The Bell Soaps - Blackmail And A Baby

The Bold and the Beautiful: There was most definitely not a shortage of drama this week. Things started off with Thorne feeling threatened by Will's new relationship with his birth father, Bill. Not only do we see him upset about that situation, but he expresses to Katie that he is also a bit uncomfortable with how much time she has been spending around Bill. Thorne tells Katie that he cannot go through losing her, especially after the loss of his first wife, Darla. Katie assures Thorne that she is not going anywhere and this is enough to leave Thorne not feeling so threatened by Katie and Bill's reconciliation. Crisis averted. 

Hope and Liam continue to mourn the loss of their precious infant, Beth. Little does the couple know, the baby is still alive. This week, we see Dr. Reese Buckingham confess it all to Florence. While speaking with Taylor, she expresses to him how badly her daughter Steffy wants to adopt another baby and how money is no problem in making that happen. Reese has been known to get himself into financial pickles with his gambling but this time the reason he needed the money was to protect his daughter. During the dramatic confession, Reese explains that a woman gave birth to a stillborn child at the Catalina clinic earlier the same day as Hope went into labor. After Hope gives birth, she passes out and never gets the opportunity to see her new, living baby. Reese instead takes Hope’s baby knowing that he will be able to use her to get the money he needs for his own daughter. When Liam arrives at the clinic, Hope wakes up and Reese presents them with the stillborn that was born earlier that day, causing all of the pain and suffering that we continue to see on the drama. Props to Reese for trying to be a good dad to his own daughter, but was there no better way? While it is revealed to us that Beth is still alive, her parents have no idea. Hope is distraught and honestly, the people around her are doing barely anything to be comforting or help. Liam and Brooke are already talking about the possibility of Hope having another baby when she lost her own less than a month ago. Let the girl mourn in peace!

It has been known that Steffy has been considering adoption, but this week the idea came so close to being a reality that Steffy was already "imagining dressing up Kelly and her sister in matching outfits." Liam also knows about Steffy's intentions to adopt and when he tells Wyatt about it, he is confused and concerned for Beth. Wyatt is just about the only one who sees how crazy it would be for Steffy to adopt right now and the only one that seems to be genuinely concerned for Beth's wellbeing if Steffy does decide to go through with the adoption. While I do support Steffy's decision to adopt and think she should spread her wealth around to a child who is less fortunate, could she maybe be a bit more sensitive about it. I mean, her baby daddy's daughter just "died" and all she's thinking about is giving their daughter another sister. Could you be any more insensitive, Steffy? 

Taylor is finally able to arrange a meeting with her mysterious "colleague" that has a baby for Steffy to adopt. That baby is Beth and the "colleague" is Reese. The first time Steffy meets Beth she feels an instant connection and knows that she wants to adopt this baby. After leaving her first meeting with Beth, she decided she wants Liam to meet her too. Yes, Liam her ex who is currently grieving the loss of his own infant, that Liam. Upon meeting the baby, Liam also feels connected to her in a strange way (wonder why) and Steffy decides to make the life-changing the decision to adopt the baby. Aside from it being a terrible time for her to adopt, isn't Steffy worried about where this baby is coming from? If my mom told me that her "colleague" had a baby for me I would just have a few more questions than Steffy seems to have. 

The Young and The Restless: As per usual, we were given all of the drama that we needed. From Phyllis trying to form a secret alliance with Sharon to Billy spilling to Lily about Cane to the random renewal of Mia and Rey's vows, they kept the tea piping hot, as Phyllis likes to say. Backtrack a bit to last week and we remember that Billy walked in on Cane and Victoria kissing. It seems like Billy wanted to get revenge and get it fast. After being caught, Cane knows that he needs to go to Lily with an explanation but Billy beats him to it. Billy takes the Jabot company jet without permission and jets it to see Lily in prison, literally. Lily reacts how any sane person would and when Cane shows up to tell her hours later, she cannot and does not want to hear it. 

Phyllis provided us with the daily dose of drama we needed as well, as she usually does. At the start of the week, she invited Sharon to Jabot to talk. Sharon believes that Phyllis wants to speak with her about a potential business opportunity but oh was she mistaken. Phyllis doesn't think that Nikki and Victoria can be trusted anymore, especially now that Victor is out on bail. While Sharon does seem to agree with Phyllis and does not trust Victor, she trusts Phyllis even less. Sharon is not wrong for not trusting Phyllis, we learn mid-week that Phyllis had been keeping the fire poker that the ladies used to kill JT in a storage unit rather than throwing it into the lake like she was supposed to. While Nikki is pulling this information out of Phyllis, she accuses Phyllis of trying to frame Victor, which Phyllis denies. Phyllis is dead set on the idea that the Newmans are plotting against her and won't let the paranoia leave her brain. 

Abby and Arturo are all heart eyes and flowers as of late. After seeing Abby and Arturo together at Crimson Lights, Rey advises his little brother to not let a good girl like that go. Arturo takes his brother’s advice very literally and proposes to Abby at the renewal of Rey and Mia’s vows. Rewind a bit to earlier in the week, why exactly did Rey and Mia decide to renew their vows? I found that storyline to be beyond random and unnecessary and really think it was just used to stir the pot a bit and add some more drama to Arturo’s proposal. I personally would rather see more of the drama surrounding JT’s murder rather than what I would call random fluff.  


Performer Of The Week: Darin Brooks as Wyatt Spencer. While I do usually enjoy the actor's ability to bring comic relief as Wyatt, he was the voice of reason this week. When told about Steffy's idea to adopt, Brooks conveyed the emotions of a man who is the only one that truly took Hope's feeling into consideration and truly thought that Steffy was being ridiculous for wanting to adopt so soon following Beth's supposed death. We love a cute, funny, voice of reason. 


Update: Word on the street is that Kelleth Cuthbert, better known to you and me as the Fiji-water girl from the Golden Globes 2019 red carpet, will be making a guest appearance on B&B. On January 16, she posted a photo to Instagram with a few of the cast members. Reports say the episode will air on February 6, 2019.