For The Love Of Soaps: Michael And Nelle Tie The Knot


Days Of Our Lives: Abigail’s biggest fear is confirmed when she opens the paternity test results and finds out Stefan is the father of her baby. She tells Gabi that aborting her child is a better idea than hiding the lie from Chad. Gabi advises her to have the baby and live happily ever after with Chad, regardless of who the father is. Gabi is very passionate about Abigail keeping the baby, mostly because she switched the results to get revenge on Abigail for sending her to prison. In reality, Chad is the actual father of the baby, so Gabi feels obligated to convince Abigail to keep the child because of her lie. Regardless, Abigail heads to the abortion clinic where she encounters Stefan, who was also tricked by Gabi into believing he was the father.

The custody battle continues between Brady and Theresa, with poor JJ suffering the most. After taking the fall for Theresa last week, JJ is suspended from his job as an EMT because of his drug addiction, which we know is a lie. His false confession did have one positive effect, as the judge awards full custody to Theresa, which made me feel confused. While Brady’s supposed addiction issues and link to a murder are troubling, a party-girl past and physical evidence of drugs don’t paint Theresa as a suitable parent either. Just as things are looking peachy for Theresa, she learns that her mother’s leukemia has returned, so she plans to take her son Tate with her to California. Brady reluctantly agrees, and Theresa rewards his olive branch with unlimited visits, regardless of the court’s ruling.

Meanwhile, Eve might be the most inept character on network television. Eve conspired with Victor to frame Theresa, but her plan backfired. After consoling Brady, she spills her soul to Chloe, treating the custody battle and her own criminal activity as high school gossip. When she’s questioned by Brady and Jennifer, she blames JJ for the drugs and herself for breaking up Brady and Theresa. With a smidge of truth, Eve could have saved several characters’ jobs and families.

Although Abigail is hiding the pregnancy from Chad, he’s hiding something from her too. The terms of his promotion to CEO of Titan are very sketchy. Their mutual secret keeping seems like a strong foundation for their future together.

Stefan is the most efficient traveler on the show. He finds the time to threaten Ted and Kate about their shady dealings with Titan, disingenuously apologize to Gabi for putting her in prison, and pop in numerous other scenes without any wasted time. After learning about Abigail’s abortion plans, he reaches her in mere seconds. It seems Stefan is moving at the speed of light while everyone else is taking a leisurely stroll.

Rafe and Hope continue interrogating Ben, to no avail. The mystery of the cabin arson remains unsolved while Ciara and Ben grow closer, with Ben using his one call to ask Ciara for help.

Jennifer does everything in her power to find a scapegoat for JJ, even eyeing the Child Services inspector as a potential suspect. Eventually, she accuses Eve of being responsible, which seems like the logical choice to everyone in Salem.

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General Hospital: After disrupting the wedding, Carly is hauled back to the psychiatric ward. Michael and Nelle are ready to commence the wedding when Nelle begins having stomach pains and is rushed to the hospital. Once they discover she and the baby are alright, the pair wed in her hospital room, without a kiss. In fact, they don’t kiss each other on the lips until Thursday’s episode when Nelle is released from the hospital. It truly signifies the farcical nature of the marriage. During their first night together, Nelle wakes up and calls Detective Chase, telling him she needs to end this marriage already. Since the police organized this sting, Nelle is probably asking for the wrong help.

Obrecht and Nina are struggling to keep the kidnapping hidden. Nina has been acting irrationally at work and Obrecht’s plan to get rid of Peter is slowly falling apart. Peter tells Obrecht that she blames herself for her son’s death, which breaks her emotionally. After she leaves the scene, she encounters Franco, who rightly advises her to leave town. She repays his advice with a vodka bottle to the back of the head. The contact with his head was dubious at best, with both actors doing a poor job of making the scene look realistic. While Obrecht is gone, Nina decides to free Peter. As she’s untying him, Obrecht bursts in with a molotov cocktail, which she uses to light the building on fire with everyone still inside.

Valentin asks Dr. Finn to test him for West Nile virus, which Finn finds ridiculous since Port Charles hasn’t had a West Nile issue in years. Later, Valentin recognizes the new bartender as the man who quarantined Spoon Island. After threatening him, the bartender admits Nina put him up to the job. At the docks, Valentin discovers Franco’s lifeless body and the weapon that was involved. As he picks up the broken bottle, Chase appears and brings him to the station. After pleading his innocence, Valentin is released and heads back to the island to find a flaming building. He rushes inside and saves his wife, bringing her back to consciousness with the help of Finn. As the week ends, no one seems to care that Peter remains inside of the wreckage.

Sonny feels helpless, especially when his father forgets who he is. He also worries about Carly’s safety. Since her breakout, she lost her visitation privileges and is barely conscious on her new drug regimen. Both Sonny and Carly continue to worry about Michael’s safety around Nelle but can’t sway him from his plan.

Sam and Curtis continue to barely act like police officers. During the investigation, Sam talks about her excitement for the ESPY awards when she should be doing police work. They only decide Obrecht is responsible for Peter’s disappearance when Finn and Franco give them every piece of evidence.


Performer Of The Week: James Patrick Stuart as Valentin Cassedine. Valentin follows the breadcrumbs and solves the case of Peter’s disappearance before the PCPD. When Chase is interrogating him, he keeps his cool, expediting his release. He runs into a burning building to save his estranged wife’s life and performs CPR on her. He is the hero of the episode and should replace Sam and Curtis on the police force.


Update: Matthew Ashford is rumored to be returning to Days. Since Jack Deveraux is dead, his role may only be in a flashback.

Tristan Rogers is reprising his role as Robert Scorpio on GH and has already begun filming.