For The Love Of Soaps: Who's The Real Monster

General Hospital: So we've been focused on painting Dr. Kevin Collins as the killer that we forgot about the possible plot twist of his twin brother still being alive. Not only is his twin brother still alive but he is also being detained in Ferncliff under the name Wilson Ritter. Everything is beginning to make sense now—let’s not forget how hard Kevin was trying to dissuade Carly from looking into Wilson in the first place. However, Ryan still being alive isn’t even the most appalling aspect of the plot twist; turns out the man we thought was Kevin is actually Ryan Chamberlain. I wonder how the switch happened, but it certainly explains his newfound disrespect for Laura and his expeditious curtail of Franco as a patient.

With Lulu in the hospital, you would think that the police would be overprotective of their first and only eyewitness. They left her unguarded for what seemed like forever, which gave "Kevin" the opportunity to attempt to suffocate her. Thankfully, Laura interrupted with the doctor and saved her daughter's life. But "Kevin's" manipulation is in full hyperdrive and is geared towards Lulu at the moment. Being the victim, Lulu can't remember her attack, and with "Kevin" by her bedside, she never will. Speaking of evil twins, despite "Kevin" being unable to answer any of Anna's questions regarding Dr. Cabot, we were still able to find out the subjects of Dr. Cabot's research—identical twins. And since Kevin (Wilson) lost his eyesight around the same time Ryan (fake Kevin) lost his, it seems like that research has something to do with an enhanced bio connection between twins; and if you guys were able to keep up with all that, kudos, because that was a doozy and we are just getting started.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Franco have started a conversation regarding the sexuality of their son, Aiden. Could there be some truth behind his classmates’ evil nickname, Gayden? Brad most definitely thinks so; he thinks that if Aiden hangs out with mostly girls, enjoys ‘girl activities’, and gets bullied he’s most likely gay. Even though Lucas checked him for being stereotypical, he does have a small point. Brad and Lucas were, amazingly enough, able to share some insight on what Aiden might be going through. Brad expressed how he knew he was gay at 8-years-old; while Lucas only realized once puberty began, and even then he tried to hide his own feelings. Even though there's no way Elizabeth can possibly know, Brad and Lucas' advise was spot on. She may not be able to help Aiden at school, but she can reassure him that home is a safe and open environment—reinforcing this idea even further by having Brad and Lucas over for dinner more.  

On to a more lighthearted topic, guess who got back together this week—Kim and Julian. At first, I thought Julian was just being insecure by distancing himself from Kim, but after Josslyn thanked him for backing off of Kim and allowing her more time to spend with her dying son, Oscar—which she was totally out of line for—it all makes sense now. Not only was Josslyn in his ear, but Drew was also constantly reminding Julian how he didn't deserve Kim. I, for one, am ecstatic that they found their way back to one another. Kim knows that Julian is good for her, he makes her happy and truly cares for her—and that’s something we can all get behind.

This week carried the kind of shock value that we expect from GH and its writers. I truly never saw the evil twin switch coming. And of course Port Charles PD and Commissioner Ashford are further from the truth; as they waste their resources on Franco, they are still feeding "Kevin" the entire inside scoop. Giving him the knowledge and the opportunity to frame Franco as the serial killer. I have officially lost hope in the PCPD and Jordan, hopefully, Kevin (Wilson) can somehow find his way out of the shackles that is Ferncliff and open Port Charles’ eyes to the killer they have been harboring for some time now—Until next time.   

Days Of Our Lives: And just like DOOL writers, I'm just going to hop right to it.  Jack is beginning to see through Eve and her manipulative ways, but it seems like he still thinks he can use her support of him to his benefit. While Jennifer's efforts seem to be for naught, Adrienne, Jack’s sister hopes she will continue her activities—in hopes that his memory will return. Everyone seems to be waiting for the return of Jacks memories, everyone except for Xander, who could care less as long as he gets his way. After drugging Leo and attempting to con him for the leverage he has over the Kiriakis family didn't pan out so well, it was simply a matter of time until Xander grew desperate enough to turn on his partner in crime, Eve.  After rummaging through Eve’s hotel room, Xander was able to locate and leverage Dr. Rolf's medical journal for the CEO position at Titan. Brady Black having taken that position seems to only have pushed Xander into a desperate corner—I don't think we’ll be seeing the last of him. Although Leo seems to be causing enough trouble in the Kiriakis household; I don't know what made that evidently clear, Leo’s mother, Diana, coming into the picture like a storm on the loose or Leo forcing a kiss on Brady just in time for his father to walk in on it—either the Kiriakis family just got way more intriguing.

Diana is definitely the wild card, I personally can't see why Will and Sonny thought Diana would help them with Leo—as if she's supposed to offer up her son's weak parts to total strangers. Even after meeting Dr. Marlena Evans, and expressing her love for Dr. Evans' radio show in Chicago, she still refused to leave her son exposed to their vengeance. Looks like Diana will keep her son's secrets for the time being—at least until she's offered the right incentive. And the way Leo hates his

mother; it is only a matter of time until they are at odds once again.

Speaking of mothers trying to help, Eric had so much internal conflict from the Sarah situation that he went to the only person who could offer a resolution, his mother, Marlena. Eric is blatantly hurt and confused by his feelings for Sarah, his brother's ex-fiancé. On one hand, Rex did nothing but hurt Sarah with his infidelities, and on the other, he feels that he would not only be disobeying the trust with his brother but also very unfaithful to his late fiancé. Marlena helped him realize that his closeness to Sarah isn’t a betrayal to his late fiancé; she even went so far as to explain how not revealing his feelings will eventually deepen the guilt and worsen the overall situation. Unfortunately, before Eric could express his feelings, Sarah and Rex agreed to work on their relationship. Honestly, I think its just going to crash and burn just like the first time, but at least it makes for entertaining TV—so I am definitely not going to complain.

However, I can't say the same for Ben; with Ciara running to Africa he has stumbled into an emotional crossroads. Will he solve his problems the old Ben way or learn smarter ways to get things done? Only time will tell. But it seems like Claire did not have much time with Tripp after Ben spilled the beans about their plan of deceit and manipulation. Although I was thrilled that Tripp finally found out that Claire schemed and even used Ben to break-up him and Ciara. Which apparently isn't the highlight of this storyline because Ciara has been taken captive. Yes, she has been kidnapped, gagged and tied to some dirty bed in a grungy room—could be in Africa still or back in the States. Her mother,  the Police Commissioner Hope Brady doesn't even know where her daughter could possibly be and being suspicious of Ben will just waste time they don't seem to have much of at the moment.

Hopefully, Dr. Marlena Evens won't add to Hope's suspicions against Ben. And for some reason, I have this weird gut feeling that Ted Laurent is up to no good. Between him wanting to replace Melinda Tran as D.A and Ciara missing, I can only assume that these events are related until proven otherwise. Guess we shall see how right or wrong I just am—until next time. 


Performer of the Week: This title should be granted to our cameo appearance, Steven A. Smith, who played Brick, Sonny's associate. Steven A. Smith is known for his lively and truthful opinions, mainly when it comes to basketball. Seeing him play the aloof, mysterious stranger was definitely a welcomed surprise. Let's hope we can see more cameos on DOOL in the future.


Weekly Update: Jon Lindstrom who plays Kevin Collins and Ryan Chamberlain,  admitted in Soaps in Depth that he was just as shocked by the twist as the fans were. He has no idea until GH’s executive producer, Frank Valentini, called him in for a private meeting. It’s always reassuring to know how serious the show’s execs take each plot twist and how that they actually clear them with the actors and actresses who will eventually bring them to fruition.