For The Love Of Soaps: A Week Of Unprofessional Police Work

Days Of Our Lives: Hope continues pushing Ted to help get a confession from Ben. Ted calls him with a plan to sue the Salem Police for a massive payday. It’s a pathetic, obvious attempt by Ted; there’s no way Ben will fall for this. After Ben asks Ted where he’s been, he agrees to meet but only in person. It’s concerning how cautious Ben is, especially if he’s innocent. After Ben hangs up, Hope threatens to give Ted to Stefan if he doesn’t meet up with Ben. Police brutality is rampant in Salem. Ted reluctantly calls Ben again and asks for another phone confession. When Ben threatens to hang up, Ted agrees to meet later that night.

Ted decides to meet Ben at 10 o’clock, which is very dangerous. Right before their meeting, Ben reschedules for the following night. He was having too much fun on his date. When Ben arrives at Ted’s hotel room, they each drink a screwdriver (serial killers should not have sharp objects) and get down to business. When Ted asks for another confession, Ben reveals his new employer, Stefan, and starts walking menacingly towards him. Ted yelps for help, and Hope pops out of the closet with her gun drawn. Ben recognizes their colluding and threatens to sue the police if she doesn’t stop obsessing over him. Hope really needs to move on from this case and might need some time away from her job.

The reason Ben rescheduled was his date with Ciara. He tries to reserve a table at Julie’s restaurant, but is rejected because of his past. Julie asks, “what woman would be insane enough to go on a date with you?” She also threatens his life if he hurts Ciara. It was a strong scene for her. With no real plan in tow, Ben meets Ciara with a bouquet of roses. With no restaurant options, Ben takes her to the park and orders Chinese food. To be fair, this was a smooth pivot by Ben.

Ben shares his new career choice with her, and Ciara is visibly concerned. She sees Stefan as a monster and someone Ben shouldn’t be associating with; however, she admits it isn’t a deal breaker. It will definitely cause a rift between them. The food arrives, and they open their fortune cookies. Ben’s says, “good things come to those who wait,” and hers says “your new boyfriend is a convicted murderer.” In reality, it says “your date will end with a kiss,” and, oddly enough, it does.

While all this is going on, Hope hasn’t told Rafe about her investigation. It makes no sense why Hope wouldn’t involve Rafe in any of this. Rafe sets out to find what she’s up to and discovers a disheartening scene at the cabin; there are empty wine glasses and random clothes everywhere. It clearly looks like she’s cheating. After wandering around town aimlessly, he returns to the cabin to wait for Hope; unfortunately for him, she doesn’t return. The following day, he figures out that Hope is at Ted’s hotel room and knocks on the door. When Hope lets him in, Ted walks out of the bathroom in a towel. Rafe is going to tear his arm off and beat him to death with it. He better leave Hope after her deceitfulness this week.

Stefan is with “Gabby” and doesn’t believe she’s in charge. He wants to be convinced by her actions. After she kisses him, he cries and is unsure of what is real and fake. After he leaves, Abigail says she’ll do anything to get her children back. It’s clear Abigail is using her illness to gain freedom. Back at home, Stefan hallucinates Gabby convincing him to give her another chance. This poor sap is in love with an alternate personality; that is a terrible way to live, especially because Abigail and Gabby switch places so frequently. Stefan heads back to the hospital to take Gabby home. He is so in love and has to risk his heart, or else lose his only shot with her.

Gabi continues to be the worst person in the universe this week. She sneaks into Kayla’s office and prints out the correct paternity results by stealing the computer password, which Kayla finds out about in a later scene. If you steal and write down a password on a piece of paper, why would you throw that paper in a garbage can in the same room? No one on this show has ever seen a crime drama on television. She takes the results to the park and says, “congratulations Chad, you’re the father of a baby girl” as Chad walks into the park. Instead of doing the right thing, she says it’s nothing and holds his hand while being entirely too close for comfort. The showrunners tease us again as Gabi reaches into her purse for…her cell phone. *Eyeroll*

Gabi shows Kate the paternity results while also sharing her desire to hold onto them even longer. Kate points out how diabolical she is and demands she tell Chad the truth. Gabi shares her plan to marry Chad and raise Abigail’s children, which is so cruel. They brainstorm a way for Chad to discover the truth without involving Gabi’s guilt; she decides that making Stefan the fall guy is the best plan. Even after Kate pokes several holes in her plan, she admits it’s her only choice. Well, telling the truth is the best choice, but Gabi probably doesn’t know what the word “truth” means anymore.

