For The Love Of Soaps: The Mysterious Death Of Kiki Jerome

Days Of Our Lives: Sonny flies back on the company jet to hear Will’s important news about changing his Facebook status to “Single.” After waiting for weeks, Sonny and Will finally kiss again. Sonny demands some alone time upstairs until there’s a knock at the door; Leo has come back from the dead. Leo makes himself at home by eating pumpkin pie in the living room and recants the tale of his survival. I want to know how he was able to unlock the trunk while rolled up in a large rug; the physical limitations make that very unlikely.

Leo admits he’s been watching their love triangle from afar. That’s not creepy. He also demands that Sonny marry him, since he did propose before Will knocked him unconscious. If he doesn’t marry him, Leo threatens to tell the police his version, calling it attempted murder. He enacts the opening statement for the prosecution, proving his case against Sonny is quite strong. Leo also tells them Kate is responsible for convincing him to sue Sonny. Why would she do that? Finally, Leo gives Sonny a 24-hour deadline to make his decision. I’m curious as to how Sonny and Will can weasel their way out of another roadblock to their relationship.

Hope and Rafe are worried that Ciara didn’t show up for Thanksgiving dinner. It appears she wasn’t in the mood for family time, as she was at home listening to music. Hope lets herself in (why does your mom have a key to your apartment?) and gets the full story from Ciara. Shockingly, Hope is incensed that Ciara is even speaking to Ben. Hope leaves and is startled while waiting outside Doug’s Place. She punches the man who startled her, knocking the man to the ground. The mystery man is Ted Laurent. I guess Stefan’s guards forgot to keep him hidden.

Hope and Ted make a deal, trading his safety for information that will put Ben back in prison. Ted also reveals that Kate was involved with Stefan kidnapping him. Because of lawyer/client privilege, nothing Ted shares with her will be permissible in court. Back at the police station, Hope tells Rafe that she found more evidence linking Ben to the fire. Rafe advises her to let it go, to no avail. She’s completely obsessed with Ben and needs to seek out a therapist for help.

Meanwhile, Ciara meets with Ben to talk about Tripp. Ben admits he didn’t turn him in to the police because Tripp doesn’t deserve to go to prison. Uh, yes, he absolutely does, Ben. Ciara is impressed by his actions and admits she started dating Tripp after finding out about the planted evidence. He tries his best to be suave, telling her, “you have more fight in you than a bag full of bobcats.” Wait, what? Is that something people say nowadays? Finally, after months, they kiss. We’ve been waiting entirely too long for this moment.

The moment is short-lived as Rafe separates them by grabbing Ben’s throat. I see Days is involving police brutality in the script. Rafe tries to advise Ciara against dating a convicted murderer. Unfortunately, Hope and Rafe’s pressure is only going to drive Ciara closer and closer to Ben. She asks Ben to look her in the eyes and deny starting the fire. He denies the accusations once again, and Ciara believes him. These two are headed down a one-way street called passionate love.

JJ accuses Gabi of intentionally infuriating Abigail. Once again, Gabi deflects criticism by blaming it on Abigail’s multiple personalities. The overflowing levels of guilt must be burning her insides. She’s also criticized by Kayla. She asks Gabi if she used her prescribed sedatives to drug Abigail. She gives a million reasons why she isn’t guilty but never denies anything. Kate also joins the party, demanding that Gabi tell Chad the truth about being the baby’s father. She asks for more time while revealing to Kate that she burned the test results. I fear Gabi’s plan has become so convoluted, she may be unable to escape cleanly.

At the hospital, Abigail is alone in solitary confinement. The orderly brings her dinner, which she slaps onto the floor. Kate Mansi is our new Abigail; it is always confusing when they switch actors in a short time period like this. I also immediately noticed differences between their portrayal of Abigail, especially their mannerisms and chemistry with other actors. She tells Chad to leave since he refuses to help her go home but changes her mind immediately. The only thing more uncomfortable than their conversation is Chad’s black shirt/tan suit combination.

After Chad leaves, Abigail calls Stefan for help. When he arrives, she says her name is Gabby. She’s using her illness as a means to escape. I am concerned by her scenes lately; she is either relapsing or manipulating people like Stefan would. It’s not a good look.

Stefan fires his security guard, which makes sense after Ben put him in a sleeper hold. Luckily for Stefan, Ben is ready to fill those shoes. He explains how skilled he is as a fighter and criminal, both valuable assets for the job. He also helps Stefan realize he needs the job more than anyone, since he’s living in a homeless shelter. After bonding over being hated by all of Salem, Stefan hires him and tells him to turn his home into a fortress. First of all, Stefan was wearing so much makeup in this scene. Secondly, pairing the two most dangerous men in town is a scary thought and should put everyone in Salem on notice.

General Hospital: The wedding festivities continue with some champagne for the wedding parties. Eventually, the ceremony begins, with Nina and Anna taking their places as maid of honor and best person. TJ walks Jordan to the altar, which made me smile from ear to ear. When the priest asks everyone to speak now or forever hold their peace, Stella enters loudly. However, instead of ruining their moment, she simply apologizes for being late. I’m proud of her for being mature on their big day.

