For The Love Of Soaps: A Spooky Week Of Halloween Surprises

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Days Of Our Lives: The Halloween episode on Wednesday was very wacky. Hope shows Hattie and John the corpse of Kristen DiMera, with “666” written across her forehead. Hattie is accused of committing the murder but screams about her innocence to anyone within earshot. John takes her home, which currently is at Stefan’s place, since Abigail needs 24/7 monitoring. Hattie is forced into a counseling session with her, where Abigail says she doesn’t think Stefan is the father of her child. She teaches Hattie how to hypnotize her, paying homage to Get Out, by stirring a teacup with a spoon. While hypnotized, Abigail starts to tell her who the real father of her child is when Julie and Doug ruin the moment and wake her up.

Eli also joins the party with information about the murder weapon, a cocktail shaker. He enters the secret tunnels where he shoots at an unidentified person. When he comes back, someone has a brilliant idea; Hattie should hypnotize him, too! Unfortunately, Eli only hyperventilates and stutters while under her spell. Hattie looks at Abigail’s daughter and notices she has Andre’s face. Wow, that baby looks scary. Suddenly, Andre enters the room and picks up his doppelganger while revealing that he’s the father. He gives Abby a baby book in exchange for her daughter. Huh? Dr. Rolf, also deceased, points a gun at Abby as Hattie asks the room if she’s on Law and Order: Salem Victims Unit. That was such a smart line. Rolf activates a personality control device on Hope, who is suddenly Princess Gina. At this point, I have no clue what is happening. She points her pistol at Hattie because she’s in love with John, apparently.

Hattie and John travel to the pub, where a woman in a black cloak appears. The woman descends on them, revealing herself as Anjelica Deveraux, AKA Satan. In a deep, devilish voice, she admits to murdering Kristen and wants to possess Marlena’s body. Hattie panics and says she isn’t Marlena Evans. Satan responds by repeatedly smashing someone off-screen with a cocktail shaker, spraying blood all over Hattie’s face. Suddenly, Hattie snaps out of her nightmare and all is back to normal. She tells John she needs to divorce him because she wants nothing to do with being Marlena Evans after experiencing that dream. We learn Hattie has an incredibly creative subconscious, and a completely bizarre idea of Marlena’s personal life. I can’t remember being as confused and alarmed by an episode of television like this.

Sami and Eric watch Kayla attend to EJ. She explains that severe burns cover most of his body and any movement would be excruciatingly painful for him. So, Sami must wait. For God’s sake, they can’t even check his fingerprints. How is Sami supposed to know if she’s even waiting for the man she loves? After some brainstorming, Sami realizes that she needs to see Susan Banks. After she forgives Susan, Sami talks her into giving her the Marlena doll, which contains her real hair. With this valuable hair, she rushes to Kayla and asks her to run a DNA test to finally figure out the identity of the burned man. Unfortunately, we don’t get the results of the test, since this is Days. I hope it’s EJ, because Sami is going to look like a fool if she’s parked at the bedside of a complete stranger.

Chloe confronts Belle about whether Bonnie is really the baby’s mother. Belle does an awful job of convincing Chloe by stuttering and darting her eyes away from Chloe. However, she does bring up Mimi’s inability to have children and the DNA results, which are indisputable. Chloe follows Mimi and takes her water bottle out of the garbage, showing she’s back on her detective side job. Chloe takes the bottle to Kayla for another DNA test. The forensic unit of the hospital is very busy this week.

Bonnie wakes up hungover and demands another bloody Mary, since it’s the best way to alleviate her headache; she’s speaking like a true alcoholic. Once again, Mimi scolds her mother for using her child as bait in the custody case and says she’s keeping her baby, regardless of the verdict. She leaves and runs into Belle, who tells her Chloe suspects that Mimi is the real mother. Mimi is concerned that her desperate mother will send her to prison for her father’s murder if Chloe reveals the truth. I’m curious; if Bonnie already served the sentence, would the court retry Mimi for the same crime?

