The Bell Soaps: Confessions

The Bold and the Beautiful: B&B left me wanting more again this week, and not in a good way. The week began still hyper-focused on Steffy's adoption. Ridge and Brooke have a long discussion about how they think Hope is holding up and Steffy told Hope she wants her to be a permanent part of Phoebe's life.

Hope returns to work at Forrester Creations and is welcomed back with open arms. They discuss Steffy’s adoption. Eric tells Hope that Ridge and he want to bring back Hope For The Future. This news flatters Hope and she is excited to get back into work. 

Most of the storylines this week involved various characters going to visit Steffy’s new baby for the first time. Two of these characters being Sally and Wyatt. Now if we go back a few weeks, we’ll remember how uncomfortable Wyatt was with the idea of Steffy adopting a baby so close to the death of Beth. They both remark on how much Beth resembles Kelly. Steffy tells them she sees it too sometimes. Wyatt asks how Hope and Liam are doing with the news and Steffy tells them while she does feel Liam is feeling a bit guilty, they are overall happy for her and Phoebe. 

We find out early in the week that Reese plans on going back to London. In the Forrester studio, Reese tells a confused Zoe that he is so happy he doesn’t have to worry about her anymore (he paid off his debts last week and no longer has to worry for her safety). Zoe does not know that. Her father leaves her very confused and suspicious and she decides to go out and do some investigating on her own. Zoe finds out Reese still has a few months left on his LA lease so she decides to go there and find out what her father is hiding. 

Upon arriving at the apartment, Zoe runs into Florence. Before realizing who she is, Florence threatens to call the police. When Zoe tells Flo that this is her father's apartment, Flo realizes who she is and knows she is going to have a lot of explaining to do and fast. Flo tells Zoe that she met Reese in Vegas and she never intended on living with him permanently, but just for the time being. Zoe can tell something is off. Zoe tells Flo how different her father has been since Catalina Island and asks if she has any idea what happened there. Flo dodges the question. Zoe feels as if Flo knows more than she is letting on (because she does)!  
Later in the week, Zoe discusses the situation with Xander. Zoe states that she feels as if her father was involved in something bad and Flo was an accomplice. She decides she is going to go back to the apartment and do some more investigating. Xander asks her if he should come but she tells him she wants to go alone. Zoe lets herself into the apartment and immediately starts rummaging around. She quickly finds the adoption papers. Flo appears and Zoe starts grilling her with questions about the birth. Zoe points out that Flo definitely does not look like she just gave birth and demands more answers. 

The Young and the Restless: Y&R left me wanting more just as B&B did but in a good way. At the Newman home, Katie is thankfully recovered from the wall. Nick and Victor discover the video equipment and realize there has been an intruder in the house all along. They think it is JT. They begin to speculate about JT faking his death. They're unable to get any DNA off of the video equipment which causes them to fear even more. Phyllis arrives and states that she fears that if JT is still alive, he will be hellbent on revenge. Honestly, she isn’t wrong. 

There is trouble in paradise with Kyle and Lola and although neither one of them want to admit it, Summer may just be the cause. In a conversation with Mariah, Kyle reveals that he feels that Lola does not have any time with him because of the restaurant. He feels as if they aren't connecting like they used to. Mariah tells him she thinks it is purely coincidental that Kyle started feeling this way as soon as Summer returned. Is it though? Mariah warns Kyle not to focus on his friendship with Summer but instead to focus on his relationship with Lola. The following day, Summer and Kyle run into each other at Crimson Lights. Summer brings up Lola and Kyle gets annoyed and tells Summer his relationship with Lola comes first. Summer grabs his phone and sees no recent texts from Lola. She assumes she sparked a fight between the two and is content. Later on, Fen and Summer run into Kyle and Lola. Summer brings up the modeling shoot that Kyle did for Jabot. Lola had no idea about it. Lola claims to be tired and leaves. Kyle follows her out and the two start arguing. The topic of Lola's virginity comes up and Kyle admits that it does bother him that Lola won't sleep with him, especially when he constantly expresses to her how much he loves her. This shocks and upsets Lola and she leaves in tears. 

Unfortunately, Neil Winters appeared for the last time this week. He arrives at his son Devon's event and expresses that he is excited to see the work he has done. Ana texted Fen earlier to see if he could come to the event early but her texts are ignored. Fen is out with Summer and plans on showing up minutes before he goes on stage. Devon tells Neil and Ana how upset he is with Fen and calls and leaves him an angry voicemail. Devon feels he must get ready to tell the guests that his singer has not arrived. Ana decides that she will take Fen's place and gets on stage and kills it. Fen arrives just as Ana's song ends.  

While Sharon fills in on the tip line at the police station, she receives a very unsettling email. With a subject line that reads ‘proof that Victor Newman is a murderer,' Sharon knows that this cannot be good. The email is an audio file of Victor and Nick discussing the murder weapon. A conversation that never happened. Rey arrives and Sharon plays it cool and asks if she can delete the tips that are dead ends. Rey tells her that she would be fired if she did. Sharon knows she is going to have to turn this over to Rey and it leaves her feeling more than uneasy. She rushes to Dark Horse where she explains the situation to Nick. She fears he will be charged as an accessory. Nick agrees and asks if she will delete the email. He immediately realizes what he asked of her is wrong and apologizes. Back at the station, Sharon eventually shows Rey the audio file. He seems happy with the evidence and tells her she did the right thing by showing him. Nick goes to the ranch to break the news to his parents that Sharon had to turn the evidence over. Michael arrives and announces that Victor's trial is set to start the next day.  

Everyone watches the news break. Nikki and Victor are at the ranch and she begins to tell him that she feels she is at fault for this. He tells her not to worry, she did what she had to do to protect their daughter and now it is his turn. Sharon and Mariah watch the news at home and Sharon starts to tell her daughter how guilty she feels. Mariah pleads with Sharon not to confess, she doesn't think she should go down just to protect Victor. While at the ranch, Nick realizes that Victor is more nervous than he originally let on. Christine and Michael arrive as Victor is being handcuffed. Nikki watches but before Victor is taken away tells them there won't be any trial today, and follows with "I have something to tell you." 


Performer of the Week: Melody Thomas Scott as Nikki Newman. Nikki showed a fierce loyalty to her family this week, as always, and Scott did an amazing job showing that. Over the last few weeks, I feel that Scott has been doing such an excellent job playing the loving, strong woman that Nikki is, and she deserves recognition for that.  

Updates: As mentioned last week in Eric Braeden’s live video, new writer, Josh Griffith has been working hard. According to Braeden, we should expect to see Griffith’s storylines in the next week or two. Kristoff St. John, beloved Neil Winters on Y&R has passed away. His final episode aired on Feb. 6. Neil, as well as Kristoff, will be missed.