For The Love Of Soaps: Sonny And Leo Awkwardly Tie The Knot

Days Of Our Lives: Like last week, Leo continues pressuring Sonny into marrying him. Even though Will and Sonny deserve to be together, Leo gives them no choice. If Sonny doesn’t marry him, they’ll both go to prison. After Sonny reluctantly agrees, Leo asks Abe to marry him and his fiancé. Once Abe finds out he’s marrying Sonny, he refuses to help him. Luckily for Leo, Sheila is an online-ordained marriage expert and agrees to help. Leo looks utterly befuddled but has no other options.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Leo enters with Sheila, ready to get hitched. Before the ceremony starts, Adrienne slaps Leo across the face, possibly knocking the ridiculous design off his flashy suit. Leo also styled his hair to look exactly like Jimmy Neutron. Sheila begins the ceremony with her flash cards, as this is the most professional wedding ceremony in history. Although Will attempts to stop the wedding, Sheila continues. They say their “I do’s” and are pronounced husband and husband. While I’ve been a consistent critic of Will and Sonny, this punishment is too harsh.

Sara knocks on Brady’s door to ask for his help. She wants Brady to convince Maggie he started the fight with Eric, so she will allow Eric to raise Holly. This is beyond irrational. Eric has demonstrated several times how unfit he is to raise a child, most notably his violent temper. Sara tells Eric that she asked Brady for help on his behalf, and he, unsurprisingly, lashes out at her. Maggie arrives just in time to calm him down and make sure he understands the difficulty of parenting, since it’s a full-time job. Speaking of which, do any of these people actually work? Maggie is moved and gives him her blessing to raise Holly.

Elsewhere, Justin delivers a letter to Chloe, which is from Nicole. Is she writing from the grave? After reading it to herself, she hands it to Brady who reads it aloud. The letter contains her wish that Chloe raises her daughter. Maggie also reads the letter and delivers the earth-shattering news to Eric. He takes the letter from Chloe and reads it. He checks the date and pleads that she changed her mind after seeing him again. Eric is not going to give up on Holly without a fight. I have no idea how this battle will end up.

After his meeting with Ted and Hope, Ben recaps everything with Stefan. When Stefan asks if he lit the cabin on fire, he once again denies any involvement. If Ben is truly innocent, he must be so sick of answering that question over and over. Julie talks to Ciara about her involvement with Ben and her decision to “date a serial killer.” It seems Julie’s words had an impact on her, as she is very cold towards Ben when they meet. However, she’s only disappointed in his idea to have their date at Julie’s restaurant. Since they wouldn’t even hire him as a dishwasher, he should have expected that treatment.

At Stefan’s house, Gabi is greeted by Gabby with a warm, “surprise, bitch.” There’s no love lost here. Gabby also thanks Gabi for breaking Abigail’s spirit, allowing her to take control of her. If you haven’t been keeping up with the show, the similar names and Abigail’s illness surely is confusing. As a frequent liar herself, Gabi doesn’t believe Gabby is in control. After threatening her life, Gabby tells her to exit the premises and hand over the paperwork for Stefan. It would have been unnerving if she gave Abigail the real paternity results. This is the last we hear of the paternity results this week, which is poor script-writing since those results would cause a massive chain reaction for numerous characters.

Chad arrives at Stefan’s house and is seduced by Gabby. When he says he never stopped loving Abigail, she admits to leaving him because she felt abandoned. Julie busts in (she’s very strong for an old woman) and confronts Gabby. Shockingly, Abigail admits she’s really in control and only acting like Gabby to get released from the hospital. They decide together to make Gabi pay for what she’s done. Before they find Gabi, Julie decides to threaten Stefan if he hurts Abigail. While I respect her passion, threatening Ben and Stefan is not the safest plan.