She breaks into Stefan’s house to hide the results in his safe. She tries to decipher the combination with a stethoscope like a thief from the Great Depression. Unsurprisingly, she fails at breaking the code and is discovered by Abigail. I hope Abby keeps her in the house until Stefan returns; hopefully, he searches her purse and finds the results. Who knows what will happen at that point, but it will surely be mayhem.

Will and Sonny also looked like fools this week. Will confronts Kate about her involvement with Leo’s sexual harassment lawsuit against Sonny. He knows she was “in bed with Ted in more ways that one.” Zing! He forces her to make things right by publicly admitting she put Leo up to it, which she eventually agrees to. Sonny also finds out Chad knew about the lawsuit. Instead of apologizing, Chad blames his actions on the power he gained by overseeing Titan, which is a cowardly response. Leo pops in and makes their week even worse. He plays the surveillance footage of Will and Sonny rolling his corpse into a rug and carrying it outside. It’s laughable how pathetic they are. Sonny admits to Will that he might not have a choice in marrying Leo. After these past few months of cowardice, maybe breaking Will and Sonny up is for the best.

Sara wants Eric to raise Holly on his own, but Maggie is not onboard because Eric is a hothead and recovering alcoholic; however, she at least agrees to talk to him. When Brady approaches Eric with his idea for a memorial service for Nicole, Eric punches him in the face, and a fight ensues. Sara walks in and saves Brady’s life before Eric could pound his face into applesauce. Maggie sees the aftermath and tells Eric he isn’t in the right state of mind to raise her granddaughter. Good for her; Eric is lashing out at everyone entirely too often.

Finally, Lani loses her cool with Eli’s roommate arrangement with Sheila. She doesn’t like him living with her and blah blah blah…get over yourself; Eli is not going to cheat on Lani with a convict like Sheila. The jealously inspires her to share her feelings for him and agree to take things slowly. She also draws some guidelines for his roommate arrangement with Sheila, namely not sleeping in the same room, which is fair.

General Hospital: Griffin remains in police custody for Kiki’s murder. Although everyone knows he’s innocent, the evidence is overwhelming, so they must keep him in custody. Ava points her gun at Griffin as he begs for mercy. She blames him for her splintered relationship with her daughter and every life-problems she’s had recently. This is some upper-echelon projecting by her. She’s so devastated by Kiki’s death that she’s simply looking for a scapegoat to unleash her fury on. Instead of being afraid, Griffin demands she shoot him, since he feels he has nothing to live for. He buys enough time for Julian and Ryan to enter and disarm her.

Ryan, once again, makes the entire room feel awkward, telling Ava she, “would feel ecstasy if she shot him, but only for a moment.” When Chase enters, Ryan convinces him he has Ava under control. Chase allows them to leave after Griffin corroborates his story. Griffin had a chance to be free; why in the world would he cover for them? Sonny visits Griffin and makes a valid point; Kiki must have put up a fight, which may prove to be valuable information if there was any DNA on her body. Somehow, the criminals in this town are better police minds than the actual police.

Chase interrogates Griffin alone and asks him several leading questions. When Griffin asks him if he actually thinks he’s capable of moving a headless body into Ava’s gallery by himself, Chase thinks he has his guy. Why is Chase the only one thinking Griffin is guilty? Just then, Alexis walks in and proves Griffin’s alibi with the help of a selfie; she explains that Griffin and Kiki took a picture together before he arrived at the wedding. After filling in the rest of the timeline, Griffin’s ironclad alibi gets him released from custody. It’s no wonder why Alexis represents Sonny Corinthos.

Ava talks to Ryan about nearly shooting Griffin. She admits she almost believed his innocence but can’t comprehend anyone else committing the crime. Thankfully, Ryan fills in the blanks and admits he’s responsible for Kiki’s death. Wait, what? He continues, saying everyone is responsible in a figurative sense. Jordan and Chase knock on the door to question Ava about her whereabouts on the night of Kiki’s murder. Ryan lies once again to cover for Ava, saying he was with her the entire day. While she’s flattered by his help, this is clearly to strength his own alibi, should people figure out his true identity.

Chase and Jordan search Kiki’s wallet, realizing the only missing object is her license, which may be a memento for the killer. They also figure out the Kiki and Mary Pat cases are linked and likely involve the same person. Chase also speaks to the doctor performing the autopsy, who helps him realize the murderer was either incredibly lucky or an expert in his craft. The walls are closing in on Ryan, and I can’t wait for him to go to prison.

