For The Love Of Soaps: Gabi Tosses Julie Down The Stairs

Days Of Our Lives: After getting caught in Gabi’s room, Julie sneaks the brown envelope in her purse. However, Gabi refuses to let her leave until she gets an explanation. After some poor excuses, Julie admits she was looking for evidence of Gabi’s gaslighting of Abigail. She shows Gabi the envelope, which drains the color from her face. I am enjoying her general feeling of uneasiness. Julie opens the envelope, realizes the truth, and slaps Gabi for keeping the truth from Abigail and Chad. This scene was a microcosm of this entire storyline. Gabi is trying to ruin other people’s lives and just needs a good slap to show her how cruel she is. “This little, old, withered, demented crone is going to make sure you pay for everything you’ve done.” While Julie has been harsh before, she reached a totally different level here.

Julie pushes her out of the way and attempts to leave so she can tell Chad and Abigail the truth. As she walks past her, Gabi grabs Julie’s purse, and a struggle ensues. Gabi wins the tug-of-war, sending Julie tumbling down the stairs. Chad and Sonny overhear the ruckus and find Gabi at the top of the steps and Julie sprawled on the floor like a broken doll, unconscious. Chad and Sonny believe Gabi’s word that it was an accident, even though Julie and Gabi have a history of issues. I’m confused why no one is even a little suspicious.

At the hospital, Gabi sneaks into Julie’s room and speaks aloud her plan to fix her situation. She also has a nightmare about everyone in town finding out her scheme, ending with her going to jail. She’s becoming a pathological liar, creating several false realities to suit her mood. She grabs a pillow from Julie’s bed to smother her, so she can remain free. After trying to talk herself into committing another murder, JJ enters just in time, and she drops the pillow and leaves. I don’t think any level of criminal activity is beyond Gabi’s means. She’s become so desperate that even the truth won’t save her from impending doom. The week ends with Doug begging Julie to wake up, and, eventually, she does. I am going to predict Julie experiencing a memory-loss issue where she doesn’t remember the paternity results.

Abigail continues avoiding intimacy with Stefan, which he does not pick up on at all. She meets with an enormous man, so he can help end her marriage to Stefan. It’s startling how enormous Mr. Mendez is. He is professional athlete-sized. He threatens to tell Stefan about her decision unless she pays him $50,000 for the annulment. She’s shocked but agrees to pay the fee. When she returns to Stefan’s mansion, she presents Stefan with divorce papers and says, “Merry Christmas, bitch.” It seems Abigail’s situation is finally turning upwards. Once Gabi gets her just desserts, Abigail and Chad can raise their children and live happily ever after.

Sarah and Eric both need therapy after this week. She starts a fight with Chloe solely because she disagrees with Chloe’s plan to raise Holly instead of Eric. It makes no sense why Sarah feels so strongly about Eric’s right to be Holly’s guardian. She also tells Eric about her decision to stay in Salem, signaling a real desire to be with him in the near future. When they return to see Maggie, she tells them Holly is with Chloe. Sarah insults Maggie by attacking her decision to side with Chloe against Nicole’s dying wishes. She needs to mind her own business and stop attacking everyone that disagrees with her.

Meanwhile, Chloe is unsure if her or Eric is prepared to raise Holly effectively. Nicole is dead, Chloe. Someone has to raise Holly in her absence. Brady tries to cheer her up with some sage advice. If she wasn’t willing to be Nicole’s surrogate, Holly wouldn’t even be alive. They embrace as Eric enters the restaurant. He snaps again, seeing their hug as a celebration of her custody victory. I can’t believe he was ever a man of the cloth. Forgiveness is key in Christianity, and he seems completely unable to forgive anyone.

Sonny dreams about kissing Will but wakes up to Leo cuddling him. Not exactly what he expected. Leo tells Sonny he doesn’t want him to see Will behind his back. Well, it doesn’t seem likely that will end any time soon. Sonny literally pays Leo to go away. He’s been forced into a marriage he doesn’t want with a gold digger. Will sees Leo with shopping bags full of goodies and criticizes his pathetic attempts at winning over Sonny. He doesn’t deal well with Leo’s insults and pushes him.

JJ finds a young woman unconscious on the floor with an empty canister of pills next to her and tries to revive her. He gives her a shot of adrenaline that snaps her awake for a moment. It looked like she was struck by lightning. When she finally wakes up, she’s angry JJ revived her. He shares his struggle with suicide and depression. It’s a moving, uplifting story, but she doesn’t seem inspired or motivated to live at all.

