For The Love Of Soaps: Baby Drama, All Week Long


Days Of Our Lives: The week opens with Chad dreaming about everything being perfect between him and Abby. When he wakes up, Gabi is standing in his room. How long has she been standing there? She is getting progressively creepier every week. He tells Gabi about his dream and she says she’s sorry he's fighting with Abigail about the baby. Chad tells her it’s not her fault, but, in reality, it is. When Gabi and Chad are reminiscing over photographs together, she asks Chad to bring Thomas with her and Arianna to an amusement park . Then, Abigail walks in to this awkward scene and interrogates Chad about what he’s doing on a bed with Gabi and her daughter. Chad is falling into the trap that Gabi is setting. Her plan has progressed to her wanting Chad back. Abigail begs Chad to come home, but he chooses to cook pancakes with Arianna over speaking to his wife. What the heck, Chad? Pancakes? Seriously? Abigail is starting to realize that Gabi hates her and is trying to steal her husband as revenge.

Meanwhile, Kate is hallucinating about Andre. He “appears” in her room, pleading with her to tell Chad about Gabi switching the paternity results. When Ted wakes up, she tells him she was having a nightmare. The next morning, Will shows up and tells his grandmother that he’s in trouble. When Ted walks out of the bathroom, Will tells Kate that Ted is blackmailing him and wants millions of dollars to keep quiet. Kate tells Ted to drop it, but he refuses. Ted is choosing the money over his lover. To be fair, I think Ted can do a lot better than her. She’s constantly backstabbing Chad and is in Stefan’s pocket. She isn’t a trustworthy person. Will proceeds to threaten Ted, which is very funny considering he’s a big wimp. The week ends with Kate pulling a gun on Ted! She is not playing around anymore. This plotline can go many different directions, and I’m excited to see where it winds up.

When Will is with Kate, Paul finds one of Ted’s ransom letters in Will’s bag and he demands to know what Will and Sonny are up to. After suspecting an affair, he’s somehow relieved to find out that they killed Leo and hid the body. Paul, come on man. You don’t go to prison for cheating. You do go to prison for murder and conspiracy to hide the crime. This isn’t a relief at all! After they tell him the truth about Leo’s death, Paul agrees to help them find a solution to Ted’s blackmailing. Will and Sonny are relieved that Paul is now on their side. When Will tells Sonny their partnership is over, Sonny confesses that he still has feelings for him and still wants to be with him.

Patch confirms his belief that Kayla is hiding something from him. While she doesn’t admit anything, he knows her secret has something to do with Stefan. After Steve leaves, Stefan shows up to threaten Kayla. He asks for Abigail’s test results or he’ll take back Steve’s bionic eye. What is Stefan planning on doing, ripping the eye out of Steve’s head? I don’t know what he could do besides that. Then again, Stefan is the sneakiest snake on network television, so anything is possible.

Jen and Eve continue to threaten to tell the truth about each other’s secrets. With Victor’s threat hanging over her, Eve begs Brady to forgive Victor or she’ll leave him. Brady says he’ll think about forgiving Victor, which is enough for Eve. Brady needs to leave Eve. If he wasn’t in love with her, he would realize that she’s the reason for all his heartbreak with Theresa and his son. Jen continues to struggle whether to tell Eric the truth or not. She also needs to make a decision--If she loves Eric, she should forget about telling him why Nicole left Salem. Her happiness is more important than the truth.

Ciara lets Ben stay at her house, a decision Tripp obviously doesn’t agree with. They decide to have a vote, with Claire being the third vote. Shockingly, Claire votes to let Ben stay. This storyline makes no sense at all. Claire hit Ben in the head with a frying pan recently and now she wants him to live with them? Even if this is a ploy to get back with Tripp, her decision is ridiculous. She loves Tripp so bunking up with a convicted murderer is her best plan? This story is miles beyond believable.

General Hospital: Josslyn is having major teenage drama. She tells Oscar that she’s partially to blame for Cameron’s shoplifting incident. It seems she’s developing feelings for Cameron, even telling Oscar his confusing text message was what she really needed to hear. Oscar is completely clueless, as most teenage boys are. Later, Carly finds a box full of stolen clothes hidden in a closet and Joss admits to stealing them. This is an obvious cry for help and Carly helps her realize she can’t act like this anymore. Carly proceeds to punish her by paying back the stores for the merchandise and working extra hours bussing tables. This is quite a mature, well-thought-through decision by Carly. I was impressed by this.

