For The Love Of Soaps: Saying Goodbye To Marlena?


Days Of Our Lives: This week opens with Will being, shocker, unsure of what to do with his love life. While he loves Sonny, Paul is fighting for his life and has even worse medical problems than initially expected. Kayla performs some tests and discovers that Paul has no feeling in his legs and may be permanently paralyzed. Upon hearing this news, spineless Will transforms into the supportive boyfriend, telling Paul he’ll be there for him no matter what. Hmm…last week, Will was convinced his future was with Sonny yet now he’s deciding to be with Paul through his recovery. Make up your mind, Will! Luckily for us, Sonny takes charge and tells Will they can’t be together. Sonny says Paul needs Will more than he does and they share a passionate, goodbye kiss in the park. While I feel bad for Sonny, he’s better off single than being constantly unsure with Will.

Belle and Eric are stunned as they learn about Marlena’s Do Not Resuscitate order. Belle tells him she pushed Marlena to make this decision. What? Why would someone advise their parent to make that decision? As a lawyer, Belle knows they are legally obligated to inform the hospital of Marlena’s wishes. Eric isn’t sure, but John wholeheartedly disagrees with Marlena’s wishes and the law. He wants to take every step possible to keep her alive. John tells Belle he’s ashamed to call her his daughter and threatens Roman as well. John is acting like a child throughout this week and needs to stop blaming everyone else for Marlena’s condition. Ultimately, Belle has power of attorney over Marlena’s wishes and tells Kayla to take her off life support. While this is a difficult decision for anyone to make, I believe it was the right one considering what her quality of life would look like if she never recovers. As those wheels start turning, everyone visits Marlena’s room to say goodbye, with Sami and Will having especially moving speeches. Even John accepts reality and breaks down at her bedside. The week ends with John, Eric, Bell, and Sami praying for Marlena’s recovery as Kayla turns off the life support. While her future is left until next week, the signs are not promising.

Lucas has a really tough week. Bonnie tells him the story of when they had sex and he vividly remembers that night. In his flashback, Bonnie says awkward things like “I saw it in an adult movie” and makes several cringeworthy noises. It is the equivalent of hearing your parents have sex. She says he got her pregnant but he’s not buying it. As he leaves the room, Bonnie’s friend Shiela walks in with a baby girl, Bonnie Jr. Several characters agree with my thoughts about how ridiculous her name choice was. Chloe and Lucas both giggle when they hear she named the child after herself. In a last-ditch effort, Bonnie begs Lucas to convince Adrienne to drop the charges or their baby will be put into foster care. If Lucas helps Bonnie before getting a paternity test, he is a sucker. After Lucas tells her about the baby, Chloe says Bonnie could have stolen a baby to fool Lucas. I wholeheartedly agree; there is nothing Bonnie could do that would shock me.

Ben tells Ciara he has a surprise for her that involves a blindfold. Ben, buddy, I don’t think that’s acceptable. Thankfully, he realizes how inappropriate that is and tosses it aside. He surprises her with a fully repaired version of her father’s motorcycle. They take the bike for a test drive and get physically and emotionally close. Tripp should be genuinely worried as Ben and Ciara have serious chemistry between them. When they arrive back at the apartment, Hope enters. She tells them she has new evidence and arrests Ben for the cabin arson. At the station, she tells Ben she found a gas can with his fingerprints on it. Ciara doesn’t want to believe it and Ben accuses her of planting evidence. At this point, the level of injustice of Hope being involved with this case has reached an all time high. She has a clear conflict of interest and should not be doing anything even remotely connected to this case.

Jen’s guilt over the secret about Nicole is eating at her. She tells Kayla she’s as bad of a person as Kristen DiMera, though I disagree. While she should be ashamed of keeping the truth from Eric, she isn’t a deranged psychopath like Kristen. Step back from the ledge, Jen. Later, she tells Eve that she intends to tell Eric the truth, which is terrible news for Eve. If Jen tells Eric the truth, Eve knows that her plotting and scheming will finally blow up in her face. Personally, I hope Eve gets what’s been coming to her for a long time.

General Hospital: Michael tells Carly that he received a prison letter from Nelle. Brad walks by with baby Wiley and Carly comments how much the baby looks just like Michael did when he was that age. Hmm…I wonder why? Michael decides to read the letter, hich contains some interesting notes. Nelle says she forgives Michael (for what?) and hopes being close to Lucas and Brad’s baby will help him find peace. We know this is a hint, but even from prison, Nelle finds ways to ruin everyone’s day.