Hope pleads with Ciara to stay away from Ben. Ciara turns it on her, asking Hope what secret she knows about Ben. While Hope clings to his previous transgressions, Ciara believes Ben has changed. I’m not sure what to think anymore. While I want to believe Ben, his occupation and recent refusal to deny his involvement with the fire are negative signs about his innocence.

General Hospital: Marcus gets in between Mike and Yvonne as they are about to kiss. When Sonny restrains Marcus, Yvonne tells him to stay away from her boyfriend (Mike). These scenes are more heartbreaking every time, especially since she doesn’t even recognize him as her husband. Marcus tells Sonny that Mike is taking advantage of Yvonne’s illness. This is insensitive and ignorant, since they both have similar illnesses that affect their memory.

Sonny tells his father that they both know Yvonne and Marcus are married. Sadly, Mike doesn’t remember at all and is insulted by the suggestion. His Alzheimer’s is damaging his brain and will continue to get worse. Out of nowhere, Carly and Marcus can’t find Mike or Yvonne. This part is completely unrealistic. Under no circumstances could two patients with debilitating neurological diseases escape undetected. These types of nursing homes are always on lockdown with password-coded locks. Marcus calls the police, which is the right decision. A nurse tells them she saw them get on a bus together. With no leads whatsoever, Sonny’s new bestie, Margaux, calls him with their location.

Sonny and Marcus meet her at the jazz club, where Mike and Yvonne are trying to enter. She takes charge, asking Mike who his five favorite jazz pianists are. I don’t know why this scene was necessary, but it did calm him down and was a happy scene for Mike. Marcus isn’t here for the calm, as he tells a police officer Mike kidnapped his wife. It’s clear he doesn’t understand the effects of Alzheimer’s disease at all. In a moment of clarity, Yvonne remembers who Marcus is and asks him to take her home. Mike is heartbroken and confused by the entire situation. Marcus admits that he doesn’t know what to do about his marriage. Unfortunately, there’s nothing to do, except try and stay positive. There isn’t a cure for the disease, so Yvonne will only get progressively worse as time passes.

Carly is overly jealous of Sonny’s new relationship with Margaux. She tells Jason that Sonny is going to “get with that woman, again.” After she reveals Sonny’s hero complex in the past, I do understand her concerns. However, Margaux was recently trying to pin her father’s murder on him. I don’t expect Sonny to leave Carly for someone who possesses the power to put him in prison. This scene came out of nowhere and seemed forced.

Cameron gets another text from the drug dealer, demanding he follow through with the purchase. He is insistent that they meet up, even though Cameron is clearly not interested. This storyline is shockingly naïve. They are portraying a suburban pot dealer as a drug lord, refusing to give up a small sale by strong arming a classmate. Eventually, the dealer finds Cam and threatens him with consequences if he backs out. The scrawny, emo dealer is making a mountain out of a molehill. I would laugh in his face and tell him to go home to his mother’s basement. I have no idea why Cameron is even mildly threatened. Since Cameron is intimidated, he agrees to pay him for the drugs.

Valerie walks out of Charlie’s Pub and catches them in the act. Valerie arrests them and takes them to the police station. In my favorite scene of the week, the dealer tells Valerie that she has nothing on him. Well, she has a backpack full of weed that was on your back mere moments ago. Besides a basic misunderstanding of evidence, he also claims his father’s lawyer will force her to get demoted to writing parking tickets. He’s the most pathetic part-timer this season. Cameron explains why he was buying the drugs and asks Alexis if he’s going to jail. Of course not, Cameron. In 2018, first-time offenders don’t get jailtime for buying pot. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is worried the tainted brownies could have killed Oscar. Either there was no research at all, or the writers are willfully ignorant. Marijuana is frequently used to promote appetite in cancer patients. Alexis tells Cameron he only has to appear in front of a judge, since marijuana is decriminalized in their state.

Willow and Chase have breakfast together at Charlie’s Pub. They talk about Christmas, which is a sore subject for her, since she lost her child recently. At the conclusion of the meal, Chase admits he has high hopes for them. He’s a lovesick puppy. I really hope this works out for them. Before leaving, Willow sees a picture of Lucas and Wiley on Julian’s tablet. Then, she looks longingly at Julian. Could she be the original Wiley’s birth mother? Did Julian threaten her so Lucas and Brad could keep her baby?

