For The Love Of Soaps: Out For Blood

General Hospital: Things are heating up in Port Charles. Viewers found out last week that the real Dr. Kevin Collins is being held against his will at Ferncliff, and his evil twin, Ryan Chamberlain, has been parading around Port Charles in his stead. The real Kevin is very much blind thanks to Dr. Cabot and still very much in love with Laura. Meanwhile, Laura is too close to "Kevin" to realize that her gut feeling as a doctor, woman, and mother is the right one. Sam and Elizabeth seem to be the only women following their gut instincts at the moment—the jury is still out on Jordan. But let's not forget about Sasha, Nina's fake long lost daughter seems to have a heart after all.  


So Ryan is on the loose, and he just so happens to have the exact same face as the most trusted fan in Port Charles—ratings are definitely going to spike for this week. And he is not taking this stolen identity for granted. After Lulu agreed to hypnotherapy—against Laura's will, I might add—Jordan was quick to call "Kevin" on the case. Both Jordan and Laura wanted to be present for Lulu's session, but Ryan protested using his best Kevin impression. Even added a "no doctor worth his or her salt will ever agree to this"; and it worked so I have to give it to him. During their very private hypnotherapy session, Ryan was able to manipulate Lulu into believing that not only did her mother never tell her about Ryan's murder victim list of nine, but he also was able to trick her into thinking that Franco was the attacker. That Lulu must have confused the past with the present because Franco has attacked her in the past before—but that was a brain tumor, artistic murderer Franco, not healthy, in love with Elizabeth Franco. 

And Ryan spared no time in trying to frame Franco. Especially after the long-awaited therapy session that Franco had been begging for. That session gave Ryan the smoking gun he needed as a Psychiatrist to hand over to the authorities. Franco told "Kevin" about his murderess past. "Killing those people, staging those scenes, giving the police the run-around was really, really, really fun", he reminisced. Between those patient records and Ryan planting the driver licenses of the victims of Mary Pat Ingles, Peyton Mills, and Kiki Jerome in his art room in the hospital, the police are officially fooled. However, after her run-in with Elizabeth at the station, Jordan seems to have some internal conflict about convicting Franco. If Franco is convicted I hope that Jordan takes accountability for arresting the wrong man. Elizabeth should not have had to remind the PCPD that the killer has shifter blame and attempted to frame others before; like Carly's hair found on Mary Pat's body or the knife used to kill Kiki, first went missing, then found in Griffin's apartment. Unfortunately, the cops are out for blood, and so is Ryan.   

At least in Sam and Jason's case, they are actually on the right track to dismantling Shiloh and "Dawn of Day" house—which seems a lot like a cult; but moving on. Sam's plan seems to be going as smooth as can be expected. Faking her breakup with Jason and looking towards Shiloh for ‘guidance' is harder than she expected. Shiloh's a con artist, even getting close to him as a con artist herself it's going to take everything in her. And one can only assume that Sam's act is working because Shiloh is hard to read. Even as Sam gets closer to him, that proximity is a two-way street. And thanks to Kristina and her big mouth, he already knows Sam’s entire backstory. Sam is definitely in dangerous waters, she might have to revert back into a shark just to survive.

Yes everyone is just trying to survive. Franco is trying to fight the prejudices of the system; Elizabeth is fighting for her family. Ava refuses to see Franco a killer and takes her rightful place on his side. Unfortunately, Ava sought comfort from Griffin during a moment of her wavering heart, at a time when she didn't know what to think of Franco's arrest. Now with that one moment of consoling, Ryan has his eyes on his next victim, Griffin. Let's hope only the good survive.

