For The Love Of Soaps: Tell The Truth

It's election week in Salem. While Abe Carver and Melinda Trask gear up for the first mayoral debates, Eve and Jack bide their time. It didn't take long for Eve to make her move, calling out Melinda mid-sentence at the debate. For any Days fans that are late in the game, Haley is Melinda's secret younger sister who was sent here by her dying parents to live in the US illegally. Melinda took responsibility for the most part; she took care of Haley, paid her way through nursing school and everything. And for some reason couldn't take care of her citizenship while working in the D.A's office. So when it came time to enter the race for Mayor, Melinda wanted as little to do with her sister as humanly possible—if only she could've stopped publically warning Haley about how careful she had to be about their secret, then maybe Eve wouldn't have so much ammo. And here we thought that Jack was going to show a little compassion about the son he can't remember. When everything hit the fan, Melinda denied it—I mean what else could she do, plead to harboring an illegal immigrant all this time because they were related? You would think that Jack would feel a little compassion for the emotional turmoil he just wreaked on his JJ, but his heart is as selfish and ruthless as Eve's nowadays. Jack is convinced he is doing all of this for his JJ, and being the next mayoral candidate is just icing on the responsible parent cake.

Melinda cut all ties with Haley. Knowing that her campaign is slipping right through her fingers, she blamed Haley for it all. Melinda exclaimed how she warned Haley about JJ Deveraux knowing her biggest secret and now that it has all blown up in her face, it is clear that she only wants to take responsibility for herself. Meanwhile, fans get overly excited when what they assumed was an honest moment of Claire facing up to her past mistake of setting that fire in the cabin—to quell her Ciara problem once and for all—turned out to be nothing but an unvoiced memory. Claire has always been dangerously jealous, even at the friendship between Haley and Tripp. And this became more apparent to Tripp once the news broke out about Haley, while he was worried for his friend, Claire was too busy wrapped up in her own insecurities to even bother to care. As far as she knows, no one forced Haley to enter this country illegally—because the world is only black and white when it comes to other people's problems. Hopefully, Tripp will unravel her cover-up with the lighter he found under her jewelry box, the same lighter she used as her attempted murder weapon.

Things are heating up for Chloe and Stefan as well. Chloe seems to be adjusting to life quite nicely at the DiMera Mansion. As Stefan attempts to put the pieces of his life back together, he confides all his regrets about Chad, Abigail, and even Gabi to Chloe—but will a warm shoulder be the only thing Chloe offers Stefan? Their new living arrangements are driving Brady crazy; you would think he wants to remarry her or something. As Stefan and Chloe get better acquainted, Gabi and Stefan plan to combine forces to bring Stefan down for good. Brady even gave Gabi the advice she needed to get the upper hand with Stefan. And all she had to do was advocate her brand to Shin; after all, everyone knows that Shin runs the board that controls DiMera Enterprises—and it worked.

Hopefully John's situation works out just as smoothly. After his talk with Diana, he promised to keep the truth about Leo being his son a secret for a little while longer while she agreed to persuade Leo to drop the charges on Will and Sonny. Only John had no idea that Diana would broker a deal with Victor Kiriakis. Diana would get Leo to back off in exchange for Victor's hand in ending John's marriage with Marlena—Sis wants him all for herself. And Victor, being the desperate businessman that he is, agreed to it all. After all Will and Sonny aren't out of the woods yet, they have terribly low odds at beating the case Leo and Ted Laurent has built against them. Will and Sonny were also no help as they confessed to everything when Eli and Lani questioned them—someone should have told them there are no friends in an ongoing police investigation; so I cant be too mad at Victor.

Fans can't help but wonder if John and Marlena's marriage will prevail once the cat is out of the bag about Leo's real father. And with Diana working overtime to reclaim her place by John's side, it's definitely too soon to tell. Everything seems to be up in the air, Stefan and Chloe's relationship status, Claire's secret, and even Haley's arrest warrant. DOOL writers have sure out done themselves; they are sure utilizing every juicy storyline under their sleeves to raise their ratings. Will they finally stabilize their viewing count? It's no secret that DOOL always ranks lowest on the weekly rating reports; however, their fan base is still going strong. Either way I am going to continue to report all the news as it happens on and off the show. Only time can tell for now. Until next time.

General Hospital: Last week on GH, Jason and Drew both lost consciousness during incredibly dangerous situations. Jason passed out while attempting to surprise Shiloh and Sam at the lighthouse; which sounds perfectly harmless except for the gun in his hand and the intentions on his mind—because between Shiloh's mind games and violent past he has had enough. All while Drew fell out behind the wheel just in time to run Jordan over. I don't know what's worse, the fact that Jordan is critically injured or that she is the only person who knows the real killer is framing Franco. This week began with both Jordan and Jason in the hospital. Drew had minimal injuries, Jordan, however sustained a significant amount of internal damage to both her kidneys; so much that the doctors had to remove one kidney and schedule a transfer for the last one. All credit for these misfortunate events should really go to Dr. Cabot and Dr. Maddox. Just as a quick update, Dr. Maddox and his memory transference procedure is nothing but a small adaptation of Dr. Cabot's research with identical twins.

