by her fans.

McCay was born in Manhattan in 1927. After graduating from Barnard College in 1949, she took over the family construction business after her father’s sudden passing. While running the business, she began acting for a Texas-based theatre company and got one of her first roles in an off-Broadway production, Uncle Vanya; this performance earned her the OBIE Award for best young actress of the year.

Her first soap opera role was Vanessa Dale on Love of Live in 1951, where she was a prominent actress for four years. She also starred on Perry Mason, The Young Marrieds, and General Hospital in the 1960s. She earned her best-known role in February 1983 as Caroline Brady on Days of Our Lives. McCay played Caroline for the better part of thirty years until she retired in August 2016. She portrayed Caroline expertly, earning nominations as outstanding lead actress in 2013 and 2015. Even in the twilight of her career, she impressed viewers and critics alike with her powerful acting skills.

McCay’s onscreen husband, Frank Parker, passed last month. While the Brady family on Days lost two valued family members, fans all over the world lost so much more. McCay was beloved by fans for her passion and dedication to her craft over seven decades. She touched the hearts of her co-stars as a mentor and an inspiration to those she worked with. Actors like McCay don’t come along often. People like McCay even less so. The world lost a truly special person, one who will never be forgotten. Rest in peace Peggy.