Julie and Abigail devise a two-pronged plan to prove Gabi’s guilt. Abigail decides to search Kayla’s computer for the prescription to Gabi’s sedatives, while Julie is going to search Gabi’s room for the black wig, her sedatives, and any other evidence she can gather. Oddly enough, both of them get caught snooping. Although Abigail finds nothing before being caught, Gabi catches Julie while she’s holding the paternity results. Run away with the envelope, Julie! While I want Gabi to suffer the consequences of her actions, I knew it was too easy for them to find anything incriminating this week.

In his hotel room, Ted tells Rafe that his wife can see any man she wants. Rafe responds in the only proper manner, by punching him and knocking him to the floor. What was Ted trying to prove with that line? Hope reveals they weren’t sleeping together but working together to catch Ben. I’m relatively sure Rafe would prefer finding out Hope was bending the law rather than cheating on him. Rafe tries to talk some sense into Hope, explain that this situation could jeopardize her career. After a brief exchange, Rafe and Hope make up and agree to spend more time together. Hope needs a therapist or a new hobby. She is going to get herself in major trouble soon.

General Hospital: Julian arrives at Ava’s apartment to take her to Kiki’s wake, but it’s too much for her. Thankfully, Michael shows up with Avery, which temporarily lifts her spirit. Maybe she’ll learn from this and consider being a better mom for Avery. When Avery asks where Kiki is, Ava breaks down. This scene brought actual tears to my eyes. At the wake, Ryan is playing with Kiki’s rosary beads, which is terrifying for every viewer that knows the truth about his guilt.

Franco is responsible for her eulogy. He says Kiki chose him as her father figure and refused to give up on him, even when he didn’t deserve it. He compares her to sunflowers, as a bright, resilient person full of excitement. I could feel the immense pain and love he felt for her. Once the ceremony ends, Ava goes outside and freaks out on everyone. She asks Carly to tell her how she really feels. She’s making Carly her scapegoat this week. For once, Carly is more mature than her counterpart. She admits no involvement with Kiki’s death but does bring up Ava’s involvement in Morgan’s death. After Ava loses her temper again, Ryan supports her actions, saying, “her primal therapy” is a healthy coping mechanism. I’m having a difficult time understanding why Ryan is getting cozy with Ava.

When Carly attempts to leave, Ava grabs her arm and brings out the worst in Carly. She says how awful Ava treated Kiki her entire life and doesn’t deserve the change to treat Avery the same way. Ava responds by shoving her to the ground. Before she can retaliate, Michael calms her down, and they leave. At Kiki’s grave, Ava mourns alone, until she realizes Ryan is lurking in the shadows behind her. What a creep! He tells her how wonderful she is as a person and a mother. It’s clear he’s mastered the ability to lie.

Ryan confronts Carly about her treatment of Ava, especially during her grieving. He mentions her ability to turn a blind eye to Sonny’s questionable character while tearing Ava down for hers. She shrugs and says she discovered information about her neighbor at Ferncliff: his name is Wilson. No, it isn’t. You’re looking at your neighbor. He offers to follow her lead the following day and promises to stay in touch. This is a clear red flag as doctor/patient confidentiality would be broken if he shared that information with anyone.

Anna drags a struggling Liesl Obrecht into the precinct. She smugly admits Britt only has the common cold, not Tiber pox, and Obrecht is discouraged by her daughter’s betrayal. They give her a letter from Britt, explaining her motivations for her treachery and aspirations with her newfound freedom. Obrecht gets her one phone call, and she calls Valentin. She asks for help keeping her out of prison in exchange for keeping his secret about Sasha not being Nina’s real daughter. How would she know that if she was in Cuba? In a flashback, Obrecht watched Valentin take DNA from Nina’s mother’s dead body at her wake! Valentin is officially the creepiest character on network television. He also has no choice but to help her, otherwise Nina will never give him another chance.