At Kiki’s trial, Griffin admits to having sex with Kiki, although it didn’t mean anything. Griffin, you slept with your girlfriend’s daughter; there’s no way it didn’t mean anything. Not a good look. Later, he meets with Ava, who proceeds to slap the life out of him twice and plays the part of scorned lover really well. At the trial, the jury decides to award Kiki with a $250,000 payment from Dr. Bensch. Everyone is excited for her victory but wants more justice. Why does Dr. Bensch get to keep his job? Three women admitted he harassed them and there could be more victims. Even from a casting standpoint, Dr. Bensch isn’t anything close to important. He’s a repeat offender and there’s no logical reason to keep Bensch at the hospital.

Besides losing Ava, Griffin has other issues at work. When Monica brings him into her office, she asks him about a paternity test he performed on Peter August without his consent. He doesn’t know it yet, but Ava gave Monica the test results. After explaining he was trying to be a police officer and solve a crime, she tells him he’s only a doctor; it isn’t his role to figure out if his patients are criminals. She proceeds to suspend him and asks him to leave General Hospital. Don’t worry, he only must leave the building, not the show. 

Ava is not reacting well to the Griffin/Kiki situation. She meets with Kiki, who goes right for the jugular. Kiki can’t believe that she pressed Scotty to get Griffin to confess about their sexual encounter. Ava could have torpedoed her case because she was overcome with jealousy and rage. She tells Ava she “could have lost the case because you had to slutshame your own daughter in court.” Wow. Kiki is throwing haymakers at her mother. She goes further, calling Ava a pathetic old woman and an alcoholic. After kicking out Kiki, Ava talks to herself in the mirror about who she really is, a cold, unfeeling person obsessed with vengeance. She then breaks down, crying alone in her apartment. Ava is completely unstable at this point and is a threat to everyone she encounters. I love it. 

Michael is having an awful time. He has to plan the funeral for his deceased child and is holding on to his sanity by a thread. When everyone throws a party for Brad, Lucas, and Wiley, Michael is there. WHY IS HE THERE! Let’s celebrate this new baby and invite the guy who just lost his own baby days ago. What is wrong with these people? At the party, Julian realizes that their baby looks different from the newborn he saw at the hospital. When he tries to show them the pictures on his phone, Brad accidentally knocks it out of his hand. Alexis receives a phone call, discovering that the birth mother wants her baby back, which is her right. Now, Brad and Lucas are going to have to return Michael’s baby to some random stranger because Brad conspired with Nelle. I really hope Michael gets his baby back and Brad suffers the consequences for his actions. I don’t know what that crime would be, but Brad is a seriously awful person.

Finn and Anna wonder who Finn is responsible to care for and find out it’s Cassandra Pierce. He has to wake her up out of her coma. They both know that once he revives her, they will both be killed, as they know too much already. Finn has a flimsy plan to give them only enough information once they’re both safely released. Finn’s plan is pretty pathetic. I’m sure they’ll find a way out of this, but Finn shouldn’t have let Anna cut the tracker out of his hand. Scorpio would have likely gotten both of them out of the situation had Anna not decided to play hero.

Julian is having a hard time expanding his building and suspects Sonny is responsible for the difficulty. Remember, there is a body buried in the walls of Charlie’s and there’s no doubt Sonny wants that body to stay there. Sonny is definitely involved in this but refuses to admit it. I love Julian the criminal, so I’m hoping he returns to his roots and finds his way back to where he belongs.

Performer Of The Week: Maura West as Ava Jerome. Ava was involved in several plotlines this week. Her assault on Griffin’s face and interactions with Griffin and Kiki were very well done. She showed passion, anger, and heartbreak several times. Her character is also headed back to her evil beginnings, which is very exciting. Angry Ava Jerome is a powerful part, necessary for General Hospital.


Update: After 33 years, Stephen Nichols (Steve "Patch" Johnson) will be leaving Days. After being asked to take a pay cut, Nichols was unsuccessful negotiating with the network and will be let go.

Leslie Charleson and Maurice Benard both celebrated milestones at GH this past week. Charleson celebrated 41 years in her role as Monica Quartermaine and Benard’s role of Sonny Corinthos reached his 25th year. Quite a pair of lengthy commitments for two important characters.