For The Love Of Soaps: Enough Blame To Go Around

General Hospital: This week GH took everyone through an emotional rollercoaster. The events in Port Charles are finally coming to a climax and even the Port Charles Police Department (PCPD) still can’t keep up with it all—but I can. We all know I’ve been patiently waiting on Kevin's arrest, but these writers are going to keep us waiting! Turns out LuLu is the one who called Kevin to her office to go over some concerns she had with the discrepancies she spotted in Ryan's victim's list.

Apparently, Ryan killed seven people on record but Kevin begins to airily clarify how he really killed nine women, the extra two being Debra Jones and Suzanne Smith. When LuLu calmly asked why he never told the police his serial killer vibes began to ooze out like carbon monoxide from a broken boiler. And just like carbon monoxide, Kevin was quiet and deadly. The next scene LuLu was bleeding on the floor while Kevin stood opposite her, basking in his triumph. But the universe works in mysterious ways—or at least the writers do—because just when she regained the strength to run away, Kevin was abruptly stricken with sudden blindness.

LuLu was able to muster enough energy to crawl down to the book launch that was ending and luckily her mother, Laura, was still there.  Was it just me or did anyone else get infuriated at LuLu for using her last bit of strength to scream out her mother's name—twice, I might add—instead of an "it was Kevin".  Thankfully there’s a doctor around every corner in Port Charles, as Lucas was able to stabilize LuLu until the paramedics brought her to the hospital. After the LuLu commotion died down, Kevin staggered out of the elevator playing the victim like the sociopath he truly is. And who was there in his time of need, the women of his present and past, Lucy and Ava.

Safe to say none of the viewers hold any sympathetic feelings for Kevin's sudden blindness. But it does raise a couple of questions for Anna and Finn; like why does Kevin have the same rare virus Anna had? What’s the connection? Thankfully, Robert came with the intel connecting Kevin with Dr. Cabot. With all of these connections, you would think that the PCPD would at least make some of their own—but no. Unfortunately, Jordan is utilizing all of her resources on Peter, since he was the last person to call LuLu—which is absurd because Peter is her editor, he calls her all of the time. But I guess no one bothered to discover who she called last. And of course, as LuLu regains consciousness at the hospital, Kevin with his renewed eyesight, was there to finish the job—let’s just hope someone interrupts him.

Meanwhile, Joslyn and Oscar decided to search for the cities catacombs through Jos’ family’s cellar, since Rice Plaza was a no-go. The scene began with romance as Oscar explained why he hated miracles; he didn't want the thought of a miracle to cripple the acceptance of his reality. Oscar wants to talk about death, and Jos, mustering all of her strength was there to hear him out. Even as a teenager with his whole life shortened by his diagnosis, the scariest thing about dying, he admitted, would be leaving Joslyn. And right when they were about to leave the cellar for a nice movie date in Jos’s living room, Oscar experienced a seizure.  And that's when things took a turn for the worse; Jos was too distressed to leave him to get help. Even though the new A-Team, Jason and, Sam, were on their way.  Joss did try to climb the ladder to call for help, but unfortunately, one of the ladder’s rungs snapped off, temporarily immobilizing Jos.  But the A-Team, along with Carly and Drew, managed to safely extract the kids from the cellar; however, Jason was not so lucky, as the ladder ripped off of the wall and flung him through the floor of the cellar. There was a small moment when Sam reached out to help, but Jason—being a man in love—refused to place Sam in danger.

When the firefighters finally came to look for Jason, Sam wasted no time to begin her own search and rescue. She called Spinelli, her tech guru, to search for the underground schematics from 1910. And Sam was not playing games when it came to her man, she put on a wet suit and went searching for the waterways that he could've possibly gone through. There was no hesitation as she dove into the harbor to search for Jason, and thankfully she found him and brought him back to her house for warmth and affection—in that order. And there was a lot of love and affection indeed; reminding all of us at home that GH is not for kids. But we are all grown over here and will be patiently waiting for next week—until then.