Sasha tells Valentin she can’t be Nina’s daughter anymore. Sasha doesn’t want to risk hurting her, which Nina overhears. Sasha tells them she plans to leave Port Charles, and Nina asks to meet with her once more before she leaves. At their exit meeting, Sasha tells Nina that she’s forcing herself to find reasons to hate Valentin. To be fair, she has plenty of reasons based on his past transgressions. She sees, just as we do, how Nina looks at him, saying “she could light up a stadium.” They tell each other they love one another, and Sasha is gone. I’m disappointed Sasha is leaving. She was a breath of fresh air and had the capability to ruin Valentin, which would benefit everyone.

Willow Tate meets Chase at the police station for their date. How romantic. Chase takes her to his apartment for a surprise, home-cooked dinner and wine, and she’s completely freaked out. Chase, you can’t bring a woman to your apartment on your first date. That’s a rookie move. After she leaves, he follows her to the hotel bar and apologizes for his naivety. Suddenly, she isn’t creeped out anymore and asks if he can still cook for her. This was such a random, head-scratching change that was very unrealistic. They head to his house to eat shrimp scampi. During dinner, he cuts his finger with a knife accidentally, and she puts a band aid on his finger. Based on the music, the showrunners want viewers to see this as romantic, but it didn’t do anything for me. If Chase can learn common courtesy, this relationship may actually flourish.

Marcus tells Sonny to keep Mike away from his wife, Yvonne, because it’s endangering her mental health. In reality, Marcus is just jealous that she cares more about a complete stranger than her own husband. His feelings hit deep with me, since I dealt with a family member with Dementia. It’s an incredibly difficult situation to deal with. Back at the nursing home, Sonny and Carly see Mike canoodling with Yvonne again and feel genuine happiness for them. When Sonny tries to talk to his father, Mike snaps and asks to talk to Sonny’s father. Again, these experiences are very true to life. His irrational mood swings are consistent with the effects of the disease. At the end of the week, Marcus walks into the nursing home to a scene of Mike and Yvonne holding hands under mistletoe. I’m worried Marcus’ jealousy is going to boil over into physical harm, which will create an entirely new group of problems for him and Sonny.

Oscar has no appetite because of his treatment. Josslyn thinks food from Charlie’s Pub will help him eat like normal. She encounters Cameron, where he suggests giving him marijuana to increase his desire to eat. What blogs is Cameron reading? He texts his friend to find some pot. After texting the drug dealer, he decides to make magic brownies for Oscar. He’s planning on making the brownies before he even has the pot, which is not the logical steps for success. Laura helps him make the brownies, which end up tasting quite good based on Franco’s chocolate covered face. For an instant, I thought Cam may have snuck the drugs into the brownies. If that were the case, Franco would have keeled over from an overdose.

Laura tells Lulu that Charlotte is bullying Aiden, which shocks her. She immediately heads to Wyndemere confronts her daughter. Charlotte says she tries to help him, but he’s weird and no one likes him. She sounds like a typical kid, not really a bully. Lulu uses this as a teaching moment and takes Charlotte to apologize to Aiden. Finally, someone with a plan to raise her child correctly. If it were up to Nina, Charlotte would get an award for being a bully.

Margaux offers Drew the flash drive, this time without any dealings involved. He tells her to back off, unless she has the cure for cancer. While she’s trying to do the right thing, she’s being unintentionally insensitive to his real-life problems. She forces him to take the flash drive, leading me to believe she tampered with it. When he asks Kim what he should do, she advises him that he doesn’t need his memories to realize who he truly is. It’s sound advice from Kim, since Drew is already a responsible, smart man with lovely children to take care of.

Performer Of The Week: Maura West as Ava Jerome. Just like last week, West dominated the screen with a collection of emotions. She played the heartbroken, struggling mother to perfection while quickly transitioning to relentless, hateful monster. West even made physical contact look realistic when she shoved Carly into the dirt.

Update: This past week, Days’ star Susan Seaforth Hayes celebrated her 50th year as Julie Williams. Even after all these years, she is still as fiery and exciting as ever.

Ex-GH star Bryan Craig is unlikely to return to the cast because he’s starring on another soap opera, Grand Hotel. The show will premiere on June 17, 2019.