For The Love Of Soaps: Kiki Takes Dr. Bensch To Court


Days Of Our Lives: This week started with Brady accosting his uncle for plating drugs in JJ’s apartment. He demands details from Victor. Surprisingly, Victor doesn’t give up Eve’s involvement, although she almost gives herself up when she defends Victor’s actions. After Brady storms out of the house, Victor tells Eve he’ll tell Brady about her involvement unless she can get Brady to forgive Victor. This part is utter nonsense. Victor is a criminal and isn’t the type to care about anyone’s feelings, even his own family.

Ben is doing his best to fix his life. He meets with Marlena for some hypnosis therapy, hoping to jog his memory. The treatment works, helping Ben realize that he didn’t set the cabin fire. After his revelation, he goes to visit Ciara but is greeted by Tripp, who isn’t a big believer in wearing shirts. Tripp tells Ben to beat it but Ciara once again chooses him over Tripp. After a brief chat, Hope calls Ben into the precinct where she offers him a way out: leave Salem. Ben decides this is the best plan of action, until Ciara tells him they’ll fight to clear his name together. Ben really should leave town. Ciara is a certified crazy person, kissing Tripp one moment, and staring longingly into Ben’s eyes moments later. He needs a fresh start away from her.

Jen is all about sharing personal information with Kayla in a restaurant full of people. When Jen tells her why Nicole left Salem, Kayla offers her secret about lying to Steve about Stefan’s involvement with the bionic eye procedure. What is wrong with these two? Every member of the cast eavesdrops on every conversation. Jen is freely talking about murder and conspiracy with dozens of people around. Later, Kayla shares her secret with Marlena, who gives her smart advice. Steve can actually see now; the ends justified the means. However, there is an issue brewing in this storyline. Steve overheard something between Jen and Kayla and knows something is going on. I’m sure we’ll see very soon if Kayla chooses to tell him the truth.

Gabi continues to scheme. Her plan for Chad to raise Stefan’s baby backfires, as Chad walks out on Abigail. Gabi threatens Kate with telling Chad that Kate is working with Stefan to bring down Titan. Gabi even flirts with Chad and tells him to stay with her for the night. She has spun such an intricate web of lies that she doesn’t know what to do. If she just told the truth about the paternity test, Abigail, Chad and the unborn child would be much better off. Instead, everyone involved is miserable and heartbroken because of her deceit. I really hope the karma train makes a stop at her station.

Kate continues to treat everyone she sees like garbage. She chastises Chad for even thinking about raising Stefan’s child and shames Abigail for deciding to keep the baby. She goes too far, calling the child “a daily reminder” of her adultery with Stefan. That’s cold, Kate. I know every storyline needs a bad guy, but Kate is terrible to everyone, except her paramour Ted.

Ted finally tells Will and Sonny he knows they killed Leo. He reveals that he found Leo’s body in the trunk of his car and wants an unspecified amount of money for his secrecy. You would think an attorney that found his client’s corpse would immediately call the cops, but not Ted. In a pathetic manner, Sonny and Will panic and do absolutely nothing. I’m getting so tired of this storyline. It’s been over a month since Sonny killed Leo and, aside from three letters, there hasn’t been any action. Wrap this snooze fest up and move on.


General Hospital: Kiki’s sexual harassment suit against Dr. Bensch is the main story this week. As Scotty advises Bensch to think about a settlement, he flashes back to when he overheard Griffin and Kiki talking about their night they had sex, a good use of foreshadowing by the writers. At the trial, various witnesses, including Kiki herself, paint Dr. Bensch as a power-hungry bully, using his position at the hospital to force younger employees to have sex with him in order to keep their jobs. If these stories are true, this should be a criminal trial instead of a civil one. As I’ll explain later, the justice system in Port Charles needs serious repair.

Scotty does everything in his power to get fired. He has a brief opening statement and doesn’t even cross-examine Kiki when she’s on the stand. Everything is looking rosy for Kiki until Alexis calls Griffin as her final witness. What is Alexis doing? The previous witnesses painted a clear picture of who Bensch is and Scotty is purposely throwing the trial away. There isn’t a logical reason why Griffin should be involved with this case at all.

