For The Love Of Soaps: The Secret Baby Swap

Days Of Our Lives: The battle of secrecy continues between Eve and Jennifer. Jen accuses Victor of planting the drugs as well as orchestrating Arturo’s involvement with the inspector. She also knows Victor had an accomplice, who she suspects is Eve. After Eve admits her involvement, she threatens to tell Eric the truth about why Nicole left him. This leaves Jennifer in a tough spot. If she gets Eve in trouble, Eric will find out that Nicole still loves him, and Eric might leave Jen. If she hides the truth, her future with Eric will be built on lies and deceit. Jen should keep the secret to herself. Nicole is a murderer and out of the picture. Find that love Jennifer! When she tries to tell Eric the truth, he tells her he only loves her, and asks her to marry him! After some soul-searching, Jen chooses to hide the truth in favor of marrying Eric.

Eve is a terrible person. Although she gets what she wants from Jennifer, she still has issues with Brady. Brady is becoming obsessed with finding out who Victor’s accomplice is. He meets with Jen, who tells him Victor admitted to planting the drugs. Brady heads to Victor’s house and finds Victor scheming with Eve. After ripping into Victor, Brady asks them if there’s anything else he should know about. Hopefully, Eve gets what she deserves.

Among all the secrets, Eric and Brady seem to really fix their issues over Nicole. They share a loving embrace, which is a truly moving moment after everything they’ve been through.

Ben shows up at Ciara’s apartment to tell her about his plan to pay her back for hiring Ted. As they’re talking, Claire enters the room directly behind Ben and smashes him in the back of the head with a frying pan. Does she usually take strolls around her apartment with frying pans? Anyway, while he’s unconscious, Claire begs Ciara to kick him out since he’s a convicted serial killer, which makes perfect sense. Instead, Ciara refuses to let Ben leave. Claire leaves and tells Hope and Rafe that Ben is at Ciara’s. They show up and interrupt the reunion, guns drawn. Rafe removes Ben from the room and threatens him if he sees Ciara again. Ciara also promises her mother that she won’t see Ben again. However, I’m willing to bet Ciara will break that promise next week.

Chad shares every moment of his personal and professional life with Kate, which is not the best idea. He also shaves his face, which I believe is a coping mechanism. He then returns home to tell Abigail he’s not comfortable raising Stefan’s child.

Stefan meets with Brady and Eve for business. After some disagreement over the small print, Stefan signs the agreement to acquire Basic Black. Stefan also threatens Kate about her agreement to help him against Chad, which leads her to give him a flash drive full of Titan information. Stefan once again wins since everyone is deathly afraid of him.

It’s Sonny’s turn to receive a cryptic letter about Leo’s disappearance. After he shows Will, Will begs to involve the police. Sonny disagrees since they hid Leo’s body in the trunk of a car. These two are so pathetic; they have been dealing with this situation for weeks and have done nothing but make faces at one another.

Gabi decides to involve Kate in her mountain of lies. She tells Kate about the switched test results, and they agree to take Stefan down together.


General Hospital: Jason tells the doctors to shut off their torture machine and get on the ground. He saves Carly and they escape. Carly becomes sane once they get home and reunites with Sonny and Josslyn. Jason and Carly plan to escape to Canada until the Nelle conviction clears them of any wrongdoing, even though Commissioner Ashford says witnesses ID’d them.

So much action happens in the woods near the highway. Nelle and Michael are injured in the wreckage, and Nelle is able to escape unharmed. Michael’s seatbelt is locked, keeping him stuck in the car. As Nelle is escaping, her water breaks. While she screams in pain, escaped convict Obrecht bursts out of the bushes like Jason Voorhees. Nelle convinces her to help deliver the baby. We find out that Obrecht attacked a guard in the transport van, which swerved into the other lane, forcing Michael’s car off the road. After Nelle gives birth, she finds Brad crying in his SUV, with his dead baby in a basket. She proves she’s a sociopath and concocts a plan to swap her baby with Brad’s dead child. Brad reluctantly agrees, and Nelle is arrested and taken to the hospital. She is a truly despicable person.

While Nelle gives their baby away, Michael is saved by his father. They get away just in time as the car explodes moments later. As a criminal mastermind, Sonny is terrible with a knife. It takes him three scenes to cut through a seatbelt.

At the hospital, Michael finds out their child was stillborn. Nelle blames him, which completely breaks his spirit. He calls her a sociopath and tells her that their entire relationship is a lie. Later, Michael takes the deceased child into the chapel, wallowing in his guilt and despair. While his plan to convict Nelle succeeded, Michael finds himself regretting everything.

Josslyn heads to the hospital to console Michael. Once she arrives, she follows Nelle as she attempts to escape. Joss has the line of the week, telling Nelle she “messed with the wrong family, bitch.” When Joss tries to call the cops, Nelle throws her phone at the wall and a fight ensues. Nelle shoves her to the ground from behind and Joss punches her squarely in the jaw. They struggle on the ground for a bit, pulling each other's hair and clothes. The actors did a great job of making the fight look realistic. Commissioner Ashford and another cop break up the fight and take Nelle into custody.

Finn meets with Agent Scorpio, who tells him that Anna has been missing for a month. The only way to save her is to put himself in her place. After being injected with a microchip like a puppy, Finn intentionally gets abducted by a large man in a really small suit. The tattooed thugs beat him up and hold him captive.

Lucas is so excited for his new child, or I should say Nelle and Michael’s child. It’s incredible that Lucas, a doctor, can’t see that something about this child isn’t right. It’s only a couple hours old and was conceived in a forest. Surely, he should be able to see that something is off.


Performer Of The Week: Chloe Lanier as Nelle Benson. Nelle was able to keep her child safe from Michael by convincing Brad to swap children. She emotionally ruins Michael, who plotted to get her arrested. Although she eventually gets arrested, Nelle gets a couple good shoves and punches in her fight with Josslyn. Lanier did a great job this week of really emphasizing the emotions of her character.


Update: Two characters will be returning to GH this fall. Genie Francis is coming back as Laura Spencer and Jacklyn Zeman is back as Genie Spencer. She teased that her plotline will involve several fan-favorites.