At Charlie’s Pub, Mike is still in the basement and smashes a gas pipe with his wrench. On his way out, he stumbles into Kristina and goes ballistic, yelling that she shouldn’t be there and that this is all a huge mistake. While she calms him down, Julian goes into the basement and smells the gas leak. He demands that everyone leave immediately for their safety. Once everyone is outside, Kristina realizes Mike’s wrench is still inside and runs back to collect it. After she finds it, she trips on a chair and is knocked unconscious. Luckily, Jason heroically saves her just before the building explodes. After the building is safe again, Detective Chase heads to the basement and finds a human skull under the floorboards.

After seeing his father’s breakdown, Sonny starts to realize that Mike needs full-time care. However, he also doesn’t want to abandon his father at a nursing home. After speaking with Carly, Sonny gets emotional about his uncertainty and luckily Mike overhears everything. He tells Sonny that life would be easier for everyone if he wasn’t around. He wants to look at the nursing home brochures to find the best fit for him. Trust me when I tell you this scene was heartbreakingly realistic; I’ve been through it before. My father had Alzheimer’s disease.

Sonny’s internal struggle felt very real. Unfortunately, their happiness is short-lived as Commissioner Ashford and DA Dawson enter to question Mike about Charlie Delaney. This is incredibly bad writing. Regardless of what he tells them, none of it would hold up in court because of his illness. I was truly shocked at this twist to end the episode.

Nina runs into Valentin who offers his condolences for her mother’s passing. In return, she tells him she signed the divorce papers and gives him back her wedding rings, which he refuses to take. He says he’s going to love her until the day he dies. Nina is playing hard to get with Valentin, even though she later tells Maxie she’s still in love with him. I hope Curtis can find her daughter, so Valentin will get his lady back. Nina also meets with a jeweler for information about her half-heart necklace. She suspects a man is following her and asks Curtis for help. After Curtis grabs him and takes his gun away, Valentin reveals he hired a bodyguard for Nina to protect her from Cassandra Pierce. Valentin, this is upper-echelon stalker activity. You can’t just hire a bodyguard for Nina with her knowing and expect her to be fine with it. For God’s sake, some strange man is being paid to follow her around without her knowledge. Creepy.  

Peter asks Lulu to write a story about the anniversary of Ryan Chamberlain’s crime spree. She initially declines because she’s worried about certain people in town that were victims of his violence. However, she reluctantly agrees to write the story. She visits Dr. Chamberlain’s office and, unknowingly, asks Ryan if he’s comfortable with the story being revived. Ryan does a shaky impression of his brother, acting like the story should portray him as a mad genius instead of a deranged killer.

Peter later finds himself in an elevator with Maxie. Poor Maxie, being stuck in an elevator with Peter August sounds like torture. To make matters worse, the elevator malfunctions and suddenly stops. Brave Peter has a case of claustrophobia and starts ripping his clothes off as he hyperventilates. This seems to be heading somewhere exciting! Alas, Maxie sits him down on the floor and helps his slow his breathing. After the elevator is fixed, Maxie and shirtless Peter are greeted at the elevator door by Nina, who is not too pleased with this scene.

In my favorite scene of the week, big-mouthed Cameron accidentally tells Oscar he kissed Josslyn. He continues saying he knows Joss better than Oscar does and will be a part of her life long after she breaks up with Oscar. Like a boss, Oscar shoves him to the ground and gives him a taste of a knuckle sandwich and a fight ensues. It’s always nice to see the good guys win occasionally. After the scuffle, Cameron apologizes and says Oscar is the only man for Josslyn.


Performer Of The Week: Max Gail as Mike Corbin. Gail does an eerily-accurate portrayal of someone suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. His panicked outbursts and memory lapses are all realistic moments. His performance scared me and also brought me to tears.


Update: Maurice Benard will be playing a different mobster than his role as Sonny Corinthos. Benard will be portraying John Gotti in the Lifetime Network film The Victoria Gotti Story.

GH cast members bid Vinessa Antoine farewell this past weekend. Antoine (Jordan Ashford) is moving to Canadian TV as the lead character in a show called Diggstown.

On DOOL, Bonnie Jr. is being portrayed by identical twins Natalie and Katie, who share the role of Bonnie while stealing viewers’ hearts as well.