The Bell Soaps: A Kidney Transplant and A Villain Is Leaving!

The Bold and the Beautiful: A lot has happened in the last week from Shauna helping a very drunk Ridge even going as far as kissing him while he was asleep. Wyatt proposed to Sandy and she said yes. Flo and Quinn? Not so happy! On top of it, all Thomas and Brooke had a huge blowout and nasty things were said. Now to top it all off we got the bad news that Katie’s rejections medications for her heart transplant have made her go into kidney failure and it’s so bad that she needs a kidney transplant.

Hope and Liam are back in the picture this week. They haven’t crossed paths with Thomas as of late, but they did have to hear about Douglas’s tummy ache every time his dad yells at him. Which means Brooke, Hope, and Liam need to protect this sweet little boy. They spoke about taking care of Douglas, but this was weeks ago after they came to the conclusion that Beth is alive. Are they going to? Brooke sure thinks he needs to be with Liam and Hope.

It seems like Liam is stepping in an unknown territory that may or may not be dangerous. Will Ridge believe Liam that Thomas yelled at Douglas? Is he going to believe that he scared him? Or will Ridge just make excuses like he has done about literally everything else that Thomas has been involved in? It seems like Ridge is so blind when it comes to Thomas that he doesn’t realize that Thomas has hurt his sister, Steffy, and she has no intention of forgiving him. He is so blind to see that Douglas is scared out of his mind because his dad keeps verbally abusing him. He is just so blind. It looks like Ridge is going to take a long break from Brooke to mend Thomas and Steffy. To make matters worse Brooke is pushing Ridge to make Thomas sign papers that he will give up custody so Hope, and Liam can officially adopt him.

Seems like Ridge just can’t take the hint at all because overwhelming Steffy by inviting Thomas over when he knows how she feels about him is not the way to go. She isn’t ready to speak to him and he’s forcing her to confront him when she doesn’t want to.

Who else is stepping into unknown territory that may or may not be dangerous? Shauna visiting Katie is who. What does she have to gain by visiting her? Maybe she’ll donate her kidney to her? Who knows; what we do know is that Donna and Hope are not able to donate their kidney. Hope is not a match to Katie and Donna has some sort of infection that makes her not able to donate. Maybe Brooke is her last chance, and maybe she can give her one of her kidneys.

Danny the bartender keeps his mouth running about Shauna and Ridge to Thomas. Too bad he doesn’t know what exactly he’s talking about. While nothing tremendous happened while Ridge was drunk the fact that his belt was left in the room, he was in has made huge rumors fly so far that Thomas has it right in hands so he can destroy the Logan family. Too bad Brooke doesn’t know Thomas is using Danny to try to bring war on her and the Logan’s. Thomas is enjoying the shock that Brooke just endured a little too much. This dude needs serious help, and quickly! While Ridge is making a beautiful dinner for him and Brooke it looks like he is about to be bombarded with the secret he has tried so hard to hide from Brooke. It seems like their fight about Shauna has started about Thomas and now we’re all wondering whether or not the two can survive?

What is going on with Shauna and Ridge and possibly even her obsession with him is about to come to light since Brooke just paid her a small visit. At least Brooke can stand her ground when it comes to Shauna. The slap she gave her and calling her a slut is all the confirmation we need that Brooke is a total bad bitch.

Shauna’s crush on Ridge is getting completely out of hand, and we mean completely out of hand. It seems like she is in some alternate universe as if Ridge is going to just forgive her and Flo and leave Brooke. She is acting like he is going to become her knight in shining armor as if she isn’t a pain in his ass. This isn’t a crush this is an obsession one that might be dangerous to her and Ridge’s relationship. Thomas isn’t making it better by coming over to Shauna to encourage her to continue seeking Ridge and continue to obsess over him.

The Young and the Restless: It was a confusing and sad time for the show last week. Between Victor only pretending to be dead, Connor getting his heart broken by Adam proclaiming he has to leave, and now Devon is still dealing with a Hilary look-alike who wants him to know that apparently, his father had Katherine change her will to give Devon over two million dollars. But good has also come out of the show! It looks like Lola and Theo might be becoming friends.

Nick is still pretending with Chelsea and we don’t think she’s going to be very happy to find out that Nick has been lying about Victor’s death – especially with everything Connor has been going through. He is putting doubt into Chelsea’s mind about Adam and his love for his son. He’s acting just as bad as Adam and yet in his eyes he looks like a saint. Will Chelsea continue to have to defend Adam, and she has to fight with Nick? Chelsea is right Nick is “grieving” and the hate is adamant in his eyes. But blurting out that Victor is alive? Slippery Slope. At least Chelsea told him exactly what everyone is thinking – Victor and Nick are no different than Adam. Will she forgive him?

