For The Love Of Soaps: Year End Surprises

Days of Our Lives: It is New Year's Eve in Salem and Eve did not come to play—and I am here for the dramatics. Like she said, she brought the whole wrecking ball. Brady attempts to chime in to stop her but she shuts him up by reminding him of his terrible custody battle and how even JJ had a hand in his loss. Then she brings her attention to longtime rival Jennifer Horton by blaming Nicole’s death on her. And just when we thought the night couldn't get any worse she brings back Jack. And I know Eve has been dying to reveal her Ace card from up her sleeve ever since Xander bombarded her in New York—they’ve been in cahoots ever since. 

Eve has too many grudges against Jennifer—I can’t keep up. But in Eve’s very small, very minuscule defense, Jennifer did accidentally spill the beans about her being the reason Brady lost custody of Tate in the first place. Not to mention they are both the ex-wives of the same man; married for different reasons, of course. Eve married Jack for money and Jennifer for love. Let’s just hope that Jack remembers who he is, otherwise it seems like Eve will happily steer him down a road of darkness. 

Meanwhile, Gabi is still in police custody for trying to ruin Abigail’s life. The evil deeds between these two women are enormous. But for whoever needs the refresher, Gabi despises Abigail for lying in a court-of-law against her and also framing her for murder. But she sort of outdid herself in the whole revenge scheme, she convinced everyone, including her own husband, that her alter-personality was back and thriving in crazy. Not to mention, she also switched Abigail’s paternity test, so it could show that Stefan was the father instead of Chad. And let’s not forget how Stefan fell in love with Abigail’s alter ego and busted her out of the mental facility because of it—so at least some good came from Stephan’s lunacy. However, Abigail went through hell and back to get to her daughter, she deserves some peace and quiet, but instead, she gets a father who’s come back from the dead with no memory at all. It’s a lot to keep up with, I know. But Gabi did have her share of scares in all this; let’s not forget that Stefan had Ben kidnap Gabi and held at DiMera Mansion. 

 At least Sonny and Leo are happy and thriving—just kidding. Leo’s turning into a hardcore alcoholic and seems to be spending all of Sonny’s money. Sonny is trying to be a good man and is actually attempting to understand Leo and all his demons—which seem to be slumped with mommy problems—but so far, to no avail. And poor Will; he’s still madly in love with Sonny. And I am so team Wilsonny—don't know about you guys. But with Leo being a hot mess, Gabi being well Gabi, and this fraudulent sexual harassment case, Sonny has a lot on his shoulders. If only Chad would’ve told Sonny about Kate and Leo maybe things would’ve turned out differently. But Chad didn't tell Sonny because he wanted to get back at Stefan and he needed to be CEO of Titan for any of that to happen. Turns out no one needed to plot against Stephan; the grand jury already had that under control apparently. Out of all of the illegal activities Stephan had conducted, in the end, he was arrested for treason. 

 Stephan finally got his long overdue comeuppance. Abigail decided to let bygones be bygones and didn’t press charges against Gabi. Giving Gabi a second chance at life and motherhood. However, Jack’s memory is still in the wind and Eve’s revenge is just getting started. Between Eve’s clutches and Xander’s scheming, Jack is going to need all the help he can get. Let’s just hope that JJ can get the memory elixir from Aunt Kayla because as of now, evil and good are tied.

General Hospital: Oscar has finally agreed to the clinical trial but it seems like his current condition is opening up some old feelings for Kim and Drew. Kim and Drew took a little walk down memory lane and got lost in the moment—even though it was a pretty long moment. And I think I can speak for us all when I say, saw that kiss coming! But I did not see Julian walking in on the kiss and then having spite sex in retaliation; let’s hope he was just lying to push Kim away—I mean that is what men do right? And just when we thought this couldn't get any more confusing, an old military buddy, Hank, blows in with the wind to offer a glimpse into Drew’s past—it just wasn't enough to jumpstart those memories. But apparently Drew is a true war hero; Hank claimed that he saved his life in Afghan.

But before we could get comfortable with Hank, we find out that he changed his name to Shiloh, and is now running the ‘Day of Dawn’ house. Hank claims to have changed his life around once Drew gave him a second chance at it—so he changed his name to Shiloh. But I am on Sam’s side, where does he get all of this money from—it’s not like veterans are loaded. Something is definitely fishy about our ex-navy seal. And whatever it is, seems like Chrissy is going to be in the middle of it since she decided to move into Shiloh’s weird youth hostile for the misunderstood youth. However, I don't even have the time to dissect Hank/Shiloh because of the new murder on our hands. 

Meanwhile, Kevin continues to be as shady as ever. It’s beginning to be as clear as day that Kevin is Port Charles’ new serial killer. I mean he was the last person to see KiKi and now Producer Payton too? For anyone who doesn't remember, Payton Mills was in town because of the Ryan Chamberlain documentary. And while he was in town, Kurtis tried to shoot his shot by pitching an idea for a T.V show. But I guess Hollywood is going to have to wait until next time because right now we have a couple of murders to solve.  

Seems like Jordan and Kurtis can’t have a peaceful moment without a dead body popping up from the woodwork. On New Year's Eve, while everyone was painting the town red, our serial killer decided to join in on the action as well. Once again the serial killer moved the body to a very public, very fancy gathering—it’s almost like they want to put on a show. Jason and Sam found the producers body on the metro court terrace. All while the killer lured Kurtis to the crime scene with a fake text from the victim. And Kurtis was dumb enough to walk into a room without turning the lights on—I thought he had night vision for a moment until he tripped, that is. Yes, our remarkable detective got played and tainted the crime scene. But at least Jordan can officially rule out poor Griffin as a possible suspect. 

Meanwhile, LuLu was seriously trying to warn Ava about Kevin and his very possible mental instability. Was it just myself, or did you guys get chills when LuLu said Kevin snapped after his brother’s death; because it kind of makes sense, one serial killer brother to another, Ryan use to steal the ID’s of his victims and now the new serial killer is doing the same thing—this isn’t rocket science! Commissioner Jordan needs to meticulously reexamine the Chamerlaine brothers’ past. And just when we thought all was safe for the moment, Kevin follows his ex-wife, Laura. Once again General Hospital has left us on a cliffhanger with nothing but questions. Will Laura be the next victim? Will Ava believe LuLu? Will Drew finally get his memories back? And whom will Kim end up with? I guess only time will tell.

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Performer of the Week: Kassie DePaiva as Eve Donovan. Depaiva gave a tour de force performance as the quintessential villainous diva. Her dramatic entrance with the black cape was everything. She came to slay, both in that dress and with those verbal daggers she was slinging. While I hope her master plan gets thwarted, I hope the dramatics and fashion statements continue. 

Update: Some bad news for the actress who plays LuLu, Emme Rylan on GH. Emme has recently tweeted that her sister Lara has stage 4 cancer. She has even set up a GoFundMe page, tweeting that “ Even a dollar helps”. Best wishes to her and her family.