For The Love Of Soaps: V For Vendetta

Days of Our Lives: And to think that Eric and Sarah were really having a great night, between the pasta and the flirting, I thought they were going somewhere; that is until Rex steps back into the picture. Yes, Rex is back from Chicago, with even more entitlement than he left—if that was all possible. He wants Sarah back and is practically forcing Eric to utilize his new found relationship with her to talk him up. But what did he expect Eric to do when Rex cheated on Sarah while they were engaged with two women, and got one pregnant. Then we later find out the identity of the second woman, Sarah's sister, Noelle. So what does she do in all her hurt and rage you ask? Goes to sleep with Eric—of course. She says she just wants to hurt Rex, to make him feel betrayed as she did. But in actuality, she's belittling Eric and his feelings for her, showing that she didn't have real feelings for him, and is vindictively getting in between two brothers. No matter how she feels, she should at least respect the fact that they are brothers, and only truly get with Eric if she really cares for him, not for payback. Eric's still mourning Nicole, he doesn't need this emotional mess anywhere near him. But here it is.

 Speaking of Nicole, not only is Xander Cook back but he is also legally untouchable.  Looks like Mr. Cook has been very busy cleaning up his mess around town. Remember that video that showed him shooting Eric's mom, Dr. Marlena Evans. Xander went to the mayor's office, posing as John Black, charming his way through Sheila, in order to delete the only real evidence the police had against him—and boy did it work. Once Sarah told Eric that Xander was back, he wasted no time to enact his revenge, and it was quite brutal—but Xander deserved every hit, even the knife. Sarah came just in the lick of time, and proceeded to talk him off the edge because he was fully capable of killing Xander at that moment—at least that's what I believe. Instead of killing him, they thought calling Eli to arrest Xander would be better, more legal revenge, and they were wrong. Without that tape, the police couldn't hold him—he walked. But he wasn't exactly free. Do you guys remember Leo's offer to Xander to play gay for the night in exchange for real damaging information against Sonny? Well, let's just say Xander had no choice but to oblige when his uncle didn't want the information he had to offer against Stephan DiMera's company. So looks like Xander will indeed be gay for the night—and I am here for this!

 Guess who's out of jail? Hope wanted Ted to represent Stephan because she was convinced that was the only way to get Stephan to turn on Brad. However, seems to me like Hope got nothing, and Stephan got everything he wanted. He got his freedom and a chance to regain executive control over DiMera Enterprises, right when Chad was starting to warm up to being CEO. Well, I shouldn't say Hope didn't get anything from it, she did get Rafe's disappointment. She was blinded by the dream of nailing Brad, that she stopped caring about justice for Gabi and even let a career criminal like Stephan go. And now she's terrified that Rafe wants to go to Sami to help with Johnny, who's been acting out—well she should be.

 Meanwhile, Melinda is still threatening her sister, Hayley over secrets that she doesn't want getting out. Hayley has to hide the fact that they are sisters and even move out of Melinda's apartment—more like getting kicked out. And she didn't even give her any notice, just threw her out on the streets. Well, we can all thank timing because JJ heard all he needed to know from walking in on their private conversation that took place very much in a public setting. So at least Hayley had someplace to stay with someone who actually knew a little bit about her story. I feel bad for Hayley and hope that this mandated therapy could do her some good because she desperately needs someone to talk to. I can't imagine holding in not only your secrets, but someone else's, and then getting no support from your only member family around, seems like Melinda doesn't even care that Hayley tried to commit suicide and if t wasn't for JJ she wouldn't be alive. I think Marlena is going to get her to open up, she needs to trust someone—especially when she can't even trust her own sister.

So much has happened this week. All I know is that Eric should stop Sarah from using him, Stephan needs to get arrested again, Melinda should show more compassion, and Xander is about to get it. To be perfectly honest, all I can think about is Leo and Xander—I'm not surprised he took the deal though. But I am very much thankful that Xander will know what its like to be used for personal gains; even if the gains or for sexual pleasure. I can't wait for next week, until next time! 

General Hospital: This week GH fulfilled the viewers in so many ways—to be perfectly honest I wasn't sure if I could handle the piping hot tea, but I prevailed. Let's begin with what I believe to be very symbolic for capturing the delusion of all of Port Charles, Dr. Obrecht's talk with Nina. Dr. Obrecht is trying her best to warn Nina about Sasha not being her daughter and Valentine being a conniving liar, manipulator, and of course a killer; but Nina refuses to hear her out. Dr. Obrecht had her ear when she said, "joy will turn to disappointment one day"; unfortunately she lost her once she began comparing Valentine to Faison. I must admit she did have some damning evidence as to why the two men are similar. Faison killed Nina's brother and shot her [Dr. Obrecht] own son; while Valentine killed his nephew, Nikolas Cassadine, and Laura’s son. But Nina’s in love and love is very much blinding—you know how the whole town respects and loves Kevin and is totally blinded by the fact that he is the serial killer. But why can’t Dr. Obrecht simply tell Nina the truth about Valentine you ask? A little thing called mutually assured destruction—of course.

