For The Love Of Soaps: Abigail Gives Birth Before Being Institutionalized

Days Of Our Lives: Abigail is going into labor, and Chad is prepared to help. He clearly read the baby books: he leads her through breathing exercises and tries to call an ambulance, but because he has no service on the island, Chad has no choice but to deliver the baby himself. After some tense moments, he succeeds. This entire sequence was magnificent; Chad took charge of the situation and kept Abby calm and happy throughout. After the birth, Abigail disappears and comes back as her alter, Gabby. She admits knowledge of every odd action Abigail has taken over the past weeks and demands her baby. Thankfully, Chad wakes up from his nightmare to a completely normal Abigail. This bad dream is a signal of Chad’s distrust of Abigail’s sanity.

Back in reality, the paramedics arrive and assure Abigail that her baby is healthy. They also want to take her to the hospital, but not the one she expects. As they apply restraints to her wrists, Stefan arrives with an envelope, permitting her admittance to the mental facility. Chad agreed to let Stefan see his baby in exchange for Abigail’s mental health. Abigail goes berserk as she’s being restrained; her screams of pain are terrifying. At the hospital, Abigail explains every step of Gabi’s plan to JJ. Initially, he doesn’t believe her; however, after the important details are revealed, he begins to see the truth. He tells Kayla about the sedatives, which gives her a flashback to filling Gabi’s prescription for those drugs. The last scene of the week shows Gabi arriving at Abigail’s room. Is she going to admit the truth?

After Abigail is committed, Gabi invites Kate over to celebrate. However, Kate is unimpressed and ashamed of her involvement. She demands that Gabi tell Chad he’s the father of Abigail’s baby. She agrees to tell him, but not before Stefan bonds with the baby; she wants Stefan to suffer. I am dumbfounded by her willingness to ruin multiple lives because she is obsessed with revenge. She belongs behind bars.

Hope and Rafe visit Tripp at work to ask why he purchased a can of accelerant at the hardware store, especially such a specific, rare brand. While he doesn’t admit anything, his guilt is apparent. Luckily for him, Claire has a plan. A strange boy, Wyatt, goes to the police station to confess to planting the evidence against Ben in the most unconvincing way possible; he stutters and vaguely explains how and why he did it. Somehow, he’s released with only a misdemeanor. How is planting evidence in an arson case punishable by a slap on the wrist? Claire meets with Wyatt and pays him though an app. Has Claire ever heard of a paper trail? For a master schemer, this is a naïve misstep.

Wyatt encounters Ben in the park, who threatens his pathetic life for setting him up. Scared out of his wits, Wyatt tries to return Claire’s money in exchange for his safety. She convinces him to stick to the plan by paying him even more money. Later, Wyatt runs into Ben at the exact same spot. Maybe he should avoid the park from now on. Ben scares him into admitting Tripp is the guilty party. Oh, boy! It seems Claire wasted a lot of money on a coward. Just then, Ciara arrives. Ben tells her the truth about her squeaky-clean beau. I have been Team Ben for awhile now; if Ciara doesn’t leave Tripp, she should have her head examined.

Rex. Oh, Rex. He develops the brilliant plan to propose to Sarah again, which she refuses. She says he ruined everything by sleeping around. Before she can slap him again, Eric defuses the fight and convinces Rex to leave. Once he leaves, Eric explains love conquers all and believes they can work out their problems. Sarah asks Eric to take her out, which ends up being a big mistake. At the pub, Sarah starts slamming back shots of whiskey. She approaches a couple who just got engaged and tells the woman her fiancé will eventually cheat on her. When the man shouts back, Sarah throws her drink in his face. She’s dealing so well with her marital issues. Just then, Rex shows up, saying he’s going to Pennsylvania to be with his daughter. While Sarah is a mess right now, I think some time apart may be best for them. They can decide if this is worth the effort.

Stefan asks Gabi if Abigail is telling the truth about her plotting. He asks to look in her purse and snatches it from her. Inside, she has a black wig and sedatives. Gotcha! Although I can’t think of a worse person to discover the truth, he does drive her to confess every step of her plot for revenge. Because he’s evil, he doesn’t call the police, so he can use this knowledge as leverage. At the hospital, Stefan tells Jen to get away from his child. Have a heart, man; she’s the baby’s grandmother. All is not lost, as he admits Gabby was never really going to come back. This little nugget is a valuable piece of information against Gabi. If Jen is actually an excellent journalist, she will use this piece of evidence to get Abigail released.

Paul talks to Brady about his new place and if Will really wants to be with him. When Brady says he deserves someone that’s fully committed to him, Paul realizes he knows something. Brady says he overheard Will tell Sonny he loves him. Once again, Will is going to force someone into a decision, so he doesn’t have to. After Brady leaves, Will comes home. Paul tells him he’s moving out because he knows he’s in love with Sonny and is only with Paul because of his condition. Will doesn’t even argue with him. Paul has more grace in his little finger than Will does in his entire body. Before Will leaves, Paul says he only wants him to be happy. What a sweet man. Will goes to Sonny’s house, but only receives bad news: Sonny isn’t home because he left Salem. While Sonny and Will getting back together will make them happy, it will not do the same for me. I don’t believe Will deserves any happiness after seeing his actions towards Paul.

