For The Love Of Soaps: Nelle Gets A Wedding Shocker


Hello Sommet Dame readers. I am the new ABC/NBC soap opera writer for the website and look forward to giving you all an exciting, weekly recap of the events in General Hospital and Days of Our Lives. Although I am a different demographic than most soap opera diehards, I believe my viewpoint will serve as a fresh outlook on the exciting plotlines involved with both shows. Now, onto the content.


Days of Our Lives: Do you think Brady and Theresa have enough issues? Their custody battle continues, with Theresa’s lawyer accusing Brady of murdering Deimos. Brady, as the mature member of the ex-couple, attempts to convince Theresa that a mutual shared-custody agreement is best for young Tate’s development. After Theresa finally agrees, the court-appointed child services inspection discovers a bag of white powder in the apartment she shares with JJ. The judge calls an emergency hearing, suspending her visitation rights, which leads her to erupt on Brady, accusing him of planting the drugs like he was some sort of secret agent. Just when things are at their worst, JJ admits the drugs were his like a true knight in shining armor, removing all blame from Theresa. More on that later.

Meanwhile, Eve is plotting ways to save Brady from Theresa’s wrath. She meets with Victor to find Nicole’s taped confession of Deimos’ murder. When it isn’t in his safe, Eve tells him to proceed to Plan B. After finding out that Theresa is actually a sensible parent, she calls Victor to call off their plan, only to find out that it’s too late. I’m sure we’ll find out soon what Plan B has in store for us.

Flash to Ciara, lying on a mattress inside of a burning cabin. As soon as she crawls off the bed and onto the floor, she passes out from smoke inhalation. Luckily, Hope and Rafe show up just in time to save her. Ben also appears and is cuffed and arrested by Rafe. At the hospital, Ciara reveals Ben actually saved her after she crashed her bike. Ciara is steadfast that Ben isn’t the serial killer of several months ago, but we may have a case of Stockholm Syndrome on our hands. In this story, it seems people might actually change; except when Ben was off his meds temporarily.

Tripp tries, and fails, to get Ciara’s love back at the hospital. She doesn’t want you back, bro. Move along.

Sonny and Will bicker back and forth at one another about what they should do about Leo’s corpse inside of Maggie’s rug inside of Leo’s missing car. I really hope something actually comes of this story line aside from worried glances and empty answers.

Abigail appears on Tuesday’s episode, wondering who the father of her unborn child is. Luckily for her, Chad really wants to have another baby; what a wonderful coincidence! Although Stefan may also be the father, she shrugs it off and gets a phone call that her paternity results are in. In Maury Povich-style, Chad you are…maybe the father. This news is the cliffhanger of Friday’s episode, and won’t be revealed until next week.


General Hospital: Obrecht is doing a terrible job of resolving her kidnapping of Peter. While she’s tending to other things, young Wyatt finds Peter and is sent to find help. When Obrecht returns, she finds Wyatt’s bugle, which Nina claims as her instrument of relaxation and proceeds to create a sound resembling a duck call. Wyatt tells Finn and Franco about a man in the woods, and the pair find Obrecht outside of a Peter-less cabin. The restraints remain, which Obrecht reveals as her interest in “sex, of the kinky variety.” What an image. After moving Peter to another location, Obrecht becomes Kathy Bates in Misery, craving the ending to her victim’s second novel. Oddly enough, she doesn’t have any sort of logical resolution. Either she’s a murderer or a kidnapper. There doesn’t seem to be a positive ending to this plotline for Liesl.

Michael is very eager to marry Nelle immediately. While this seems an easy task, his proposed prenup, Chase’s undying love of Nelle, and everyone else’s absolute disapproval of their marriage speaks to the contrary. Aside from these roadblocks, the double agent role of Chase possibly assisting Michael while being in love with Nelle is incredibly confusing. When Michael asks Alexis to draw up his will, leaving his estate to his unborn child, sneaky Nelle overhears this bad news. Later, Nelle calls her lawyer for advice, asking what would happen to her friend’s spouse if he died before writing a will, which Michael also hears. At the conclusion of this week’s episodes, the pair make it to the altar until…

Carly bursts through the doors after a lengthy struggle in the psych ward. She had several breakdowns about Morgan’s death, potentially losing Michael, and her inability to control everything as she is used to. She’s able to make her escape after taking the syringe intended for her and sedating the nurse instead.

Lulu and Maxie expel their mutual frustration on one another in a beach ball and pool noodle battle, which results in their resolved friendship and love for one another. Their loneliness was somehow able to bring them closer.

Sam and Curtis search for Peter’s kidnapper. After watching the security footage, they find out the person who took Peter was wearing women’s shoes. It seems like clueless, lazy police work from my point of view.


Performer of the Week: Casey Moss as JJ Deveraux. JJ allows insane Theresa to stay with him, consoling and guiding her through every part of her custody battle with Brady. Even when Brady is arguing with Theresa, he keeps his cool and mediates their interactions with the utmost maturity. When the drugs are discovered, JJ takes the fall for Theresa, knowing she has more to lose than he does. His sacrifice will hopefully allow Theresa and Brady to resolve their differences in the right way.


Update: GH’s Vinessa Antoine (Jordan Ashford) will be leaving the cast to pursue a Canadian role in a show called Diggstown.

Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis Davis) ended up in the hospital on Monday while vacationing in Europe. So far, the reason is unknown, and we wish her a speedy recovery.

Days’ actor Christopher Sean (Paul Narita) will be leaving the show, with his last taping session occurring in late May.

Daytime Emmy Nominee Kate Mansi will soon be replacing Marci Miller in the role of Abigail Deverax, which according to Mansi will only be a short-term return.