At the hospital, Epiphany hears Anna pushing Finn to go to Rome instead of Cuba with her. She questions why she’d let her boyfriend visit his ex on another continent, which makes perfect sense. Anna explains that she wants him to hear Hayden out because…I’m not really sure what her point is, and, frankly, neither is she, however, she remains steadfast that Finn should go to Rome. Finn throws a wrench in her plan, when he surprises her on the plane in the seat next to her. I shouldn’t be surprised, but these two are sitting in first class, I guess their professions allow for such liberties. Finn ex-planes that he has nothing to say to Hayden because he’s in love with Anna, and she loves him back.

In Cuba, Finn and Anna practice dancing, so they can surprise Obrecht at her dance lessons. Anna seems to be trying too hard and Finn just doesn’t have the hips for Latin dancing. The plan works, as Obrecht enters the room dressed to impress, or rather, dance; the look on her face is priceless. Finn explains her daughter, Britt, has contracted Tiber Pox, a disease he can’t seem to cure. If she surrenders, they will allow her to save Britt’s life. Obrecht senses their weakness and wins the struggle by agreeing to formulate an antidote in Cuba. Obrecht is a certified champion schemer; Finn and Anna will have to try much harder to extradite her.

Ms. Tate asks Lulu if she’s talked to Charlotte about her bullying in class. After she meekly declines, Ms. Tate says the problem has gotten worse, and the school administration is considering moving Charlotte to another school. At home, Charlotte plays the perfect angel, impressing Nina and Valentin; however, she’s clearly a monster when her parents aren’t around. Valentin and Lulu speak to her about the bullying, which she denies. It’s enough for Nina, who offers her milk and cookies for being a good girl. She’s enabling Charlotte to an uncomfortable degree; after all, she isn’t even Charlotte’s mother. Lulu asks Nina to stop calling her perfect, because she isn’t suffering any consequences for her negative actions.

After Lulu storms out, Valentin tells Nina he feels responsible for Charlotte’s outbursts. Nina tells Valentin he’s a wonderful man and father; with no consequences in her present or future, Charlotte is doomed.

Sam receives a copy of the obituary for her ex-husband. That’s quite an interesting piece of mail to receive. She enlists Curtis to help her investigate who sent it. It’s especially odd they found her address, since she used an alias when she married him. She decides to call a magazine distributor for information on her stalker. It’s a fortunate lead and extremely unlikely to be useful; however, this is GH, and she gets the necessary information.

Sam heads to the nursing home, where Mike is introducing Sonny and Carly to his new crush. In mere seconds, everyone is heartbroken, as Marcus reveals to Stella and Mike that his crush, Yvonne, is his wife. That’s a double dose of heartbreak. Sam reveals that Yvonne must be the one responsible for the obituary. Sadly for Sam, Yvonne just gets overwhelmed and leaves the room with Mike. After they leave, a nurse swaps Yvonne’s newspaper with a magazine. Am I to believe a random person is cryptically torturing Sam with her old memories?

Oscar wakes up from his first treatment in a lot of pain; however, Josslyn’s arrival makes his pain go away. He begs her for gelato, just so she’ll temporarily leave his room. He calls Alexis and asks her to write his will. I guess Oscar doesn’t have much faith in the drug trial after all. After Alexis leaves, Kim and Drew visit Oscar’s room, only to see his friend performing a holistic medicine routine on him. Kim is clearly unimpressed by her witchcraft but responds politely to her. Kim apologizes for forcing the rift between them, which is an especially emotional scene. I’m over the moon that they are making up; there’s no person more important to a young man than his mother.

In the final scene of the week, Margaux gives Drew the flash drive full of his memories to make amends for using him over the past couple months. If she’s doing this to get to Jason, she’s traveling down the same path as Ava Jerome on Days.

Screenshot 2018-12-10 at 9.32.28 AM.png

Performer Of The Week: Robert Scott Wilson as Ben Weston. As the least beloved character on Days, Ben had an excellent week for once. He finally went on a date with Ciara and got his kiss. Wilson was cool, calm, and collected throughout the dangerous scenes, and looked very in love with Ciara on their date. He also looked very intimidating in his scenes with Ted.


Update: Freddie Smith (Sonny Kiriakis) and his fiancé are releasing a self-help book called The Pivot Principle, which was inspired by Smith’s near-fatal car accident in 2014. With its motivational life-improvement ideas, maybe Sonny should buy a copy.

Lifetime has set a date for The Victoria Gotti Story, starring Maurice Benard. He will be playing another infamous mobster as Victoria’s father, John Gotti. The movie will be airing on February 9, 2019.