For The Love Of Soaps: Ciara Learns Tripp’s True Nature

Unfortunately, this week was an abridged one because of Thanksgiving. There were only three episodes on each show.

Days Of Our Lives: Ben revealed several truths to Ciara this week. Not only was Wyatt just a fall guy, but Tripp is the one who planted the evidence. He even reveals Claire paid Wyatt “a couple thousand dollars” to keep him quiet. While that is an insane amount of money, it does prove how deeply in love Claire is with Tripp. Ciara leaves and asks Tripp if he framed Ben. He admits planting the evidence and inadvertently blames Ciara for his actions. Since Ben moved in with them, he thought he had no other option to remove him from their life. I don’t think Tripp did a lot of brainstorming before making that decision. He also turns the tables on her by making her feel guilty about hiding her feelings for Ben. He committed a crime and she’s the bad guy here? Please leave this fool, Ciara.

Ben confronts Claire about her involvement with Tripp. He also threatens to tell the police the truth about what Tripp did. She begs him to let it go because of Tripp’s criminal record and her own guilt in the matter. He agrees, but only if she leaves him out of her plot to break up Ciara and Tripp. After he leaves, Tripp tells Claire that Ciara broke up with him. Finally, Team Ben rises to the forefront. Ciara and Ben will now fall further in love and become the power couple of Days.

At the hospital, Gabi tells Abigail she’s always been her best friend, but their conversation is anything but friendly. They trade barbs about each other’s criminal pasts. Abigail calls her a bitch, and Gabi says Abigail is sick in the head. When Abigail blames her alter-ego, Gabi says it isn’t a good enough excuse. She reveals a valuable truth, though; she shows Abigail the black wig and admits being responsible for everything that’s happened to Abigail recently. She also says she wants nothing more than for Abigail to pay for what she did to her. Abigail responds by slamming her against the wall and choking her with both hands. This seems like a suitable response towards Gabi.

Unfortunately, Chad walks in just in time to save Gabi’s life. What a bummer. When Abigail explains that Gabi has the black wig, Chad looks in her purse, which is unfortunately empty. Apparently, Gabi smushed it against the bedframe, which leads me to believe Chad didn’t look hard enough. While it’s unfortunate that Gabi didn’t get what she deserved, the scared look as she was being choked was slightly fulfilling, though I will not be involving Chad in any search and rescue missions in the future.

Brady talks to Paul about his decision to break up with Will. Paul believes it was the right decision and admits he’s leaving Salem. This is beyond ridiculous, but what if Sonny and Paul ran off together? That would be definition of irony. As his belongings are being moved out, Paul is introduced to his new handsome, personal caretaker, Luke. He tells Paul how much he respects him for his athletic feats and also for coming out, which helped him do the same. I see the start of an exciting relationship here.

Paul says goodbye to Brady and John, which brought tears to my eyes. John and Paul have had especially troubling weeks recently. I’m glad they were able to grow together through those experiences.

At Sonny’s house, Victor refuses to tell anyone where Sonny went while also demanding that Eric leave. Instead, everyone leaves. Victor is such a people person, isn’t he? Just then, Victor starts choking on his food and is saved by Eric, who for some reason went back to the room he was just banished from. He brings Holly down, and they flirt and laugh together with the baby. There’s chemistry building here, folks. I look forward to seeing Rex’s face when Sarah is dating Eric. The week ends with Sonny finding Will in the park. Sonny must have his phone bugged, or else this is too coincidental to be believable.

Sheila suddenly gets fired this week. After not showing up for work, she says she ate bad oysters and got food poisoning. Almost immediately, she projectile vomits on Abe’s shoes. I guess that’s all the evidence he needs. After some thinking, Abe apologizes and gives her the job back, since he has other things to worry about. Valerie, Abe’s girlfriend(?), received a once-in-a-lifetime job offer in Washington D.C. Initially, Abe is furious that she’d leave him; however, after reconsidering, Abe says he supports her decision to take the job. As someone with experience in long distance relationships, I wish them luck; it requires tremendous sacrifice and trust.

