The Bell Soaps: Till Death Do Us Part

The Bold and The Beautiful: Baby drama still going strong on B&B with reveals and secrets. Last week, Flo told Hope, Liam, Wyatt, and Sally that she was Phoebe’s birth mother. This week we start out with Zoe and Flo wanting to confess that Phoebe is actually Beth. We start with Zoe showing up at the apartment more than just a little ticked off. She was demanding to know why Flo was at Wyatt’s house with Hope and Liam. At first, Zoe questions if Flo is stalking Hope but Flo soon shot down that accusation by telling Zoe she was invited to the dinner party. Zoe begs Flo to go back to Vegas because she fears that the truth will be revealed and they will go to jail. Flo refuses and tells Zoe that she thinks Reese should have to pay for his consequences. Yay, Flo! She finally sees the light! Zoe argues that if Reese has to pay, they will too. Flo desperately wants to tell Hope that Beth is alive but Zoe continues to argue with her. After a lot of convincing, Zoe begins to get emotional and finally agrees to go that night with Flo to tell Hope the truth. Then, out of the blue, Reese shows up to the apartment. He sees the girls are in a heated discussion and wonders what is going on. Flo tells Reese that they plan on telling Hope as Zoe cries beside her.

Reese protests that they will all go to jail and Flo very passionately tells him how she doesn’t care anymore because this is eating away at her. She expresses how this is the worst thing that she has ever done. Reese turns into a cry baby going on about how the truth can’t get out and dramatically retells the story of how he did this to save his daughter’s life (after he put it in danger by getting into extreme debt). He apologizes for his actions and Zoe starts to cry. Zoe decides during her father’s dramatic speech that she does not want to tell Hope either. Flo becomes furious and tells Zoe there’s no way she is going back to Vegas now.

Steffy had big news this week. She calls Hope and Liam and tells them that she wants them to go over to her house so she can tell them. Once they arrive, Steffy sits them down and tells them that she needs to go to Paris to check on Forrester International. Steffy explains that she hopes that she and the girls’ time away will help Hope move past the Beth situation and Liam agrees that it might be helpful. Steffy brings Phoebe out to say goodbye and urges Hope to take some more time to heal and try to start a family again. Taylor isn’t too happy to hear Steffy’s news at all. She is still pushing for Liam and Steffy to get back together and be a family. The two begin to argue over it when Taylor receives a devastating phone call.

At Il Giardino, Bill and Katie realize that they have been set-up. Katie was supposed to meet Brooke for lunch and Bill had a meeting with the mayor that he realized upon arrival was the next week. Bill thinks that someone is messing around with his calendar but tells Katie he doesn’t mind because that means he gets to spend time with her. Katie leaves to freshen up and when she returns to the table, Bill tells her that he has just received horrible news.

We soon find out that the horrible news and devastating phone call were about the death of Caroline Spencer.

The Young and The Restless: We have all been patiently awaiting a verdict for Nikki, Sharon, and Victoria and once it was revealed I just didn’t want to know anymore. The judge walked into the courtroom and she immediately warns against any outbursts. She then asks the defendants to rise and we find out that Nikki, Sharon, and Victoria have been found guilty of all charges. The sentencing takes place two hours after and it is an emotional time for all. The judge asks Christine for her recommendation and she says that this is no time for leniency. Billy speaks as a character witness for Victoria, mentioning that she is a mother and that her children need her. Jack is Nikki’s character witness and talks about her MS and calls her one of the best women he knows. Before the sentencing, the judge tells the courtroom that while she was compelled by the character witnesses, she has to stick to the facts. She sentences Sharon to 3 years in prison, Victoria to 10 years in prison and Nikki to 30.

Following the sentencing, Nikki sobs to Victor as he promises to do everything in his power to right this wrong. Nikki worries that this might be the last time she sees Victor but in a touching moment, he tells her there will never be any goodbyes for them. Nikki asks Victor to focus on Victoria’s appeal first but he tells her not to worry, he is going to make this right for all of them.

In a separate holding room, Nick and Victoria discuss Nikki’s sentence. Victoria feels that JT is still alive and is out there somewhere laughing at his victory. Nick promises that he and Billy will keep her kids safe and if JT is out there, they will find him. Victor visits the holding room where Victoria is and tells her that out of all of his children, she is the strongest. He gives his daughter a pep talk and a hug.

Wedding bells are still ringing in Genoa City and not many people are very happy about it. The day of the verdict, Abby confronts Summer asking her why she needs to have the wedding the next day. Doesn’t she think it is in poor taste? Summer argues that everyone could use something happy like a wedding to occupy their time. Abby is disgusted by the entire thing and can’t believe that Kyle would do this to Lola on his own. Abby questions Summer more, she needs to know what the rush is. In a moment of realization, Abby asks Summer if the reason they’re getting married is that Summer is Lola’s anonymous donor. Summer denies it to the moon and back and Abby tells her she will find out the reason for this madness.

At the hospital, Kyle is talking to a still comatose Lola when her eyelids begin to flutter. Kyle is overwhelmed with joy as Lola starts to wake up. Kyle leaves to get the doctor and Arturo enters, relieved. He tells Lola about how she has been in a coma for the past month and she will be receiving a liver transplant from an anonymous donor. Lola has no memory of the attack.

Kyle just couldn’t hold in the secret anymore and tells Mariah that Summer is Lola’s donor and that is why he is marrying her. Mariah strongly argues against it. She tells him it is going to be terrible for him but Kyle just needs to be sure that Lola is going to be okay, he is willing to do anything that will make that happen.

The wedding day is here and at the club, Summer worries that Kyle won’t show. Her parents assure her that he will. Kerry and Jack arrive and tell Summer that Kyle was just getting dressed as they were leaving. He will be there soon. Summer excuses herself to make a phone call and leaves a message on Kyle’s phone reminding him what the consequences are if he doesn’t show. Kyle eventually arrives and Phyllis and Nick walk Summer down the aisle. The two exchange vows and Kyle gives Summer a ring, supposedly the reason why he was late.

Summer and Kyle mingle with their guests and Victor offers Kyle a position at Newman Enterprises. Kyle agrees that he will think about it and get back to Victor soon. Victor assures him that the door will always be open for him. Summer finds Kyle and tells him that she reserved them a suite for the night. She knows he is not over Lola but she hopes Kyle can meet her halfway. In the suite, Summer tells Kyle that she is nervous for the surgery tomorrow. Kyle pulls her into a hug and assures her that he won’t let anything happen to her. They continue to talk intimately and Kyle lowers Summer onto the bed and the two make love as Lola sits alone in her hospital room waiting for Kyle’s call.


Performer of the Week: This week the title goes to Michael Mealor as Kyle Abbott. Kyle has been making sacrifices for love of all week and Michael is doing an excellent job portraying these emotions. 

Updates: It has been confirmed in a tweet from actress Alice Hunter that her character, Kerry, on Y&R will be taking an indefinite hiatus. Her final air date has not yet been revealed.