For The Love Of Soaps: We're All Damaged Goods

Days of Our Lives: Meanwhile in Salem, Claire is just starting to show her true colors. Tripp found the lighter she had hidden underneath her jewelry box—why she decided to keep it, I would never know. Claire seems to be getting better and better at lying to Tripp and especially herself—sis always looks like she's ready to snap when things don't go her way. Unfortunately for Hayley, she has flopped right in the middle of their dysfunctional relationship. Since JJ's dad, Jack announced her immigration status to the entire town on live TV; she has officially become the sacrificial lamb for Jack's mayoral candidacy, and the new face of the ‘illegal criminal' in Salem. No one can reel Jack in now that Eve's released his inner darkness. Is it so? Is Jack Deveraux never coming back? With the number of bridges he's burning, it's only an amount of time until he crosses the line of no return.

Crossing over boundaries seems to be a recurring theme throughout this week's episodes as Diana daydreams the way she would kill off Marlena if she could write her own destiny. Marlena and Jack's bond stands firm in the face of the storm named Diana—and let's just say we are about to see where Leo gets it from. Diana definitely has something brewing in that marvelous mind-castle of evil; she's able to utilize the town's outrage as a way into Marlena's office at the hospital—all she had to do was pretend to be a reporter, no outfit change or nothing. But being able to outwit Marlena might prove to be harder than she expects since she already came to the conclusion that Diana's lying games are all tactics to get John all for herself. While Diana chases after John, Stefan has all eyes on Chloe. He was able to smooth talk Chloe into trying out their attraction for one another with a kiss—Stefan either has A1 game or knows how to take advantage of Chloe's vulnerability, I'm still not sure yet. Even though I haven't made an opinion doesn't mean Gabi and Brady haven't. They seem to have an alliance bent on destroying Stefan DiMera. Gabi despises him for her own reasons related to her own business, GabiChic; while, Brady, on the other hand, is playing his part as the jealous boyfriend.

Sometimes the harder we try to hold on to someone, the faster they slip through our fingertips. A hard lesson to learn, but Rex is going to have to grin and bear it. Sarah already refused his very public proposal at her job, he's been asserting all of his energy to getting her to change her mind—through Eric of course. Which probably wasn't the best move for him, considering Sarah's true feelings towards Eric. Now that she's admitted it to herself it's just a matter of time until she confesses her love.

If only a confession could help Hayley escape federal custody. Unfortunately for Hayley, Claire couldn't even handle a single afternoon with Hayley around Tripp, receiving his comfort; she went straight to Eve, who respected the selfishness behind Claire's actions. She is conditioning Jack back into his old selfish ways, however, with Eve steering the ship, there's no limit to how deep they could go. Down into the darkness together. I suppose we'll have to wait and see.          

General Hospital:This week on GH, Sonny can't bask in the happiness of Carly's pregnancy surprise because of the worry in his heart for his son. Sonny still hasn't found out any new information about Dante, even with his best men on the trail. After Robert forced Anna to tell him the truth about Dante going rogue—no longer under World Security Bureau (WSB) protection—Sonny embarks on his own mission. There he stood in Ankara, Turkey, in the belly of the beast—just not his own. A brawl broke out in an underground gambling bar, probably as a result of a foreigner asking about someone as dangerous as Raj Patel. They assumed he was a cop; thankfully Robert surprised him with a helping hand and an extra gun to spare. However, they found themselves face-to-face with the WSB agent in charge of Dante's case. The deeper we find ourselves into Dante's investigation, the worse the news seems to be.

Things are getting worse for a pregnant Carly as well. Carly had more questions about Todd Wilson aka Ryan Chamberlain. When Carly was a patient in Ferncliff, there was a mysterious patient in the room across from her, who tried to communicate through morse code. Through Spinelli's work, they were able to decipher the word Wilson; which Ryan (posing as Kevin) tried to manipulate Carly into thinking she was talking to an imaginary serial killer he named Wilson Ritter. However, when Franco had his interview, he mentioned Ryan's pseudonym, Todd Wilson, Carly began to connect the dots. Only she connected them to the wrong person, next thing we knew she was knocked out cold in the back of Ryan's trunk. Ryan was not going to let anyone thwart his plans to be with Ava, his love—meanwhile, I'm ready for the tea to spill, when Ava finally finds out he killed her daughter, Kiki. The only ones who know are Jordan, who's fighting for her life, and Laura and Kevin, but they are locked away deep in the basement bowels at Ferncliff.