It looks like Chelsea isn’t the only one who is beyond pissed at the Newman family. Down a long list, Sharon is pissed that she wasn’t in the loop because now she has to break it to Faith that her grandfather is alive. Summer is relieved and upset that no one told her only because no one wanted her mother to know, and on top of it all Phyllis is angry because they hurt her only daughter. She’s right they are disgusting for what they did. The Newman family now has to face the rebuttal of everyone involved and the world. No one is happy and everyone wants a piece of them.

Summer isn’t having it with the Newmans anymore. She’s not able to deal with her emotions anymore. She is just glad that Kyle is there for her. We wonder how Lola feels about their budding friendship. Going back to being angry and having to deal with her emotions she feels more like an outsider than ever before, and we don’t think she’ll be able to forgive her father or grandfather anytime soon. One person she knows she can bond with over it is her cousin Connor.

Speaking about anger – is Chelsea and Nick done and through? She just can’t get herself forgive him. She can’t trust him anymore especially when it comes to Connor. That poor boy has gone through so much in such a small amount of time. First, he thought his dad died, then his stepfather did die, then he found out that his dad is alive, and then he thought his grandfather died, and then his dad came to tell him he is out of his life only for him to find out his grandfather is alive. That poor kid must have over a million questions in his mind, and he probably can’t process anything that is going on.  

It looks like Adam is still going to skip town even though he knows Victor is alive. But after their heart to heart is Victor going to make amends with him? It seems so since he just told him he can stay in town. But will Adam take it? At least Adam can see what he was doing was wrong, and hopefully, he can change. Apologizing for what he has done and crying for his father’s love is heartbreaking. However, it looks like Adam’s plan to take down the Newman family is going exactly how he wanted. Maybe he has gotten played in the middle of it, but in the end, he wanted the company to go down, and it has. He wanted the family to be at each other’s throat, and they have.

Victor has already shown himself to Michael and now he’s ready to reveal himself to the public that he is indeed alive. No one at all looks happy that Victor allowed Adam to leave town. The family despises him that they can’t see that maybe treating him the way they do is why Adam did what he does. But now Victor is protecting him.

But Adam still hasn’t figured out that Victor wasn’t the one tried to run him over. Will he figure out it was Billy? Will he figure out that Chloe was the one who saved him? Has Victor figured it out? Will he care if he is supposedly gone?

It looks like Jill is trying to find Tucker and Cane has no idea about it. Everyone is rallying behind and it shows as Jill is trying to find Tucker and Nate confronts Amada Sinclair. On the bright side, everyone is riling behind him. But apparently, Katherine was supposed to leave everything for Cane? That’s something no one thought of. Cane has no idea that was the “real” will and he doesn’t think it is.

So now not only does Devon have to worry about his inheritance but now he has to worry about his friend lying to him about a man he has known since he was in high school. Hopefully, everything will blow over and just settle.

It seems like Jack isn’t letting Victor’s grand return to the living to derail him from his newfound sense of creativity. He wants to take a step back from the day to day decisions of Jabot and focus on a new venture – writing a book about the whirlwind lives of Dina and John Abbott. However, since he just got Ashley to come back to Jabot it’s no wonder Kyle and Billy are confused about what is going on. On the bright side of it all Jack stepping down and he’s choosing both men to become the head of Jabot. Can they work together fine?

Performer of the Week: Hunter King currently plays the beautiful Summer Newman on The Young and the Restless, and we need to give her the performer of the week section and dedicate it to her because the angry, sadness, and confusion she feels about being a Newman this week was beautifully executed. Hunter is known for her roles as Summer Newman, Adriana Masters on Hollywood Heights, and Clementine Hughes on Life in Pieces. The 25-year-old will turn 26 on October 20th of this year. She was born in San Mateo, CA. However, she was not born as Hunter King. She was born as Haley Ashely King. She was even credited as Haley King early in her career. She also has two actresses sisters – Kelli and Joey King. We all know Joey from the popular drama, The Act. She is also engaged to her fiancé, Nico, since August 2018! The gorgeous Hunter King has been nominated for the Daytime Emmy Awards from 2013 to 2017. However, in 2014 and 2015 she won the “Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series” award for her role in The Young and the Restless.