For The Love Of Soaps: EJ Burns Down The Warehouse

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Days Of Our Lives: In the seedy warehouse, Eric wants to know what Kristen is doing there, too. She tells him it involves reviving EJ and other previously dead people. As Eric tries to talk her out of killing him, Sami busts in and attacks Kristen. Unfortunately, Xander breaks up the fight by brandishing his pistol. Dr. Wilhelm Rolf tells (maybe?) EJ that he perfected his revival serum and injects him. It appears to work as EJ stands up and shoves the doctor into a table, starting a fire and massive explosion, which shakes the entire building. With the diversion, Sami escapes and finally frees Brady from the E.D. room. Together with Eric, they try to save Nicole from the wreckage. The pile of rubble is too deep, so Nicole reluctantly passes Holly through to them, which may signal the last we see of her.

Even though it looks bleak for her, Eric refuses to leave Nicole. She begs him to promise to take care of her daughter as Brady knocks Eric unconscious with a piece of rubble. He carries him outside for his own safety. Elsewhere, Sami finds Rolf, who tells her “don’t go een dere. It’s badddd.” Sometimes, the bit-part players in these scenes make the experience THAT much better. She lifts EJ off the ground and puts him in a wheelchair. As Sami, EJ, Brady, and Eric make it outside, the building explodes, confirming the end of Nicole and anyone else in the building. Eric blames everything on Brady, accusing him of working with Kristen. He says, “if Nicole dies, her death will be on your hands, brother.” Then, he completely breaks down and prays for Nicole’s safety. Later, a firefighter confirms there were no survivors in the fire and hands Nicole’s necklace to Eric. While I feel immense sadness for Eric’s character, his acting was top notch in his portrayal of anger, sadness, and grief.

The walls continue closing in on Abigail. She tells Chad, Jen, and JJ that Gabi drugged her and believes Gabi hit herself with the tea tray. While she’s correct, no one seems to believe her. Honestly, I don’t blame them, since her altered states are not trustworthy whatsoever. JJ seems to be the only one who might trust Abigail and sneaks away to look in Gabi’s purse for any evidence of foul play. Before he finds anything, Gabi catches him and asks why he doesn’t trust her. I’m playing the world’s smallest violin for her feelings. Jen and Chad convince Abigail to go to the hospital, just to be safe.

At the hospital, Abigail confronts Kate about the story she made up last week. When she continues her lying, Abigail tries to attack her but is held back by the group. She leaves and heads for Sonny’s place, where she confronts Gabi. She correctly recalls everything Gabi did to her and demands that Gabi admit the truth and cut it out. Gabi’s responds by saying she didn’t do any of it, but if she did, could Abigail blame her? Meanwhile, Chad and Jen meet with Justin to get a court order to have Abigail committed to the hospital. After Abigail leaves, the group heads to Stefan’s to take her to the hospital. She tells Chad he isn’t her husband, as her and Stefan flash wedding bands in Chad’s direction. How is that legal? Also, if Abigail is trying to prove her sanity, how does marrying Stefan provide evidence of that? This shocker came out of nowhere, and I have no idea where this storyline is heading.

Mimi is having a terrible week. She meets with Belle and tells her several important secrets. Mimi says she never told her ex, Rex, about her abortion and, while she believed she was infertile, had their baby without his knowledge as well. She decided not to tell him because he was happy with his new fiancée. Belle proves her loyalty by agreeing to represent her and Bonnie in the custody case. When Mimi shares the news with her, Bonnie only wants to know if Mimi told Belle “she had S-E-X with R-E-X.” She is such an oddball and always keeps things weird.

Chloe finds out Belle is representing Mimi and Bonnie, which is extremely awkward. When Mimi asks Chloe if she can hold her “sister,” Chloe notices how comfortable the baby is with Mimi. She gets her one hour of visitation, which doesn’t seem like nearly enough time. I also don’t understand why Mimi is allowing her daughter to be a bargaining chip for her mother’s freedom; Bonnie is not worth the risk of losing her child. Chloe leaves and sees Bonnie pathetically struggling to drink her bloody Mary and wonders why she isn’t with her baby. When Bonnie admits that Lucas passed out during their sexual encounter many moons ago, Chloe realizes that Bonnie isn’t the mother of the baby. Excellent detective work by Chloe this week. With this breakthrough, Chloe should be able to return the baby to Mimi and get Bonnie sent to prison where she belongs.

Will continues to act like a fool, calling Sonny “just to hear his voice” as Paul sits idly next to him. When Paul asks him who he was talking to, Will admits it was Sonny, which hurts Paul’s feelings. Luckily, Sonny arrives to save Will’s butt, saying Will was speaking to his daughter. What a save by Sonny! Out of nowhere, Paul tells Sonny that he’s moving into a new apartment with Will. This love triangle is becoming increasingly convoluted every week.

Sheila parks in the mayor’s parking space AGAIN, which sets Abe on fire. After some kind words from Lani, he calms down and decides to help Sheila turn her life around. He offers her a position as his executive assistant, which she accepts. I feel increasingly more confused by Abe’s actions towards Sheila; last week, he had her car towed and this week he’s hiring her for a job? It doesn’t make much sense.

Finally, John offers Roman an expensive, rare Ernie Banks baseball rookie card if he can convince Hattie to go back to prison. While he tells John it will take more than the card, he agrees and visits Hattie in the hospital with a cheeseburger. He says he misses her and plants the seed for their plan. Hattie also reminisces about the good old days with Bonnie, which leads me to believe she won’t be convinced to head back to prison, even for her crush, Roman.

