For The Love Of Soaps: Margaux And Sonny Work Together

Days Of Our Lives: Chloe reveals the truth about Mimi being the baby’s mother. Lucas is crushed by Bonnie’s deceit and losing his daughter. I really felt for him in this scene; he worked so hard to get custody from Bonnie. After Mimi confirms the truth, Rex admits he’s the baby’s father. Sarah is rightfully shocked and immediately leaves. Rex and Mimi remain, where they lovingly take care of their baby, whose real name is Emily. The engagement party was certainly engaging.

At her mother’s house, Sarah is going nuclear. “I don’t want to cry over Rex Brady, I want to kill him!” She regrets ever meeting him and getting pressured into the marriage. Just then, he walks into the room to apologize. He tells her he never meant to cheat, which is some opener. He also blames the booze, calling it a stupid, thoughtless mistake. She demands honesty from him and asks if he only cheated with Mimi once. When he stays silent, Sarah gives him a deserved slap. Sarah says the baby is a constant reminder of his infidelity. She tells him it’s over and gives back the ring. Rex tried to apologize without taking any responsibility for his actions. He acted immaturely and doesn’t seem to care about fixing things at all.

Rex tells Mimi he needs time to figure out if he’s ready to be a father. After he leaves, Lucas asks Mimi if he can hold her daughter one last time. Lucas seems genuinely heartbroken here. Mimi reveals her intentions to leave Salem the following day, and Bonnie looks to be leaving as well; instead of joining Mimi, Bonnie asks Belle to negotiate a plea agreement as she’s turning herself in to police. While I think Bonnie belongs in jail, I don’t know what crime she’s getting punished for as there’s no explanation.

Gabi blackmails Kate into helping her further destroy Abigail. Before leaving, Kate accuses Gabi of trying to build a life with Chad just to get back at Abigail. She is such an insecure, pathetic person. She tells Kate to drug Abby’s tea and tear up the room and her clothes, so there will be no choice but to send her away. So, Kate meets with Abigail for some tea. When she leaves the room, Kate drugs her tea and waits for her to drink. As she waits, Gabi calls her cell phone nonstop. Eventually, she has no choice but to call her back and steps out for some privacy. Since Abigail has been drugged more times than I can count, she realizes Kate is up to no good and switches the cups. Kate comes back and drinks the tainted tea, knocking herself out. I’m just glad Abigail finally has the sense not to drink or eat anything from people like Gabi and Kate.

Chad is determined to remove Abigail from Stefan’s house. After Stefan and his security guard throw him out, he strategizes with Ben to find another way in. I didn’t see this partnership coming. When Stefan’s security guard refuses him entry once again, Ben leaps out of the shadows and puts the guard in a chokehold. He hides the body and does the exact same thing to Stefan. Ben shows great technique and, frankly, should be training for the UFC. Chad enters the house and takes Abigail to an undisclosed location. He really believes she’s crazy and offers to help her through her recovery. When he allows her to leave the room, her water breaks and she goes into labor. What a calm environment for a child. This entire plot line was incredibly well done and kept me guessing over and over again.

Sami talks to Belle with the test results in her hand. I yelled “open the damn envelope already” at my TV. Why are we delaying this? Eventually, she opens the envelope, confirming the bandaged man is EJ DiMera. It would have been hysterical if he turned out to be some random stranger. When she leaves to tell her parents the good news, Susan sneaks in. She starts hearing voices, which are coming from her Marlena doll. The doll “talks” her into hiding EJ from Sami.

Apparently, no one at the hospital has any clue where EJ is, which is very concerning. If no one sees a full-body-cast-encased man being moved, their security measures need to be upgraded. Sami finds the hidden room and treats Susan with kindness. I didn’t see that coming. She apologizes for hiding the truth from Susan. Suddenly, Susan grabs a scalpel and threatens Sami with it. Things are back to normal. Eventually, she calms Susan down enough to drop the weapon. They agree to work together to help EJ’s recovery.

We also find out Marlena is healthy enough to leave the hospital. She also thanks Hattie for saving her life, which does make sense when you think about it. She would have been taken off life support if Hattie didn’t fill in. Sami and Belle are overjoyed that Marlena is feeling better and agree to have dinner together. The dinner is actually a surprise wedding ceremony, which shocks John and Marlena. They finally tie the knot, which has been a long time coming.

General Hospital: On Election Day, the show did its civic duty, making sure to responsibly and effectively mention the importance of every vote. Promoting voter turnout is a valiant and valuable decision.

