For The Love Of Soaps: Nelle Reaches Her Breaking Point

Days Of Our Lives: Abigail and Stefan have some serious issues to deal with. He still sees her as Gabby, the woman he loved. On the other hand, Abigail tells Stefan that she was sick when he raped her, creating this troublesome child. Even after their disagreement, Abigail decides to keep the baby. When she brings Chad the news, he is disgusted, telling Abigail that the child would be a daily reminder of when he walked in on them in bed together. He walks out of the apartment after telling Abigail that things might not work out if she keeps the baby.

Gabi has become a vengeful, evil woman. After giving Abigail and Stefan the false test results, she lights the real results on fire, destroying the only remaining evidence. She’s also talking to herself, teetering on the limits of sanity. I understand Stefan and Abigail put her in prison, but her plans damage innocent Chad and the unborn child. Gabi might be the most immoral character at this point.

Meanwhile, Jennifer is using every ounce of her journalism skills to clear JJ’s name. She discovers the drugs were planted in JJ’s apartment by the Child Safety Inspector. After he confesses, she learns that he was paid by Arturo, one of Victor’s lackeys. She shares he findings with Brady, which will hopefully out Eve as the ringleader, something I genuinely hope happens. She’s gotten away with too much already.

Patch wakes up from surgery on his 30th wedding anniversary with Kayla. Although his eye doesn’t work yet, he’s still suave enough to hide a bouquet of flowers for his wife. Eventually, his bionic eye eventually responds, and everyone is ecstatic. I was slightly disappointed that his bionic eye wasn’t more robotic. Patch the cyborg could have some potential.

Sonny and Will continue to panic without a plan about Leo’s missing body. They receive another cryptic letter and we learn that Ted is the one who knows their secret. They really don’t stand a chance against a skilled lawyer if he has Leo’s body.

After more interrogation by Hope and Rafe, Ben is released from custody with more help from Ciara. Although he’s free, he’s still homeless and broke and must sleep on a park bench. Evil Eve finds him and goes berserk. She knocks him to the ground and proceeds to strangle him, screaming all the while. Hope stands and watches Eve’s assault until Rafe intervenes and saves Ben. Hope shouldn’t be involved with Ben’s case if she’s comfortable watching Eve choke the life out of him.


General Hospital: The week begins with Finn rushing into the burning building to save Peter. With an entire weekend of toxic fumes in his lungs, Peter is clinging to life as the paramedics bring him to General Hospital. With the aid of oxygen and rest, he does survive. Commissioner Ashford tells him Obrecht is in custody and asks if she had any help. Surprisingly, he doesn’t give up Nina. Even though Scorpio is ready to take Peter into custody, Finn refuses to release him for medical reasons. Peter proceeds to blame his mistakes on Anna, who Finn is in love with. I think Peter needs to take a little accountability for his personal issues.

The Nelle and Michael drama hit its apex this week. Nelle meets with Chase at the docks, thinking every member of Michael’s family wants to kill her. She then asks Chase, a police officer, to help her end Michael’s life. She basically recites a complete confession for the police recording. Chase agrees to manipulate Michael’s car, so the brakes will fail after 15 miles of driving. When Michael and Nelle are driving together, he refuses to stop the vehicle and she loses her nerve. Nelle tells him about her plan with Chase to make his death look like an accident. Even though Chase and Sonny hear this entire exchange on live camera, Michael needs more. He demands Nelle admits to setting up Carly, which she refuses to do unless he stops the car. While she admits to murdering Zachary, getting Carly sent to a mental hospital is too much to admit for Nelle. It’s funny how everyone in the police department treats Nelle like she’s a criminal mastermind.

DA Dawson pops up in Drew’s life once again. They seem to have some chemistry on camera. In her hotel room, she finds an empty envelope attached to the back of the sofa. After overhearing Peter tell Drew about a hidden flash drive, Dawson realizes the connection and finds a flash drive in the lost and found. I can only imagine what’s on that drive if it’s even the same one.

Kiki begins to doubt her chances of winning the harassment suit against Dr. Bensch and asks Alexis to drop the suit. Instead, Alexis gathers a group of professional women to help Kiki understand how important this issue is. The support group gives several moving, personal accounts of real examples of what women deal with in the work place. This scene is incredibly well written and well-acted by everyone involved.

Josslyn and Oscar are home alone, Netflixing and chilling. When she asks him to go upstairs to get more personal, he declines, telling her he wants their first time to be special. Instead of being supportive, she prude-shames him and goes ballistic. Naïve Oscar responds poorly, telling her to calm down and stop acting crazy, the two worst things to say to any angry person. Oscar leaves and, with advice from his troubled friend, finds a way back into Josslyn’s heart.

Carly’s new treatments have her hallucinating and barely conscious. The new art counselor, Franco, finds Carly screaming at an imaginary Nelle, who she claims is going to kill her children. Franco tells Mary Pat that Carly isn’t acting like herself and Mary Pat takes Carly away for the next step of her treatments. As they strap her to a gurney, Jason busts into the hospital and locks Mary Pat and another nurse in a room. With Franco as his lookout, Jason kicks in the door to find Carly beginning her electric shock therapy. Will he be able to save her?


Performer Of The Week: Melissa Reeves as Jennifer Horton. Driven by her love for her son, Jennifer figures out who planted the drugs that lost JJ his job. She also finds out Arturo put him up for the job and links him with Victor. She also rekindles her love with Eric, which is a touching moment.


Update: Three-time Daytime Emmy nominee Linsey Godfrey will be cast as Sarah Horton. After leaving The Bold & The Beautiful, Days has snatched her up immediately.

Freddy Smith (Sonny Kiriakis) got engaged to his girlfriend. They are planning to get married sometime next year.

Lexi Ainsworth will be returning to GH in her role as Kristina Corinthos later this summer.

Billy Miller (Drew Cain) landed a recurring role in an Apple series called Are You Sleeping, which may jeopardize his role in the future.