General Hospital: Josslyn sees Oscar in the park and wishes him a happy birthday. She invites him to the pep rally at school, but he declines and abruptly leaves after mocking her school spirit. He heads to Charlie’s Pub, where he once again lectures his parents about how grown up he is and his desire to make his own decisions. Kim tells him she’s had enough of his attitude and disrespect, which leads Oscar to pout and leave his birthday dinner before even sitting down. I’ve had enough of Oscar’s stupidity. He is constantly whining about his desire to enjoy his last days but only mopes around Port Charles alone. If this was about a birthday party or college plans, he would have a point; in this case, his mother is a trained medical professional and surely knows more about the best course of action for his health.

Oscar meets with Alexis, who agrees to take his case. She tells him he needs to prove his independence by moving out of his mother’s house and being self-sufficient. Since he’s a teenager, this plan will surely backfire. He applies for a busboy job and locates a place to stay with help from Kristina’s friend, Daisy. After securing these steps, he tells his parents he’s divorcing them. That’s quite an insulting choice of words, Oscar. Drew and Kim ask him to reconsider, but he refuses and introduces Alexis as his lawyer. Alexis tells Kim no one knows what’s best for Oscar, and Kim responds by slapping her across the face. While that must have been a release for her, she should have slapped her son instead. In a last-ditch attempt, Kim asks Julian to convince Alexis to change her mind about representing Oscar’s case. She shouldn’t need any convincing; Oscar is a child that is throwing a tantrum. He’s pushing everyone in his life away, and Alexis is promoting his actions.

Spinelli returns to the cast, surprised that his attempt to reunite Sam and Jason didn’t work. While the feelings are clearly still there, they’re focused on the matter at hand, which is DA Dawson. They wonder why Margaux’s mother only tried to collect the life insurance money recently, since her husband had been missing for almost 30 years. To get the truth, Sam and Spinelli go undercover as insurance agents and meet at her home. She lives in a beautiful mansion but admits to only working part time; something doesn’t add up. Spinelli creates a diversion in the other room and Sam finds a locked drawer full of more letters wrapped in ribbons. What is the deal with this family obsession with hoarding letters? She secures the package, which likely contains valuable evidence to get rid DA Dawson off Sonny’s trail.

Sasha spends most of the week essentially speed-dating half the case. She meets Kiki, Ava, and Griffin at dinner, with each of them affecting her differently. She hits it off with Kiki immediately, even agreeing to go out together another time to find some trouble. Ava fills Sasha in on Kiki stealing Griffin away from her. While Sasha’s chat with Griffin is brief, it’s clear to everyone that she has the hots for him. She also has dinner with Nina, who presents her with her birthstone, amethyst. Most notably, Valentin makes quite an impression on Sasha; she appreciates everything he did to unite her and Nina and realizes how much Nina is still in love with him. After seeing these interactions, I think Sasha is going to cause some major trouble if she sticks around in Port Charles. She’s showing signs of having a dark side.

Laura asks Ryan to go out for a drink, then dinner, but he declines both invitations. She is upset and thinks something is wrong with him. When he leaves, she decides to visit him at work and finds a long list of names on his desk, which is a collection of Ryan’s victims. As she reads it, he sneaks into the room and stabs her in the chest. What is going on? Thankfully, it was his daydream, and Laura is not dead. Instead, he suggests she run for against Ned for mayor of Port Charles. Laura takes the idea and runs with it, meeting with Alexis to talk strategy and joining Carly on a trip to Ferncliff. When they arrive, Carly’s BFF Mary Pat confronts her about her criminal activity and successful escape from the facility. Carly tells her to continue collecting her things, since she’s been recently terminated from her position. Laura speaks with another nurse, where she demands a tour of the entire facility, or she’ll get her and the entire staff in trouble. Laura must know her real husband is inside and will hopefully find the truth if she gets her tour.

Josslyn’s plan to make Oscar jealous has two different side effects. While it isn’t helping her get Oscar back, it is bringing her and Cameron closer than anyone expected. Throughout the week, they flirt incessantly and even have a food fight in her living room. While Oscar tells Cameron he shouldn’t be dating his ex, he gave up that right when he broke up with her. Cameron tells Oscar that Josslyn is strong and can handle the truth; however, I think Cam should just go for Josslyn and not worry about Oscar.

Kristina is depressed and misses her ex. She calls Parker, only to get her voicemail. As a response, she steals a bottle of booze from the pub and drinks alone in the park. Jason finds her and carries her home, but the warning signs are evident. Kristina is unhappy with every part of her life and, unless someone reaches out to her, she’s heading down a dark path.


Performer Of The Week: Greg Vaughan as Eric Brady. Vaughan knocks it out of the park again, especially in the scenes where Eric realizes he can’t save Nicole. I felt every emotion he portrayed, especially the hopeless feeling of losing the love of his life. He also seamlessly switched between anger and heartbreak several times in the same scene.


Update: Model Antione Grant is reportedly joining the GH cast, raising eyebrows that Tequan Richmond may no longer be portraying T.J. Ashford.

Melissa Reeves confirmed to Soap Opera Digest that Matt Ashford is returning to Days in his role as Jack Deveraux. It will reportedly be a full-time role for him as well.