DA Dawson investigates the crime scene, which is not her job at all—the police investigate, and the district attorney prosecutes. Sonny enters, sharing my sentiments. He says she’s obsessed with him and offers a deal to her. If she stays away from his family, he’ll stay away from hers. He also says he knew her mother dated his old mob boss, Scully, and conspired to have her father murdered. Wow, Sonny is not holding anything back. They drive together to her mother’s house, where she fits Sonny with a wire underneath his shirt. He goes into the house alone and confronts Margaux’s mother.

Jeanette denies any involvement with her husband’s death but does a poor job of acting innocently. Suddenly, she loses her cool and threatens to throw her letters in the fireplace. Margaux storms in, demanding the truth. She snatches the letters from her mother and reads one aloud. Jeanette confesses to asking Scully to get rid of her husband. Sonny unbuttons his shirt, revealing the wire. The case is signed, sealed, and delivered. Margaux kicks her mother out of her own house and has three glasses of whiskey within a minute. She passes out, and Sonny tucks her in on the couch. He wonders aloud if he could have lived his life differently. His self-reflection is very smart by the writers; after living a life of crime, Sonny must be wondering what his life could have been like if he wasn’t a criminal.

Laura gets a pep talk from Spencer about her campaign for mayor. It falls on deaf ears since Laura is wrapped up in Ryan dumping her. She tells Spencer and Lulu she’s done campaigning because the time isn’t right. She tells Lulu that Ryan wants a divorce, and Lulu says she shouldn’t waste her emotional energy on what changed about her husband. However, that’s exactly what she should be using that energy for; Ryan isn’t her real husband and paying attention to the signs would help her realize that.

Before heading to the polls to vote, Spencer downloads something onto his flash drive. I have many theories running through my head on this one. They make a pit stop at Charlie’s Pub, where Ryan is having a drink with Ava. Awkward! Laura and Lulu leave, but Spencer stays to criticize Ryan’s physical, mental, and emotional standards. Little man just roasted him before lunch time. At the polls, Spencer says he almost feels like he voted himself, and we see what he did with the flash drive; Spencer downloaded the voting pool’s information and can change the results. His plan backfires, as the voting software puts emojis on hundreds of voting cards. They decide to suspend the election and collectively threaten whoever messed with the election. I wonder what punishment Spencer is going to receive once they figure out he’s responsible. While he’s only a child, his meddling is well documented.

Finn shares hilarious news with Britt; her assignment for the foreseeable future will be as a patient at General Hospital; she isn’t even allowed to leave the room. This is a smart twist by Anna. Brad is reunited with his old pal and gets shoehorned into Britt’s scheme. Between Nelle and Britt, Brad has some questionable friendship choices. He shares the baby swap secret with Britt as well. After hearing the whole story, Britt admits that Nelle is way worse than her. I tend to agree, since Nelle is a parasite. While Britt assures him his secret is safe, his own conscience is his worst enemy. Britt tries to reason with him, but I think Brad is going to give Wiley back to Michael. That would be a fitting way to completely remove Nelle from the story for good.

Curtis advises Carly of some irregularities at Ferncliff. Along with Sam and Jason, they devise a plan to infiltrate Ferncliff and figure out what or who is being hidden there. Curtis sneaks in and reads the riot act to the new head nurse about their pathetic security measures. Jason and Sam unlock Carly’s neighbor’s cell to find Nelle holding a blanket that she believes is her baby. Just when I thought we were rid of her, she comes back from the dead once again. It appears she tricked the court into thinking she’s mentally unstable; if anyone on this show belongs in prison, it’s definitely Nelle.

Ryan goes to Ava’s studio to talk about her experience finding Mary Pat’s body. He says he knows she didn’t do it, which confuses and scares her. How would he know that? It’s not like she hasn’t killed people in the past. When he tells her it isn’t her style, she thanks him in the most awkward way possible. Ava’s character looked so incredibly uncomfortable it made my hair stand on end. Laura and Ava should pick up on the warning signs that Dr. Collins is not who he says he is.

After last week’s big reveal, Sasha is showing her true colors. After Griffin and Kiki have sex, he goes to the kitchen for a glass of water. He’s in luck, as Sasha has one ready for him. She presses it on his cheek and blatantly hits on him in front of Kiki. While we all know Griffin will screw up his relationship with Kiki, she needs to fight for him, especially after seeing what Sasha just did.

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Performer Of The Week: Elizabeth Henderickson as Margaux Dawson. The DA had quite a week, including the bittersweet discovery of her father’s murderer. She experienced a rollercoaster of emotions, from betrayal all the way to uncomfortable relief after her mother’s confession. Henderickson did such an excellent job that I found myself rooting for a character I previously said should be removed from the cast.

Update: GH will be airing a “What if…?” standalone episode about Sonny Corinthos. The airdate has not yet been announced, but fans are surely salivating in anticipation.