After leaving, Ms. Tate returns to Charlie’s to meet with Julian. She threatens to overturn the adoption by telling her lawyer that Julian threatened her if she didn’t give up her child. However, after seeing how happy Wiley is with Brad and Lucas, she backs down and decides they deserve their happiness. If she does follow through, I wonder whether Brad will admit Wiley is actually Michael’s child? Only time will tell.

Nina agrees to have dinner and wine with Valentin at Wyndemere. As they get cozy by the fire, Nina goes in for a kiss. Shockingly, Valentin shuts her down by saying he’s tired. Is he playing hard to get? She’s furious that he denied her, but he explains he was just fulfilling her wishes to not be together. She explains she changed her mind and doesn’t think he’ll hurt her again. She realizes she’s hurting herself because she was afraid of being hurt by Valentin and kisses him. There’s even a passionate lovemaking session. It looks like these two are back together, and Nina will inevitably be let down again.

They wake up the following morning when Nina realizes she’s late for a business meeting with Maxie. She says Sasha brought them back together, which must make Valentin sweat since Sasha isn’t actually her daughter. In the next scene, Nina admits Obrecht told her the truth about Sasha not being her daughter. Actually, this was only a daydream of Valentin. It speaks to the overwhelming guilt he feels about keeping the truth from Nina.

At the police station, Jordan tells Obrecht she won’t be able to escape this time, which we all know is a hopeless claim. As they are about to haul her off to prison, Peter arrives at the station and admits to hallucinating throughout his kidnapping experience. He changes his official statement, and Obrecht is released. He’s doing this for Maxie, since she wants her son to have a grandmother in his life. Peter tells Anna he changed his mind because he’s learned forgiveness. With hopes for his new knowledge, Anna invites him to her Christmas party. At the party, they bond together and enjoy one another’s company for the first time this season. I hope they can mend their relationship. While neither are perfect, enough time has passed since Peter’s childhood that they can move on from the past.

Lulu brings Charlotte to Elizabeth’s house, so she can apologize to Aiden. When she finds out Charlotte is Aiden’s bully, she is visibly shaken and asks for an explanation. No one can figure out why Charlotte sees him as a target. After she apologizes, Charlotte is mad at Aiden’s lack of forgiveness. I don’t think she’s going to learn from this at all. She clearly acts differently when adults are around and will likely continue her bad behavior when they are gone.

Valerie tells Kristina about her ex-boyfriend issues. Kristina flirts with her and agrees to be her wingwoman next time they go out. Valerie is interested in Chase but realizes he’s into Ms. Tate. Kristina performs a meditation technique on her to cheer her up, which is very intimate. The intimacy continues as Kristina kisses her. After several passionate seconds, Valerie freaks out and leaves after saying she isn’t gay. She did seem to enjoy the kissing though. Kristina is very confused and just wants someone to care for her. I think she needs some advice from someone outside her family.

Drew and Kim surprise Oscar with a new car. He’s genuinely overjoyed and will surely be in a great mood for weeks to come. It’s a strong motivation to get healthy as soon as possible, too. Oscar is also concerned with Katie, a young cancer patient he recently befriended. Since she’s always been home on Christmas, Katie is worried Santa won’t know where to find her at the hospital. Drew borrows Sonny’s Santa Claus suit and saves the day for the children at General Hospital. It’s a lovely, heartwarming scene full of youthful happiness on a holiday full of love.


Performer Of The Week: William Lipton as Cameron Spencer. While Cam had no reason to be afraid of his drug dealer, he looked extremely afraid and unsure of how to respond. After getting arrested, his sense of worry and dread of the consequences of his mistake were clear and impressive. As someone who was once a teenager, I identified with his facial expressions and nervous manner throughout his scenes. For a character whose role has grown this season, I was very impressed with Lipton’s acting chops this week.


Update: The uncertainty around Holly’s guardianship will be for naught next year, as Arianne Zucker will be returning as Nicole Walker in 2019. Rumors describe her future scenes as “thrilling and hard hitting.”

GH-alum Jacob Young admitted his interest in returning to his role as Lucky Spencer in an interview with ABC Soaps. Now that he is out of contract with The Bold & The Beautiful, Young is “more than willing” to return to General Hospital in the future.