Maggie throws Rex and Sarah an engagement party, mostly to distract her from thinking about Nicole’s death. When the soon-to-be-newlyweds arrive at the venue, Bonnie and Mimi are there. Unaware of their past, Sarah invites them to the party, which Bonnie shockingly accepts. Once inside, Rex explains his relationship with Mimi and Bonnie’s lawsuit with Lucas, which helps Sarah understand how awkward her invitation actually was. At the party, there is a toast to the lovebirds as well as a toast from Rex to his fiancée, and even one for baby Bonnie. As he explains how wonderful Sarah is, Chloe walks in with a manila envelope containing the DNA results. This is neither the time nor place to reveal such a crushing blow to everyone involved. Chloe needs to get the heck out of there.

Brady meets with Rex, calling him Brady, which is especially funny since the actor playing Rex also played Brady several years ago. After a couple sips of his beer, he abruptly leaves after telling Rex he has too much on his mind, especially Nicole’s death. He goes to see Eve, which is a terrible idea. While I realize he’s vulnerable, cutting Eve out of his life was the best thing he’s done all year. She tells him everything he did to hurt her, including leaving town with Kristen. Brady explains his intentions to atone for his mistakes. He apologizes for treating Eve that way and asks for pity now that the entire town of Salem hates him. After that, he kisses Eve, as I vigorously shake my head in disgust. Eve also informs him that Stefan is shutting down Brady Black, leaving them both unemployed. She tells Brady she wants to move on from him. Please do, Eve; move on to someone who isn’t on this show. At this point, I wish Brady would have taken Nicole’s place in the burning building; he’s just a repetitious character with no plans to help himself in any way.

Claire continues to try and set up Ben with Ciara. When she accosts him for not answering her text messages, Ciara and Tripp overhear her again. Maybe Claire should try whispering. Luckily, Claire explains she was helping him find a job and volunteers Ciara to help him, too. They leave while Claire twists the knife into Tripp’s heart. She also pulls a valuable piece of information out of him; Tripp planted the evidence at the cabin! I was actually right for once!

Ciara takes Ben to the Brady Pub to ask Roman to hire him. Unfortunately, Roman isn’t there, so they have coffee instead. Ben thanks her for helping him become a better person; in return, Ciara asks him about his childhood memories. That’s an odd response. He tells her a story about finding his father torturing a man and admits he helped his father dispose of a dead body. It makes sense that Ben has immense emotional issues because of his father’s criminal behavior. In the moment, he tries to kiss Ciara, but she backs out at the last moment because she’s still with Tripp. However, it’s clear she wanted to.

General Hospital: Ryan leaves an angry voicemail for Laura about her unannounced visit to Ferncliff. At Ferncliff, Carly demands the identity of her neighbor. She goes to her old room and knocks Morse code on the wall to try and communicate with him. Suddenly, her old pal Mary Pat enters her room, revealing that her rent has tripled, and her credit cards were all cancelled after Carly’s escape. That seems like a fair punishment for her mistreatment of Carly. Ryan arrives just before Mary Pat tells Carly her neighbor’s name. Ryan scolds his wife for going behind his back instead of just asking him for a tour. After he leaves, Laura tells Carly she doesn’t want to break the rules, and they leave. What a bummer; I was hopeful that Laura would figure out Ryan’s switcheroo.

Ryan meets with Mary Pat at the pub, glaring at her through murderous eyes. After having a drink, Ryan invites her to speak privately with him at the pier and references getting away with murder. If she follows him there, she’s the most naïve person on the planet. In a shocking turn of events, she agrees to meet him. Ryan asks her to keep Ferncliff’s secrets private, especially his brother’s presence.  She doesn’t care about keeping any secrets, unless he agrees to pay her to keep quiet and secures her a job at General Hospital. He agrees but refuses any offers beyond that.

It seems the entire town is headed to the fundraiser for mental illness awareness. Laura uses it as an opportunity to promote the cause as well as her candidacy for mayor. Her opposition, Ned, arrives with Olivia and offers to match every donation. He also agrees to make governmental changes related to the issues at Ferncliff. After that, Ryan suddenly leaves, which breaks Laura’s heart. As he’s leaving, he whispers to himself that he’s going to take down Carly and Ava. They start the moneymaking at the fundraiser, where Carly volunteers to bob for apples. When they take the lid off the barrel, the head of Mary Pat floats to the top, shocking everyone in attendance.

Meanwhile, Ava heads to her art studio and finds a mannequin with a jack-o-lantern head. She finds it funny until the pumpkin falls off to reveal a headless corpse. It seems Ryan is trying to ruin Carly and Ava by setting them up for murder. Chase investigates and finds blonde hair in Mary Pat’s hand, linking her to the murder. Did Ryan really steal Ava’s hair? Someone stop this madman!