Days Of Our Lives: So apparently not only is Stephan out of jail with all charges dropped but now he gets to also have a hand in the executive branch of DiMera Enterprises. The board—and by board we really mean Mr. Shin—decided that Chad and Stephan will share the responsibilities as CEO. I’ve never heard of Co-CEO’s but there’s always room for something new. Chad wasn't exactly thrilled but Gabi took the news a little harder and seeing that Stephan guaranteed to destroy her company, ‘Gabi Chic’, the outrage is quite understandable. Gabi tried to solicit help from Chad but he obviously had more important things to worry about—like getting his family back after she tried her best to destroy Abigail. But we are just getting started—so buckle up.

Xander attempted to con a con artist this week. For any who forgot, Leo gave Xander a deal that he would give him the blackmail he has on Sonny and Victor in exchange for sexual favors—or what he called “Gay for the Night”.  Xander drugged Leo’s champagne and lied about the amazing non-existent night they shared; however, everyone knows you can’t con a con artist. But Xander was indeed able to sleep with someone that night, just not exactly who we thought. Sarah originally wanted to revenge sleep with Eric because Rex cheated with Sarah’s sister. And because Eric wanted to respect Sarah and not take advantage of her, she decided to hurt him by getting with Xander Cook—talk about keeping it in the family. Even though Xander got lucky with Sarah, Leo refused to keep his end of the bargain since he didn't remember anything from last night; he even connected the dots faster than I expected and accused Xander of roofieing him—you win some, you lose some.

Meanwhile, Jack got to get some quality time with his son JJ.  They got to swap stories and bond over a beer. Jack even found out that Eve only cares about herself and her hatred against Jennifer.  JJ told him about how Eve slept with him just to take a jab at his mother—like she’s trying to emulate with Jack. When Jack eventually confronted Eve with this information, she went straight for her classic manipulation technique. However, it seems like Jack will indeed get the last laugh; because as Eve supports his mayoral run, Jack will simply use her assistance while faking all emotional connections. And honestly, I think we are all relieved because no one should ever be used and manipulated during such a vulnerable state as amnesia.

Speaking of the vindictive villains, Melinda's ego seemed to be as out of control as Eve this week. Melinda made it very clear that she wanted Commissioner Hope Brady-Hernandez fired for allowing too many high profile cases go free. There was Stephan, Brad, and just recently Xander. When Abe explained that the mayor's office was at fault for losing the Xander footage, Melinda quit. But where there is a Melinda, there is a motive. Turns out Melinda pushing her secret sister, Hayley, even further out of her life and apartment and even resigning were all connected to serve a bigger purpose; former D.A Melinda Trask is running for Mayor, and with all the dirt she has on Abe and his beloved Hope, things are definitely getting interesting in Salem.

With all the manipulation and vengeance going on, I figured we should end on love. After JJ showed off his guitar skills, Hayley is finally beginning to see the connection forming and is beginning to react to it—yes she is finally crushing back on JJ. And even Sarah is trying her best to forcefully be forgiven by Eric. Personally, I am also angry at Sarah for sleeping with Xander, the man who is responsible for Nicole’s death; and I truly hope Eric doesn't forgive her for making such a petty, painful, and selfish decision—even though he probably is. However, in true cliffhanger fashion, Rex walks in on Eric and Sarah looking too close for comfort and demands answers just before the credits. And now we wait—until next time!


Performer of the Week: Paul Telfer as Xander Cook. It takes great skill to be a villain on camera, but this week he demonstrated his true acting ability. His anger, his rage, his resentment shines brilliantly, as portrayed through his facial expressions. He really makes you hate his character—but then we all see him shirtless and begin to forgive a little.

Weekly Update: Seems like the GH’s Laura Wright and Wes Ramsey, decided to post a very sarcastic Instagram photo last week. They posted a picture while they lovingly stood in front of Graceland claiming to have just moved in. Unfortunately for the fans who couldn't recognize Elvis's historic home—like me—they actually believed their favorite couple just had a real estate upgrade.