The Bell Soaps: Hilary R.I.P.

The Bold and the Beautiful: This week's episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful are reaching a dramatic climax! The new storyline of Zoe, Xander’s crazy ex-girlfriend, starts an exciting new twist that affects almost all of the characters. Zoe, who has been stalking Emma to get close to Xander again, is finally caught posting disgusting comments through Sally’s computer. She claims she “just likes to stir the pot” but everyone agrees that it’s time for her to go back to London.

Of course, she doesn’t listen. At Hope’s fashion show, Zoe manipulates her way into the performance to be the showstopper—bringing her instant fame by the media. But still, Ridge tells her it’s best if she leaves. Zoe clearly makes no plans to move out of LA anytime soon.

Meanwhile, Liam feels torn between both of his baby mamas. He’s so happy to have two beautiful women, a beautiful daughter, and another child on the way.  But, he has no choice but to choose between women. Now living the domestic life with Steffy, it’s almost assumed that they will end up together. However, after Hope’s show, Liam finds himself caught up in the heat of the moment with Hope. Maybe he’s still in love with her after all, as Brooke repeatedly tells him.

Bill continues to ruthlessly pursue Steffy. While his son is with Hope at her show, he goes to see Steffy and manipulates her into going after Liam. While looking for him backstage, she finds Liam around a half-naked Hope. She retreats back to Bill and agrees to marry him under the condition that he give her his shares to the company, making her the most powerful woman Dark Horse has ever seen.

Steffy returns home to Liam who begs her for his forgiveness. Together they discuss their ups, but mostly their downs. It’s time for Steffy to be in control of her own life and not have to share her Liam, or any man for that matter, with another woman. She finally leaves Liam to be with his father Bill and start a destiny that she can decide. She takes Kelly with her.

Wyatt hears about his father’s plan to marry the woman who had his brother’s child. He disagrees with the situation and rushes off to Ridge to try to stop Steffy and Bill from getting married. Ridge, in a rage, confronts Bill in the ultimate standoff of powerful characters in The Bold and The Beautiful.

This fight leaves the audience wondering: is Steffy really in control of her destiny?

The Young and The Restless: Many things come to an end on this week’s episodes of The Young and the Restless. As Billy and Phyllis continue to fight over his gambling addiction, she kicks him out and finds solace in the arms of Nick. Nick, who has his own problems at home feeling that Sharon may be giving up on their engagement, finds comfort in Phyllis's bed.

After one passionate night together, Phyllis and Nick realize their mistake, agree to keep it under wraps, and work to fix their other relationships instead of creating a new one together.  Nick is able to fix things fairly easily with Shannon—they just had a simple miscommunication.

Phyllis finds it harder to make amends with Billy. There is no miscommunication with his gambling and lies. And Billy’s not sure if he wants to return back home to his controlling wife just yet. Even worse for Phyllis, she worries that Kyle, who stumbled upon her reckless one-night-stand with Nick, will spill her secret. He continues to hold it over her head throughout the week.

Billy and Phyllis aren’t the only couple having relationship problems this week. Mariah and Tessa, who seem to finally be going towards the romance they deserve with each other, begin to fall apart.  Eventually, Tessa tells Mariah that she has to run away with her sister before she gets hurt and Mariah vows to go with her—she is in love with her. However, when it comes time to leave, Mariah tries to say goodbye to her family but cannot. She can’t leave behind everything she knows no matter how much she loves Tessa and stays behind.

The most tragic of storylines this week is the car crash. With Hilary hospitalized, Lily worries that the accident was actually no accident at all, maybe it was her fault in all of her rage. Cane calms her throughout the week and helps her when she plans to talk to the police. They agree that this will not destroy her or their family.

Cane is more focused on business this week as he tries to fix his mistakes but only creates more. Billy worries what Cane will do and tells Phyllis he has to make work his life right now. She does not appreciate that.

Devon’s focus is solely on his love, Hilary, who lies in her deathbed from the car accident. Once find out that Hilary will die, he plans a wedding to make the most out of her last days. He gathers all her friends and family, sends out invitations, buys her a dress, and creates one last great romantic gesture for his love before her tragic end.

Performer of the week: Mishael Morgan as Hilary Curtis plays a fantastic performance in her characters final breathes. Morgan shows us the raw emotion of someone learning the truth that his or her life is coming to an end. She faces it with strength and beauty that is displayed perfectly in Morgan’s final moments on the show.