General Hospital: It appears Ava’s plan last week didn’t work out as planned. Or did it? Sasha eats the drugged food instead of Kiki. Griffin walks into the room, where he finds Sasha unconscious. Ava helps him sleep by smashing a bottle on his head. She lays them next to each other and tosses their clothes all over the floor. This sounds like a multiple felony job by her. Ava leaves and uses Franco as her messenger. Franco tells Kiki the news, and Kiki whips the door open to find the pair in bed together.

Griffin chases her downstairs while telling her it isn’t what it looks like. While he isn’t wrong, the evidence is stacked pretty highly against him. They head back upstairs, and Griffin discovers Sasha was clearly drugged. Kiki realizes who’s responsible and slaps her in the face. Kiki says Ava doesn’t want to see her happy because she wants everyone to hurt. Wow, Ava must feel so small. After Nina finds out about Ava’s trifling, she also confronts her. Nina stings deep in her barren soul and openly threatens her: “enjoy your turkey. I hope you choke on it.” Nina 1, Ava 0.

It’s also joint bachelor and bachelorette party night. Curtis and Jordan split their guests between them and begin two separate room escape games. After some initial frustration, no one wants to play anymore; however, the attendant is asleep with their cell phones while they are locked in the rooms. They have no choice but to complete the game in order to escape. They begin collecting clues on the mannequins, which lead them to discover lock combinations. Each group solves another riddle, and they are released simultaneously. It wound up being an exciting party after all.

The presentation in these scenes was well done. There was tension and scary moments, which the camera work made more exciting.

Laura tells Ryan she’s planning to make a public statement about their split. She also notices he isn’t wearing his wedding band. She meets him at Charlie’s Pub with the written copy of her statement, with which Ryan only has one gripe; he doesn’t want any mention of their work to improve their marriage. In his opinion, there’s nothing to work on; it’s over. He says the truth hurts and walks out. I’m not sure how this is going to work, but Ryan needs to be found out. If Laura knew her husband, she’d see right through this poor imitation.

Drew tells Kim it’s time to cooperate with Oscar. Regardless of the trial, he wants to work it out rather than leaving his fate up to the courts. Kim has a completely opposite idea. If they lose the court case, Kim wants to take Oscar out of the country and force him to take the drug trial. Drew explains how ridiculous her plan is, and she leaves. Drew is being honest; kidnapping your own child and spiriting them away to another continent is likely frowned upon. Kim finds Julian and explains her plan. While he also says it’s crazy, he agrees to take her and Oscar to Brazil if necessary. Love is making Julian consider being a criminal again.

Josslyn and Cameron continue their flirting and finally kiss. It appears their acting has become their reality. She tells him it wasn’t a mistake this time and is ready to move on from Oscar. Cameron wants to make sure she means that and tells her about Oscar’s illness. As any teenager would, she doesn’t take it well. Cameron receives the brunt of her frustration, even though he told her the truth. She leaves and finds Oscar at Charlie’s Pub; I can’t wait to hear what she says to him next week. I hope Oscar gets a verbal thrashing.

Stella is finally reunited with her old crush, Marcus. He is in town because his mother-in-law is receiving treatment at GH. Hopefully, Stella can get her groove back with Marcus’ assistance. She needs some happiness in her life.


Performer Of The Week: Marci Miller as Abigail Deveraux. As our back-to-back winner, Miller blew me away this week. She exploded vocally and physically at Gabi, making me believe she was actually trying to kill her. She also did some adlibbing when Chad confronted her, showing her ability to work on the fly. We’re really going to miss her portrayal of Abigail.


Update: As I just said above, Marci Miller will no longer be a part of the DOOL cast. Her final scenes were shown on Monday, and she will be replaced by Kate Mansi.

Christopher Paul has also officially left his role as Paul Narita on Days. Fans can see Paul in his next role in the Disney series, Star Wars Resistance.

TV legend, Janet Hubert, known best as Aunt Viv from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, will be joining GH as a love interest, potentially for Mike.