Back at the fundraiser, Ryan gives a statement to police about Carly’s previous interactions with Mary Pat, and Carly’s violent threats as well. After that, Carly is questioned by police about her relationship with Mary Pat. It’s immediately clear she’s a suspect, or rather Sonny is. After clearing himself of any wrongdoing, Ryan returns the murder weapon, a fishhook, to the docks, where Laura finds him and demands to know what he’s doing there. He admits he reevaluated his life and doesn’t love her anymore; he also wants a separation. I’ve had enough of the collective naivety of the cast; it’s illogical that his poor imitation of his brother, Kevin, has made it this far. Someone must realize he is a different person.

Sonny tells Michael about his connection to the body found at Charlie’s Pub. He believes the DA will likely try to question Michael about any involvement with the crime. When the camera zooms out, we see the DA is mere feet from them. Why would they have this conversation that close to her? How about some discretion, Sonny? After Sonny leaves, the DA buys Michael a drink and tries to pry information out of him. When he refuses, she says Sonny not only killer her father, but Michael’s too. Another low blow from Margaux. Michael threatens her with serious consequences if she keeps trying to take down Sonny and says, “I will do anything to protect my family.” Finally, someone is standing up to the DA, as she’s stepped over the line numerous times recently.

Nina takes Sasha to Valentin’s house to meet Charlotte. They have loads of chemistry together and feel like a real family. After the great day, Nina leaves, only to find out the ferry was shut down because of flooding. To make matters worse, the storm knocks the power out, leaving them in complete darkness. Nina and Valentin drink wine near the fireplace, but she’s quick to emphasize how unromantic the situation is. She’s trying so hard to push Valentin away when he’s done everything in his power to show her he deserves another chance. She even believes he set up the closed ferry and the power outage. Soon, she’s going to suggest he coerced mother nature into causing the torrential rain and hurricane winds. Valentin professes his love to her and kisses her. Finally, he gets a kiss. In the morning, Nina wakes up on the couch and abruptly leaves. Valentin demands that Sasha leave Port Charles as soon as possible because her presence will reveal some truth. What truth could that be? Sadly, Sasha reveals she isn’t Nina’s daughter. Jesus! I take back every nice thing I ever said about him; Valentin is the same parasite he’s always been.

Sam and Jason uncover a game-changing piece of evidence; in one of the letters, Margaux’s mother asked Scully to murder her husband. They realize that Margaux can either send her mother to prison or back off Sonny. There’s one problem with this plan; Sam obtained that evidence illegally, so it wouldn’t be allowed in court. Anyway, Sonny says he’s going to take care of everything from this point forward. I have no clue what he has planned.

Finn and Anna arrive at an interrogation room, where we are reunited with an old friend, Britt Westbourne. Anna offers her a reduced prison sentence in exchange for information against her mother, Dr. Obrecht. Britt agrees under one condition; she wants BBQ ribs. She puts on her bib and absolutely dominates the rack of ribs in inspiring fashion. She also meets her brother, Peter, while reminding Finn that Anna and Faison used to sleep together. What a charmer. Thankfully, Lulu is also eating there and dumps an entire pitcher of margaritas over her head. While Britt deserves much worse, it must have been a wonderful feeling for Lulu.

In a very cryptic moment, Griffin tells Kiki he’s the rift between her and Ava. Could this lead to a Griffin/Sasha relationship in the future? I really hope not; after the week’s reveal, Sasha doesn’t deserve a loyal man like him.

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Performers Of The Week: Genie Francis as Laura Spencer and Laura Wright as Carly Corinthos. In a shared award, these two strong women were joined at this hip all week. Their scenes at Ferncliff and at the fundraiser were exceptionally acted. Wright depicted Carly’s powerful anger towards Mary Pat and Ava Jerome exceptionally while Francis showed lifelike sadness and betrayal at the hands of her husband. Their scenes together were the highlights of the week.

Update: Judith Chapman returned to Days this week as Anjelica Deveraux but will reportedly be returning as someone else. The new character, Diana Cooper, is Leo Stark’s mother; however, this role is only a rumor so far.

GH’s Dominic Zamprogna (Dante Falconeri) teased his return to the cast this past Monday. While ABC has confirmed his return, it’s only for one episode so far.