Meanwhile, Krissy is waist deep within Dawn of Day and their hindering ideologies that often remind me of the kind of group thinking you would see in a cult. Sam is trying to save her but she definitely can't save her money— turns out that Shiloh is able to afford his organization through the pockets of his loyal flock. And oh are they loyal, anyone of his members would be more than willing to take the responsibilities of Shiloh's crimes—like murder, stalking, or intimidation. Not to mention, all he has to do is reward them with his attention—what set-up he has for himself. He replaced Daisy with Kristina and she almost died from the agony and jealousy. She even went over to Sam's penthouse to beg for her forgiveness. Sam forgave her—knowing Shiloh's the true puppet master—and also noticed a strange tattoo she had below her back. Daisy seemed startled when she asked about the meaning behind the symbol. Daisy got out of dodge but it seems like this new symbol is Sam's new lead. With every piece of evidence, Sam collects against Shiloh, the closer she gets to pulling her baby sister from out of the rabbit hole.

Between Laura's eyes and Kevin's knowledge and insight, they were able to find their own little rabbit hole to survival. Once Laura made her way through the underground tunnel and back into civilization, it wasn't long before Kevin was in for eye surgery and all of Port Charles was looking for Ryan Chamberlain. Even Jordan woke up with nothing but Franco's innocence in her head, thankfully it was after Curtis and Detective Chase put together the pieces from the clues left on Jordan's phone. Unfortunately, Ryan was already making his way to Niagara Falls with Ava, on the lamb—unbeknownst to Ava. However, even once she found Carly's body in the car and Ryan expressed his motives to kill her as a wedding present for his bride. If Jason and Laura had not found them in time, Ryan would be lost to Canadian territory. But I know I am not the only one, who has been patiently waiting for Ryan's comeuppance, I never pictured Ava would get tossed over with him. Will Ava and Ryan make their love suicide? Until next time.

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Performer of The Week: This week the actress, Olivia Rose Keegan, who plays Claire on DOOL, did her job—she creeped me all the way out. Having to portray a young lady on the brink of another psychotic snap over the same boy as last time could be challenging, especially to an inexperienced actress. While her acting skills have still yet to be polished she was able to incite emotion from me, therefore I must give credit when credit is due.


Special Diversity Report: The first African American actresses on aired television were Fredi Washington and Georgette Harvey, they appeared on "The Ethel Waters Show" in 1939 on NBC. Twenty-one years later the first black actors would appear on daytime soaps. Soap operas have made way for people of color, but have they made enough effort towards diversity? Some would say that both DOOL and GH don't give enough front-burner storylines to the actors and actresses with diverse cultural backgrounds.

DOOL has a few diverse cast members, but is it enough? It's easy to give their black actors and actresses supporting roles when the roles are in places of authority. Take Lani and Eli for example, they represent the manpower of Salem PD—but the way soaps are set up, everyone's usually running from the police. Unless there's a serial killer on the loose, the police are never really a central part of the story. As for GH, the same could be said, as Jordan and Curtis are apart of the legal system. However, unlike DOOL, GH gives more connecting storylines to the actors of color and the main cast. Like how Curtis' Aunt Sheila is connected with Sonny's dad through their loved ones.

I wouldn't want to belittle the value that the actors and actresses place into the roles they play, I would simply like to see their characters be central to the story as opposed to supporting. And by all means you could disagree with every word I've said, as we are all entitled to our opinion: but I would have to ask you to Google Image Search GH and DOOL ‘cast members' and see which faces you see. Overall, if I had to rate them on a scale of A+ to F-, DOOL would receive a C and GH would receive a C+ with a possible extra credit assignment pending performance—emphasis on possible.