Meanwhile Franco still needs answers as to why Kevin wants to pawn him off to another therapist—finally, someone starts looking into this man! And if he can't get answers from the man himself, the next logical step would be to ransack his office. Carly does catch him mid-ransack, but only because she had the same idea—yes, Carly has still not dropped her search for Wilson Ritter. When Franco picked up Kevin’s box filled with killer’s collectibles and said, "maybe the answers are in this box" I almost died from anxiousness. Unfortunately, the box was locked and with Carly in his ear, he left the box alone. But that does not mean that Franco's investigation is over; if anything it's just beginning, especially because his office did not have any of Franco's files. At least someone in this town can see Kevin has much to hide. 

I think Kevin must have read my last two columns because he feels the heat. Kevin is trying to manipulate Ava’s hurt and grief so he can whisk her away to a different country—coincidence, I think not. However, Kevin forgot about the one thing standing in his way, her daughter, Avery. And since Ava doesn’t have full custody of her daughter, Sonny and Carly do, I don't think we’ll be seeing this couple cross any oceans anytime soon. Let’s not forget how Sonny and Carly’s son, Morgan is dead partly because Ava, vindictively messed with his medication. And for some reason, Ava thinks that Sonny will change his mind and allow her to take Avery for a couple of weeks at a time, and Kevin thinks that he can kill his problems away—go figure.

On a lighter note, Anna’s eye surgery went well an Oscar is taking his diagnosis as well as could be expected. Personally, I’m still in denial about Oscar dying and am holding onto the hope that miracles happen—especially on daytime TV. And Kim is still holding up her end of the bargain to be completely honest with Oscar from this point on. She even went to Dr. Terry Randolph to emphasize that Oscar needs total transparency and how she shouldn't sugarcoat any answers to the hard questions that he might have, and boy did he have hard questions. Oscar asked Dr. Randolph what's dying going to feel like—I almost burst into tears. But then GH had the audacity to pull a slow-mo on the crumpled water bottle that Oscar dropped—and I couldn't stop laughing for some reason. Speaking of my extreme empathy, can everyone just leave Aiden alone? I'm going to need Aiden's class to have several seats and stop bulling my baby! But unfortunately kids get bullied for being different and it's usually for the very tendencies or characteristics that make them an extraordinary adult; because Aiden is definitely an amazing pastry chef in the making.

In the meantime, Sam and Jason are still on Shiloh/Hank/David’s trail. And they even warned both Alexis and Sonny about him. Sonny has to get the Dad of the Year Award because he was asking all of the right questions. Once Jason told Sonny that Sam conned Shiloh/Hank/David's father and drained him of his fortune, his father antennas were up and in full effect. And that's all Sonny needed to know to assume that Shiloh/Hank/David could be using his daughter, and like Sonny said no one uses his daughter. But then again, he doesn't really have much to worry about since Jason and Sam are on the case. Sam even attended one of Shiloh/Hank/David's seminars. And if you missed this episode—that aired on 1/17/19—you missed a very profound, poignant scene when Kristina shared some of her memories from her abusive relationship with Kiefer. It was the memory of when Kiefer was angry because she “blew him off to hand out with another boy” and called her a bitch and then proceeded to slap her to the ground. She never told anyone because she was afraid to lose him and not feel wanted. And I am very grateful to the writers for emphasizing her feelings and mindset behind this because this affects many women across the world. And it needs to be constantly brought up and instilled into conversations—the more you know, the more you grow.

Speaking of the writers, they really had us thinking that Kevin was going to kill Sonny and Carly next, but then they left us on the cliffhanger of him walking into LuLu’s office with his knife. I suppose he needs her to stop connecting the dots between Ryan Chamberlain and him, but to go after Laura's daughter LuLu is despicable—they use to be a family. I knew Kevin was psychotic, but I am just now realizing how much of a narcissistic he is and has always been. No one matters but him, and no one is worth anything because they are all beneath him. But I really don’t want LuLu to die, I guess we’ll have t wait and see.


Performer of the Week: I have to give recognition when it's due, and Max Gail, who plays Mike deserved the recognition this time. He is playing a character with Alzheimer's, and I'm sure it's not easy to create a character that switches between having lucid moments and then back to dementia like that but he does it so remarkably—I almost forgot he was acting. 

Weekly Update: Looks like Steve Burton, who plays Jason on General Hospital, was planning to quit the show at one point.  In the beginning, when fans were first introduced with Jason, he was ready to quit, until Maurice Bernard, Sonny, took him under his wing as a mentor. The two are as thick as thieves—I guess that's why the writers decided to make Jason Sonny's right-hand man. He also taught him two important lessons: you have to be honest with yourself or you will never grow as a person, and if it's not there, never force it—and I'm actually going to adopt these mantras myself. Well, it' always good to know that the actors are as close as we imagine them to be.