Days Of Our Lives: Everyone’s out for blood this week; last week viewers left out with Chloe getting a knife mailed directly to her club. That wasn’t just any knife, of curse it was the same knife Chloe used to stab and kill El Fideo. And just when Stefan was explaining how that was a sign her life was in danger, two of El Fideo’s men stormed in with revenge on the brain. Luckily Stephan was able to utilize his father’s name to place fear in their hearts; he made it clear that he was Stefano DiMera’s son and Chloe was his woman. Utilizing his father's reputation was enough to place fear in of one of the men—shown when he went on the lamb—but not enough for the other one. He needed an accurate display of testosterone. Fortunately, he wasn't the only one with a knife and ready for a fight. Stefan was able to stab the intruder and shoot him whit his own gun—it was quite a scene. If the writers wanted the viewer's hearts to warm up to Stefan I think they succeeded. It was a welcomed change, seeing Stefan show his bravery and affection for someone without encouraging unhealthy behavior. He even offered to have Chloe move in with her kids because it seems like Chloe and her family's life is in ongoing danger—I smell a new love story, and Brady is not going to like it.  

Meanwhile, Ciara is still captivity. Currently being held against her will at the old burnt down cabin. And while her mother, Hope, is too busy strong-arming Marlena into releasing patient-client privileged information so she can further her witch hunt against Ben; all that did was destroy Ben's last safe place, his last true confidant. Of course, Hope couldn't help herself and she and Ted went straight for the B&E at Ben's apartment. When Ben caught them they grew even more aggressive in their accusations.

Wasting their time with the wrong Weston—yes Jordan's back in town. Jordan, Ben's sister, is the one who abducted Ciara, claiming she's protecting Ciara from her brother Ben. First, she tried to manipulate Ciara into thinking that it was Ben that kidnapped her but Ciara is nobody’s fool. She caught on quickly and began to see just how crazy Jordan actually is. Especially when Jordan went to visit Abigail and stole her baby, Charlotte, right from under her nose—yeah, she’s protecting Charlotte from Ben too.  

Abigail can't even think clearly because while she told the police about Stefan visiting her house, it never dawned on her that Jordan—springing up out of nowhere—could be a possible person of interest. Chad thought his brother was using Charlotte as leverage to get him to give up his power as co-CEO; however, Stefan made an excellent point, if he had Charlotte, he would have already used her for leverage—no use in waiting when the cat's out of the bag. So, unfortunately, they are back at square one, with no leads. And for some reason, no one is figuring out the pattern in the fact that Jordan is back in town the same day Charlotte goes missing. I suppose no one assumes she has a motive. Abigail has been through so much with her baby, she truly doesn't need this—unless it'll bring her and Chad closer because if that's the case I'm here for it. 

While Abigail and Chad could possibly get closer, seems like Haley and JJ are headed for catastrophe. Remember last week, how JJ confided in his father about "his friends" illegal immigration status. I'm pretty certain we were all waiting for this to blow up and be used against Melinda. And of course, it would slip from Jack's mouth into Eve's ears. Not only can this destroy Melinda but ruin Haley's life and lead to possible deportation. But I do want to take a minute and applaud the writers for taking such a hot button issue in our country at the moment; an issue that so many Americans are against, illegal immigration, and bringing it to the forefront with such a beloved new character. It's easy to call a stranger an alien, but what about Haley? This is a social issue that needs to be woven more into scripted television serials. The discussion needs to be brought into our homes and not simply left at our doorsteps. And this is why we keep coming back. DOOL knows how to not only captivate but also engage their viewers, and they are not afraid to talk about real issues. Until next time.  

Performer of the Week: This title has to go to Judith Chapman, who plays Diana Cooper on DOOL. She is a returning star, brought in from The Young and The Restless. With her honed acting capabilities and her striking good looks; she was the perfect fit to play Leo's conniving and vindictive mother. 

Update: Looks like Maurice Bernard, who plays Sonny Corinthos on GH will be playing another well feared and respected man. Maurice was just cast as the role of John Gotti, to play in the new Lifetime movie Victoria Gotti: My Father’s Daughter. The movie is about John Gotti’s relationship with his daughter and his love for his family. Seems like the perfect role for Maurice considering he’s playing Dad of The Year to Kristina on GH.  It premiered on Saturday, February 9th, you should check it out if you already haven’t.