General Hospital: Monday’s episode was the anticipated “What if” Sonny Corinthos story. We begin with a flashback to when Sonny shot Margaux’s father. His father, Mike, talks him out of the murder and takes the gun. He wakes up in a weird house filled with odd pictures of his family. He’s also married to Olivia and living in Brooklyn. His son, Dante, is married to Sam and swapped occupations with Sonny. Sonny the police officer made me chuckle. Carly and Ava also trade lives, with Ava supporting her mob boss brother, Julian, and Carly portraying the messy alcoholic . Sonny demands that Julian and Ava let Dante leave the life of crime. Ava tells him he should stop with the threats or she’ll send Jason to take care of him. That would be beyond ironic.

Dante meets with Jason at the docks and shoots him in the stomach. Sonny tries to talk him out of killing Jason and a struggle ensues. Sonny accidentally shoots Dante, leading him to flashback to Margaux’s father again. Young Sonny realizes he knows the consequences of his actions and shoots him anyway. The chain reactions involved with Sonny’s new, honest life are staggering. The lives of his children, wife, and employees were drastically different. Although, the loving feelings between Jason and Sam and Carly and Sonny still remain; I guess it’s true that love conquers all.

Back in present time, Sonny tells Margaux he stayed at her place for support. He’s been very sympathetic throughout this ordeal and his plan may actually work. They both receive texts about Carly being questioned about Mary Pat’s murder and leave the house. At the hotel, Carly sees Margaux and rubs her mother’s involvement in her face. It’s completely uncalled for, but typical for her. She’s also tearing down the positive steps Sonny has taken. Once again, I find myself feeling badly for the DA. After she leaves, Sonny goes to Margaux’s hotel room to “finish this.” I’m curious what he means by that. Sonny needs to stop involving others in his quest for innocence, Carly especially.

At the police station, Carly tells Jordan the murder doesn’t seem like Ava’s or her style, just like Ryan said last week. Jordan agrees, which makes no sense to me; if she doesn’t suspect either woman, why aren’t there other leads? Maybe they should look at the psychiatrist who separated from his wife and has been acting oddly for weeks.

Chase, Lulu, and Michael go to Ms. Tate’s classroom for Career Day. Her selections are awkward, considering she flirted with Michael and Chase on the same day last week. The presentations are all excellent, except for Dr. Finn. He’s a nervous wreck and barely says anything before the school bell ends his time on stage. After everyone leaves, Chase stays and shamelessly asks Ms. Tate for her “contact information.” This isn’t an investigation, detective. Ask her out already! He awkwardly does, and she eventually provides the necessary evidence.

Elizabeth is becoming increasingly frustrated with her son, Aiden. He’s running late and being difficult in the morning, so Franco agrees to drive him to school. Aiden is withdrawn throughout class, and Charlotte makes several comments about him. After class, Elizabeth meets with Ms. Tate. She learns that Aiden is being targeted by a bully at school. Franco also hears the news and overreacts in a weird, over-the-top manner. It’s not good acting from Franco, someone I’ve seen as exceptional in the past. Unfortunately, she refuses to name the bully, but I have a feeling Charlotte is involved.

Ms. Tate also meets with Valentin, Lulu, and, for some reason, Nina. Ha! I knew Charlotte was the bully. While everyone is shocked by the bullying news, Nina is especially offended. She says Ms. Tate is the problem, not Charlotte, since she doesn’t have any clue about parenting. What do they say about throwing stones in glass houses? You’ve been a mother for two weeks and now you’re Supermom? Give me a break. Valentin asks Nina to leave so they can have a beneficial conversation. She’s becoming increasingly irritable lately, for no apparent reason. I wonder what’s going on with the writers.

Kiki confronts Sasha about her inappropriate gesture towards Griffin last week. She apologizes, which Kiki accepts; however, Kiki also demands that she move out immediately. Sasha says that Kiki clearly doesn’t trust her own boyfriend if she is uncomfortable with Sasha being around him. She’s right; Kiki shouldn’t trust him after he cheated on her mother with her. This love triangle is becoming a discombobulated rectangle-ish shape. I have no idea where this storyline is headed.

Alexis visits Oscar at the pub with good news. They moved his trial date up, so they can make a ruling before the cancer trial deadline. His good mood is ruined immediately after seeing Josslyn and Cameron together. Cameron says him and Josslyn are official. The look of regret on Oscar’s face is gratifying. I feel like a monster for enjoying his sadness; however, he’s driving away his entire family and group of friends because he wants to prove how mature he is.

Finally, in a scary, Gabi Hernandez-esque scene, Ava overhears a room service order for Room 1007. After the waitress leaves, Ava pours drugs into the soup. Why is the bartender leaving food unattended? Are there cameras and security guards watching this happen? I am shocked at the lax security in every aspect of this scene. Plus, I wouldn’t be surprised if the dose she poured into the soup was fatal. We’ll have to wait and see.

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Performer Of The Week: Marci Miller as Abigail Deveraux. Abigail experienced extreme highs and lows this week, but Miller was consistently stealing the show. Her lead-up to childbirth was realistic and moving, while her fight to escape custody to save her child was very distressing. Even in the calmer scenes, Miller was as on-point as I have seen her this season.

Update: Rumors of Matt Ashford’s return to Days surfaced last month, and he has confirmed the storyin Soap Opera Digest. In addition to the return of Jack Deveraux, Ashford promises a story that’s better “than it has been in years and years and years.” That’s a lot of years. Plus, Days drops a winter preview.

General Hospital is holding a historic event at Graceland in Memphis on January 18th. There will be exclusive events, GH-themed parties and screenings of classic episodes.