As Griffin approaches the stand, Franco tries to save the day. He sends a text to Alexis, telling her Griffin and Kiki had sex. Unfortunately, he mixed up his contacts, sending the text to Ava instead. He follows up by sending a “JK!” text directly afterward, which was my favorite moment of the week. Alexis questions Griffin, asking him if his relationship with Kiki is in any way sexual. As Griffin fumbles his words, Franco courageously pulls the fire alarm and clears out the courtroom. Once the court reconvenes, Ava demands that Scotty asks Griffin if he ever had sex with Kiki. When Scotty does, Griffin gulps and…can’t answer, as the episode ends just in time. Between Alexis involving Griffin in the case and Scotty blatantly doing everything he can to lose the ruling, Port Charles needs some new lawyers with common sense and dignity.

Although Scotty and Alexis perform poorly, the entire PCPD staff should be replaced immediately. While being interrogated, Nelle grabs Commissioner Ashford’s arm and shakes her. That’s not okay. After the commissioner leaves, Carly, an escaped convict, somehow sneaks into Nelle’s room unnoticed. She spends several minutes gloating about her freedom and Nelle’s inevitable prison sentence. Just like Josslyn last week, Carly tells Nelle, “she messed with the wrong family.” It was wonderful to see Nelle realize that she has no way of weaseling her way out of this situation.

After their chat, Carly casually walks out of the interrogation room. The police are stunned but don’t do anything to her. Hello! She just escaped from a psychological institution. Do something people! Once the police snap out of it, Carly admits she’s there to turn herself in. Conveniently enough, Michael shows up at that exact moment with the missing baby blanket, proving once and for all that Nelle’s story about Carly pushing her down the stairs is false. Within minutes, Carly’s charges are dropped and, since the DA has no concrete proof, Jason is also released. While Detective Chase did a great job catching Nelle in her lies, the other police officers are utterly useless. Their laissez-faire attitude toward Carly and Jason is ridiculous. The writers did a poor job of making these scenes even remotely realistic in any way. Nelle is the only one charged with any crimes; she should get used to wearing an orange jumpsuit.

Ava asks her brother Julian for help. She’s afraid that Nelle will try to bring her down for her involvement in setting up Carly. She asks Julian to bring the missing baby blanket back to the nursery, so Michael can find it and clear Carly’s name. He obliges, and Michael finds the blanket. After receiving the text from Franco, Maura West does an incredible acting job. Ava is a mix of furious and betrayed and West hits a home run in her portrayal of those emotions.

Sonny is struggling to cope with his father’s illness. The Alzheimer’s is getting worse, affecting his memory and physical abilities. After falling, Sonny’s father is taken to the hospital to get stitches in his forehead. Later, Sonny sits down with him to talk about possibly moving him into a nursing home. Sr. is understandably angry, thinking his son wants to get rid of him. As someone who went through a similar situation, I can really feel for Sonny’s character. Deciding how to deal with a terminally ill family member is incredibly difficult.

In a hidden bunker, Finn and Anna are reunited, but only temporarily. With a stolen scalpel, Anna removes the tracking device from Finn’s hand. For some odd reason, she doesn’t want Scorpio to be involved anymore. Having a link with the outside world seems preferable in their situation. However, it will definitely make this plotline more exciting.

Why is Peter still on this show? In exchange for freedom, he will become a pawn for both Scorpio and DA Dawson.  While his link with Drew’s memory is important, I hate his character and can’t wait for him to finally exit stage right.


Performer Of The Week: Roger Howarth as Franco Baldwin. Franco brought comedy and loyalty to this week’s episodes. His texts to Ava made me laugh out loud. He also tried to do the right thing by trying to tell Alexis about Griffin and Kiki’s secret and, later, pulling the fire alarm. His acting was top notch from a comedic and dramatic standpoint as well. In my opinion, Franco should win every week. His character is unique from the rest of the cast. He doesn’t take anything too seriously and usually tells the truth.


Update: Viewers have seen the last of Chloe Lanier (Nelle Benson). Lanier declined to renew her contract earlier this summer and will no longer be working on GH.

Actress Briana Henry will be replacing Vinessa Antoine in the role of Police Commissioner Jordan Ashford on GH.

Grey’s Anatomy star Chandra Wilson is returning to GH as Dr. Linda Massey, a therapist that will allegedly be working with certain police officers.