Mzansi: Trouble With The Newly Weds, A New Born, A Pregnancy, and Blindness

Generations: The Legacy It seems like Jack is worried that Pele might come in with a warranted police raid and arrest him and his associates. Keep this as a lesson well taught, don’t have the “goods” or in the case of the duffel bag that contains approximately twelve million rands just stashed anywhere in your home, Jack! It’s a good thing he found the bug that was planted in the apartment.

It looks like Zita isn’t entirely happy that Jack is just keeping the money, as she described it, dirty money, in their home. We do wonder how Jack will feel if he found out she was the one who drugged him and erased his memories? At least she has the sense of helping Jack out. Since she still has her flat it looks like she might take the bags there acting out like she is moving some stuff in there, is she willing to be involved?

It looks like Tau was suspicious when he went to help Zita with the bags she was taking back to her flat, and the captain is sure to question him about it. But at least he offered Jack some help with Pele. Maybe this is the forces coming together? Or maybe Pele will bring them both down? 

At least Jack is selling his shares in the company just to clean the money out. We don’t understand why Tau is helping, and it seems like Kumkani isn’t entirely happy about it either. As he said, this is going to blow up in his face. 

Jerah was being, well Jerah, getting into a fight at the club, and all because he couldn’t contain his emotions about the baby that Lesedi is keeping, and getting too drunk. Disrespecting a woman and in front of her man is a sure way to get you knocked out - Jerah learned that the hard way.

At least the DNA test results the Sphe took proved once and for all that Jerah is the father of Lesedi’s baby - just like she’s been telling him since the wedding. It looks like Lucy is taking the news to heart, and we wouldn’t be surprised if she just milked the Morokas a little bit after the way everyone handled the baby news.

It looks like the Morokas are not happy with the Diales, and now the way Kabisi is talking about paying the damages and taking care of the maintenance it almost like he wants Lesedi and the baby dead. Lucy is not going to like that at all. All Lucy wants is an apology and it would be done with - will she get it?

Man, Lucy, Mrekza has been nothing but good to you and even has done everything for them. But you can’t even sleep at home with him? Eventually, he’s going to get tired of it. He’s becoming annoyed at the fact that his wife won’t sleep at home, and apparently with him either. How long will he last before he snaps at her? We will say this bringing Boipelo into the mix is not going to fix anything at all. 

Boipelo is not making anything better. It’s not even six in the morning and all she is doing is being loud, waking her up before 6 AM just to get her to do laundry, make breakfast, and 

It seems a little too soon for the baby to come, but it seems like it might. It also might be Braxton Hicks or something, and now Gogo’Flo feels hot and can’t stand without being dizzy. Lucy isn’t helping either Lesedi or Gogo’Flo with all of the yellings. What is in the water in South Africa, Gogo’Flo is dizzy, Tau can’t see, and Lesedi had Braxton hicks. Whatever it needs to be fixed, and quickly!

Scandal: This week on Scandal was so incredibly short we only got three episodes - a total shame! 

It looks like middle-class issues aren’t just for America because it looks like the Ngema family are facing the too low/too high issues. According to the South African government, they earn too much money to qualify for government housing but when they try to find somewhere they make too little. They have to find thirty-five thousand rands just to buy the house they live in, and now they are thinking of moving back to KZN.

Chumani, you sweet, sweet man! You went about it the wrong way, but the crush you have on Tshepo is cute beyond words. Maybe not giving him the job was a crappy move, but asking him out? We hope it works out! He just keeps getting better and better because apologizing to Tshepo and offering him the job knowing the two can never be together has got to be the cutest thing ever. Totally shipping the two! Tshemani? Chupo? But mama Langa looks confused or maybe she just isn’t pleased.

It looks like Dintle is feeling the sting after Quinton fired her from Q’s and it is heartbreaking. She needs to care for their daughter and be able to feed her, but her current salary isn’t allowing her to.

Romeo and Xolile are looking to be stepping in the right direction. While she isn’t ready to profess her love to him and jump straight into a relationship she is ready for something more physical. We’re seeing a sibling for baby Ntsika. It looks like even Boniswa approves of their relationship hopefully she approves of Chumani’s relationship and soon before she loses both of her children.

Performer of the Week: Ayanda Daweti plays the character Chumani Langa on Scandal and he does his character a lot of justice. While Ayanda is not gay in real life he loves the new story plotline the writers have given his character. His character has gone through a lot including worrying about his mother not accepting his love life. Ayanda is not unfamiliar with pain in his real life. When he was 13 years old he lost his mother to heart complications and she had died in her sleep which led him to go live with his aunt and grandmother. Besides acting the actor also makes music which he had recently released a six-track EP which he paid tribute to his aunt. With one song hitting the charts around South Africa - “Xola” - which is about his girlfriend Xola who had died after a car accident in 2010.