For The Love Of Soaps: What Are You Running From?

Days Of Our Lives: Jealousies are higher than tensions at the moment. Last week Claire made power moves to secretly push Hayley out of Tripp's life for good. As soon as she found Tripp hiding Hayley from ICE she went straight to Eve—ready to snitch. Eve consulted with her partner-in-crime, Jack Devereux, and plotted the logistics of a citizen's arrest. Immigration has been a reoccurring theme recently, no doubt deliberately written-in to reflect the current political times. The thing about politics, it tends to be proof that history repeats itself. There is always a cultural or ethnic group that is demonized and marginalized for the specific goal to incite fear—well that's what history books say at least. Jack and Eve don't care about immigration, but as long as it helps strengthen Jack's mayoral platform, he won't stop.

After Eve told Eli, Lani, and Ted about her tip on Hayley's whereabouts, the police ended up at Tripp's door with a search warrant. Right on cue because I think Claire was going to explode if Hayley hugged Tripp one more time—one could see it in her eyes. Of course Tripp was furious during the raid and Claire did her best to pretend. Doesn't it feel like all Claire's been doing recently is pretending? She's pretending to be a good person, pretending to not have started the fire in the cabin, pretending to like Hayley and care about her safety. However, Claire cannot keep this web of lies going for long, not with the way Tripp threatened whoever called-in Hayley's whereabouts—comeuppance is best given out by surprise anyway, so I'll wait, I got nothing but time.

Unfortunately not all of us do. John, not being a spring chicken anymore, gets caught stealing from Diana's hotel room; only her son, Leo, who also planned to steal the same damaging evidence John had clutched in his hands, catches him. Leo threatened to call the cops and that's when it happened, John threw out the ‘I'm your daddy' card and Leo didn't know how to feel. He was overwhelmed with relief that the abusive drunk he'd known his whole life—and murdered—was not his real father. But he also felt deep betrayal and resentment for the mother who lied to him his entire life.

It is easy to give into temptation; take the seven deadly sins for example: Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Laziness, Wrath, Envy, and Pride. All make for good television, just ask the creators of DOOL. Claire's little dance with Envy and Wrath will prove to burn just like fire, although she will soon find out she's not in control of that flame—and when fire is in the building, everyone's getting burned. Diana is used to the game, she's a pro, Greed, Wrath, Pride, Envy, all are nothing but old friends to a woman that has been selfish her entire life. Which is why she was able to poison Marlena with penicillin and no one was the wiser—well no one but her son that is. Did Diana just murder Marlena? Will John believe his son? Will Diana make her fantasies a reality—probably not.

General Hospital: Now we last left off with Ryan Chamberlain getting trapped by Jason and Laura—mainly Jason—on the bridge to Canada. Ryan suddenly prepared to die, jumped off the bridge, taking Ava with him. Well apparently Jason saved Ava just in time, so when Monday's episode came out we see Ava just standing on the bridge like she was simply a bystander in all of this—the continuity was a little off in my opinion, but hey then what do I know. As you can imagine, Ava didn't accept the man she has been with for months hasn't been Dr. Kevin Collins at all. Didn't take long for her to spin out of control, shifting in and out of denial. Maybe she simply had to see Kevin at the hospital to fully come to terms with the fact that the man she's been dating, the man she slept with, killed her daughter, Kiki.

But as you probably know that's just the half of it. Once excitement for Kevin's return dies down, Laura finally asks the million-dollar question: "how did Ryan get into Ferncliff?" Well to answer your question, when Ryan went on the lamb he took a job with the DVX. Once his mental health deteriorated to the point of professional concern, the DVX reached out to Kevin. They gave him 2 choices, either he takes Ryan out of their hairs or they kill him. It was either out of some form of brotherly love or some self-righteous, arrogance thinking he could ‘fix' him; either way, this little lie might just get in the way of the newly reunited Laura and Kevin—she is even holding off on having the divorce papers annulled. Now knowing that Kevin could've stopped all of this from happening, all of these murders, if he would've just been honest with his wife, may not bode over well with their relationship.

While Kristina's relationship with Shiloh and Day of Dawn is growing stronger than ever. This week Kristina loses her oldest and closest—possibly female crush— friend, Valerie. Val was a good friend, and like all good friends, she tried to tell her friend she was becoming a sheep for someone else's flock. Well, Kristina could not take anyone calling her beloved Shiloh a con artist—not even her own woman crush Wednesday. Kristina's sister, Molly, is having some misgivings about DOD and Shiloh too; but their family so she wouldn't cut off her sister, oh would she? How deep in ‘Dawn of Day' clutches is Kristina? Shiloh just promoted her into his ‘inner circle', is this when she gets her tattoo of indoctrination? Sam, Jason, and Spinelli are still on their search for this mysterious tattoo, but will their search come-up fruitful only after it's too late and Kristina has gone to the point of no return.

I wonder which carries more weight in the terms of accountability, the intent or the action itself. Are you still considered a good person because you were vulnerable and accepted the wrong beliefs? Is it okay if no one gets hurt? What if people do end up dead, and the knife in your hand, can we still plead temporary insanity? As Jordan said, Franco was still a serial killer—at the end of the day. And yes it's also a medical fact that his behavior was solely blamed on a brain tumor. Does that change the fact that he used to slaughter people for fun, for art? Is what Valentin lies about worth keeping the woman he's lying too? Creating a pretend long-lost daughter seems cruel but what if even the cruelest decisions are made with the best intentions? What then? In a world of color, it's hard to see things in black and white. Until next time.


Performer of the Week: Since this could be our last week with the beautiful actress Deidre Hall, who plays Dr. Marlena Evans on DOOL. Hall joined DOOL in 1976, and has been Marlena ever since; now there has been a few brief breaks in the past, will this be another one? Hall has always played her role with grace and poise and for that, she deserves this title as Performer of the Week. The last time we saw Marlena, she flat-lined after some penicillin poisoning over a man; hopefully, this won't be the last of her character.


News Update: Maura West, who plays Ava Jerome, on GH recently sat down for an interview with Soap Opera Digest. I can only imagine how her relationship with her daughter's killer, Ryan, polarized fans. Half of them understand her character's vulnerability to a predator like Ryan, the other half can't believe that she didn't suspect anything. Well, this is what Maura had to say about it, " I think it's great drama, great television…" And that it is, and that it is.