They exchange their vows and a passionate kiss to mark their marriage. At the reception, Jordan throws the bouquet right into Nina’s arms. Does this mean she’s getting back together with Valentin? As the festivities come to a close, the newlyweds are showered in bubbles as they escape for their first night as husband and wife. When he carries her into the bedroom, they are welcomed by a dead body.

Kiki and Griffin continue to be the most sexually active couple in history, consistently disrobing each other in most of their scenes. Their passion is interrupted by Dr. Quartermaine’s news of their ruling on his reinstatement. They have to deliver the ruling in person, so Griffin and Kiki agree to meet at the wedding. After Griffin leaves, Kiki gets dressed and opens the door to leave. She’s greeted by Ryan Chamberlain, with murder in his eyes.

After the wedding, Griffin goes to Kiki’s apartment to find out why she missed the ceremony. To make matters worse, her door is ajar, and her apartment is empty. He finds a broken vase and a bloody shawl that Kiki was wearing. This doesn’t look good.

Back at the wedding, Curtis and Jordan secure the wedding guests and put the ship into lockdown. The look on Griffin’s face is frightening. Jordan brings Griffin to the room, where he identifies the corpse as Kiki. This was the most shocking scene of the season so far. Besides how unintentionally cruel this is, Griffin completely contaminates the crime scene. There is no reason whatsoever why Griffin had to see that. Things get even worse for Griffin; as he’s being interrogated as a suspect, Chase reveals that investigators found a bloody knife in Griffin’s apartment containing Kiki’s DNA. Griffin is arrested and charged with the murder of Kiki Jerome. While he’s made some bad decisions along the way, Griffin deserves better than this.

Ava and Ryan are moving swiftly in their new relationship, When Ava asks him to promise he won’t leave her for Kiki, he kisses her, and they make passionate love together. I don’t think that’s going to be an issue, Ava. They are jolted from sleep by Griffin powerfully knocking at the door. He delivers the horrible news about Kiki, but Ava refuses to believe it. She runs into the wedding reception demanding the truth from Jordan. Sadly, Jordan doesn’t have to say anything as the coroner wheels Kiki’s body bag past them. She opens the body bag to discover the cold truth. She raised the hair on the back of my neck with her cries for help; it was excellently performed.

Ryan takes her to her apartment to grieve. After learning of Kiki’s demise, Franco and Scotty go to Ava’s to share their condolences. Ava tells Franco to admit he hates her like everyone else. She completely loses it and demands he leave immediately. Later, Ryan loses track of Ava and finds her room empty, aside from an ammunition box. She sneaks into Griffin’s interrogation room and points a pistol at him. I believe Ryan intentionally let her escape, as he loves mayhem and destruction of all kinds.

Josslyn demands the truth from Oscar. He admits he lied to her about why he broke up with her and admits he only has about a year to live. She asks about his options, and he explains his issues with the drug trial. She convinces him to go through with the trial, since the odds of him dying without treatment are 100%, and the trial could possibly cure his cancer. She goes home and receives motherly advice from Carly. She tells Joss that it might be Oscar’s time, but no one can make his decisions for him. “Bad things happen fast, but we live through them slow.” Her advice is moving and spot-on.

Oscar tells his parents about sharing his diagnosis with Josslyn. He’s happy Josslyn found out because she convinced him to go through with the medical trial. There’s no doubt Oscar truly loves her. He also tells Alexis she’s fired, which is an odd way to treat one of the only people that supported him. However, she’s not even remotely offended but rather proud of his decision. Oscar arrives at the hospital for his first treatment. Kim and Drew share their love with their son before he’s taken in for the procedure. I’m proud of Oscar, someone I have been very critical of recently; I hope he finds some optimism in the next few weeks.

Britt is throwing a temper tantrum in her hospital bed, as she regrets her decision to be Anna’s plaything. Finn reveals they injected her with an extended dose of the common cold. With Anna listening, Britt speaks to Obrecht on the phone. She asks Britt if she’s colluding with Anna; Britt sarcastically tells her the truth, but Obrecht doesn’t believe her. After the phone call, Anna realizes Obrecht is in Cuba, since she ordered ropa vieja for dinner. Anna sets off for Cuba while Finn heads to Rome to meet with Hayden. I am impressed by the level of trust they have; Anna doesn’t seem remotely jealous of Finn’s desire to meet with his ex about their unfinished business.

Laura walks in on Ryan and Ava kissing. She yells at Ava and tells Ryan there are no signs of the man she married. She also rips up Ava’s donation to her campaign, calling it blood money. Laura has clearly had enough of Ryan’s treatment. She leaves and can’t stop worrying about her broken marriage. “He’s not acting like himself at all.” Duh; he’s a completely different person. Elizabeth tells her she’s “better than 1000 Ava Jeromes.” This is clearly true since Ava is a slimy lizard-person.

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Performer Of The Week: Maura West as Ava Jerome. West completely stole the show this week. She played the perfect grieving mother in numerous scenes after Ava discovered Kiki’s dead body. Her sudden mood swings effectively showed her instability as well. Ava also is in position to get her revenge against Griffin with nothing in her way.

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Update: Hayley Erin’s role as Kiki Jerome is over on GH. While she was killed this week, fans can see her in the Pretty Little Liars spinoff pilot, The Perfectionists.

Jen Lilley talked about her desire to return to Days in her role as Theresa Donovan. While she blames the delay on scheduling, fans will hope to see Lilley return sooner rather than later.