Meanwhile, Shiloh reserved all his questions for Sam for the waiting room. While they waited to see if Jason's eye procedure went well and his eyesight was restored, Shiloh needed to know how Jason knew where they were and what was he doing with a gun. Shiloh was ready with a slew of questions, and for the most part, Sam was prepared for the type of subtle interrogation. Upholding her con, she painted Jason as the over controlling, stalker ex-boyfriend who couldn't take the hint. Sam seems to be worth her salt as a con artist; because when Sam and Jason were caught kissing in the hospital room, one can only assume by the look in Jason's eye, Sam knew Shiloh walked in and had to act fast. Thinking on her toes, she slapped Jason and gave him the whole ‘how could you' speech. One can only hope that Sam and Jason didn't relinquish the upper hand with that slip-up. Shiloh made sure to privately threaten Jason, explaining how Sam has chosen where she stands between them—I'm sure this is a lot for Jason, but he holds up the façade and holds back his emotional reactions. Well, they are not out of the woods yet, and neither is Franco, as it seems.

With Jordan in a coma fighting for her life, waiting for a kidney transplant, Franco has no one in his corner. She is the only one who can prove Franco's innocence, the only one who can explain her plan to lure out the real killer with Franco's false guilty plea and interview with Lulu taking full creative credit for Ryan's murders. And it did not take long for Ryan to visit his cell at Ferncliff and manipulate Franco with his best Kevin impression, and Franco told him everything—he always respected his relationship with Dr. Collins, only that's not Kevin. The irony of it all, Ryan is too arrogant and egotistical to realize that Jordan's plan actually worked, wasn't even three hours after the interview had ended, when Ryan went to confront Franco. "Were you starved for attention… all their eyes glued to you"? Once Ryan got all he could he pulled out his knife and stabbed Franco in the lower corner of his abdomen. Then followed up by slicing his own hand—setting the stage for his story of self-defense he planned to feed everyone once Franco was dead. Thankfully a nurse interrupted before he could finish the final blow, giving Franco the chance to land a punch and make a run for it. He bolted for the exit, running all the way to Elizabeth's house, back to his life before Ryan decided to pin all the killings on him. He came collapsing through Elizabeth's front door, bleeding out on her living room floor. She had no choice but to call the ambulance and Detective Chase who just left Ryan and Ava in the hospital. Ava may be a lot of things, but she did lose her eldest child, Kiki, and when she finds out that she's been sleeping with her killer, she is going to lose the little control she has. Who could have been prepared for the evil murderous twin switch with Kevin and Ryan—I'm here for it nonetheless.

In fact, if it weren't for Anna and Robert's interrogation, we would have never found out that Peter was originally instructed to kill Jason by Dr. Maddox. Even though Peter decided to save Jason's life by paying Dr. Klein to take him instead and is currently living a reformed life at the moment, Robert still refuses to believe him—his suspicions are so intense, they're starting to make my faith in Peter waiver as well. Anna didn't get much information but she does have a lead now on how to get their hands on critical info about ‘patients 1-4' —Dr. Klein seems to be the link, therefore the key to finally crack this case open.

Just like the voicemail that Curtis and Nina find on Jordan's phone, saved under the name ‘URGENT'. Franco may have not been able to tell Elizabeth Ryan's impersonating his brother, Kevin, but he did manage to leave a voicemail warning Jordan that her plan worked, and Ryan attacked him. All of our favorite storylines seem to be boiling over into one highly anticipated climax. Whether it's Anna's quest for the truth about her and her sister's memories, Sam's con, or Ryan running rampant in a community that will never second-guess Dr. Kevin Collins'. I wonder if the writers can feel the pressure because between the fans' expectations and the show's ratings the heat is definitely on, will they triumph—the show's ratings been on a slight decline since the end of January. Like always there are so many questions going into the week. Until next time.


Performer of the Week: The best performer this week is Thia Megia who plays Haley. She demonstrated that she could really hold her own in the world of Soaps. When her character on DOOL, found out JJ betrayed her trust, she really portrayed the anger and betrayal pretty well for a daytime newbie. Yes, she has a long way to go, but she might just have a real career in acting. But like everything else on this show, I suppose only time will tell.


Update: Recently, ABC Entertainment President, Karey Burke, made comments possibly hinting towards the reboot of All My Children and One Life To Live . Burke stated at a recent Television Critics Association tour, "there might be some conversation about that. There might be." Kassie DePaiva, who portrays Eve Donovan on DOOL, formerly played Blair Cramer on OLTL, then tweeted, " It should have never been cancelled! #OLTL". If this transpires I know fans everywhere might cause an uproar in the excitement of seeing their favorites shows brought back.