The Bell Soaps: We're All In This Together

The Bold and the Beautiful: This week, B&B truly did leave me wanting more. The main focal point is still the Steffy adopting Liam and Hope’s baby unknowingly and while I did love that drama last week, I feel as if they are now dragging it on a bit too long. But don’t worry, I still have a lot to say about it. Early in the week, Liam meets Steffy’s baby, Phoebe (named after Steffy’s deceased sister), he feels an instant connection. Well duh Liam, she is your baby! Liam continues to express how happy he is for Steffy and her new family. When he learns that Phoebe’s birth father is out of the picture for good, he asks Steffy if he can be a “father figure” to the baby. I’m not even going to comment. 

Steffy does worry about Hope’s reaction to the adoption. Taylor tells her she believes that of course there will be some resentment, but Hope will get over it in time. Carter, their lawyer, accompanies Steffy to Florence’s home to move forward with the adoption. Meanwhile, Liam finally breaks the news to Hope that Steffy will be adopting a sister for Kelly. Liam tries to comfort Hope by telling her that Steffy knows how hard this is for Hope and how sensitive the timing is (does she)? Liam tells Hope that he believes if he told Steffy the adoption was too hard, she would have let it go. Hope responds, “but you didn’t.” Hope overall is happy for Steffy, but she is also understandably hurt by the situation. 

Hope wonders whether or not she should cancel her follow-up OB/GYN appointment and ultimately decided against it. Good thing because at the doctor’s office, Liam and Hope run into Reese, the doctor who stole Beth. Earlier in the week we see some of the usual drama from Reese as well. Upon seeing Reese, Hope asks him what happened to their little girl. Of course, Reese has no answers for her because her daughter is still alive so he leaves her with nothing and carries on to go and get the money he owes from Florence. 

Back at the cliff house, Ridge arrives and Taylor tells him that he’d better prepare for a new granddaughter. Ridge is skeptical of the adoption at first because of how quickly the process went but Taylor assures him it is all okay but he still feels as if something is off. Ridge goes to the cabin and relays the news of the adoption to Brooke, Liam, and Hope. While Liam and Hope already know, Brooke thanks Ridge for the news. Hope expresses that while this is difficult for her, she is happy for Steffy and the new baby. She feels that Liam will be a great “father figure” to the baby and encourages him to go to Steffy’s to welcome the new baby home. I have to give Hope major props for being so supportive of the adoption. If I were in her shoes, I sure wouldn’t be. 

Taylor gives Reese the money owed for the baby and he turns it over to Mr. Thicke. Thicke warns Reese that there will be consequences if the money is all there and Reese assures him that it is and then demands they leave him and his daughter alone. 

Steffy brings Phoebe home and everyone is over the moon. Hope has to assure Brooke that she is okay and that she is really happy for Steffy and Kelly. Brooke suggests Hope goes to see Phoebe and Hope takes her advice. Upon Hope’s arrival, Steffy apologizes for the timing of the adoption. Hope is understanding. Everyone is shocked when Hope asks to hold Phoebe (Beth). In the emotional moment you can see Hope begin to tear up while holding the infant and it is easy to see how badly this hurts her. 

The Young and the Restless: While B&B may have been lacking in drama this week, Y&R certainly was not. While the show is keeping the drama piled high, the most exciting thing to happen this week had to be the return of Summer. After being sent by her grandfather, Victor, to do business in Dubai, she returns like a bat out of hell. But do we expect anything less from her? The first character she encounters is ex-boyfriend, Kyle. She tells him she came to apologize and wants to talk to him about things over dinner. Kyle, who is now dating Lola Rosales, says he does not think it would be appropriate. Summer accepts, for now. 

Last week, Jack was starting to become suspicious of Kerry and learns that she has been lying to him. After finding a syringe in her purse, a horrified Jack confronts Kerry and worries that she may be ill. Kerry laughs at the thought and then hesitantly tells Jack that the syringes are for hormone injections. She has decided to freeze her eggs. Jack tells Kerry he has no desire for more children and that he fears she may be with the wrong man. After a few days, Jack decides that he misses Kerry and does not like the way they left things. He goes to Jabot to tell Kerry that he wants to just go with the flow and see where the relationship takes them. Kerry agrees and the happy couple moves on.

Summer shows up to Crimson Lights to find Lola and Kyle and Ana and Fen. Lola asks Kyle if he knew that she was back and he confirms that he did but tries to comfort Lola by telling her that Summer will be back in Dubai soon. Little does he know, Victor has offered Summer a job at Newman and she will be staying in the states for good. Upon her arrival at the cafe, she walks over to Ana and Fen’s table. Ana is annoyed because they were working on a song but Fen just gushes about how good Summer looks. Summer asks Fen to go out that night and he eagerly accepts. She leaves the cafe but not before stopping at Kyle and Lola’s table to reaffirm that she was respecting Kyle’s boundaries (being petty). 

While out that night, Summer and Fen spot Kyle and Lola on a date. They act silly at the bar, making out and taking shots, as Kyle and Lola watch from their table and judge. Before leaving, Summer approaches Kyle and Lola to “say goodnight” but actually just to tell them that she will be staying in town indefinitely. Summer goes back to Fen and tells him that she has a headache and should head home, changing their plans. Fen is disappointed, but accepts.

The most shocking storyline this week had to be the kidnapping. Throughout the week, Katie tells her mother and grandparents about a special friend that is always at grandma and grandpa’s house. They all assume this friend is imaginary but we learn that this unfortunately may not be true. Throughout the week, we can see shadows of a person when Katie is playing with this friend and we learn that they may even have cameras in the Newman mansion. While Nikki is babysitting, Katie goes missing and the family is fearful that her “imaginary” friend has kidnapped her. They alert the guards and search the grounds but Katie is nowhere to be found. In the final minutes of the show this week, the family can hear Katie singing inside of the walls. Who is this mysterious friend and what do they want with Katie? Hopefully all of our questions will be answered next week. 

Performer of the Week: Hunter King as Summer really stole the show for me this week. Summer is a spitfire who knows who she wants and gets it and I think Hunter portrays that in the best way. I cannot wait to see what the writers have in store for her character now that she is back for good. 

Updates: On Thursday night, Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) went live on Facebook to answer fan's pressing questions. The questions started out light-hearted and fun but began to get a bit more intimate as it progressed. While Braeden did express his respect for new writer, Josh Griffith, he expressed a great deal of disdain for ex-head writer and executive producer, Mal Young. While this is old news to us (Braeden has expressed his feelings on Mal Young before) he revealed to fans in his live video that Mal Young had plans to "diminish the role of Victor Newman." He then goes on to say that he will never forgive Mal Young for trying to take his character down. Looks like the tea is just as hot off-screen as it is on.