The Bell Soaps: Breakups and Makeups

The Bold and the Beautiful: The drama continues as we start the week with Hope insisting that Liam leave her and go back to Steffy so they can be a family. Luckily, Liam knows better. Liam explains to Hope that he will be a father to the girls as well as a major part of their lives, and so will she. Liam promises Hope that they will continue to get through this difficult time together. Hope decides to take the matter up with Steffy. She goes to her house where she notes how exhausted Steffy looks and that Liam should be there helping. Steffy tells Hope that she believes she may just be feeling a little emotional but Hope tells her she can't bear to be the person who takes Liam away from the girls. She tells Steffy that she knows Steffy and Liam are still in love and that Liam's place is not with her, but with Steffy and the girls.

The two go back and forth, Steffy telling Hope that she has Liam now and she shouldn't let him go. Hope tells Steffy that she and the girls deserve Liam and that Liam deserves them. Hope worries that she won't be able to go through another pregnancy and will never be able to give Liam the family they both wanted. Hope figures if she isn't going to get the family, Liam may as well. Hope expresses to Steffy that she is trying to give Liam a way out and a child but Steffy reminds her that her children are not Hope's to give. Liam knocks at the door and enters and Hope makes a comment about how he should just use his key, it is his house after all. Liam and Hope argue about her plan and Hope removes her wedding ring. Liam tries to stop her but she urges him to stay with Steffy and "make the life you promised."

Liam shouts at Hope to stop as she removes the ring and she tells him that with the girls and Steffy is where he belongs. Steffy and Liam both tell Hope that the girls are fine and that Liam doesn’t need to be with Steffy to be there dad. Liam promises Hope he will be there for her as well as the girls. They need to heal as a family. Hope allows Liam to place her ring back on and they embrace. Hope knows she still has a long road ahead of her but she will get through this.

Back at the cabin, Liam asks Hope to promise that she won't ever remove her wedding ring like that again. Hope tells him that she still doesn't feel right keeping him from the girls. They argue and Liam tells Hope that she can't force him back with Steffy and give up on the two of them. Hope is still frustrated and upset. She tells Liam that she still doesn't think she will be able to go through another pregnancy but he comes back with telling her how strong she is and with time, she will be able to. He refuses to give up on her. You go, Liam!

Wyatt has officially accepted Bill’s offer and Bill is over the moon about it. Wyatt seems pleased to have a relationship with his father back as well. Wyatt is especially excited for Bill to start Sally’s fashion house again. At Forrester, Sally is talking with Eric when he tells her he is going to speak to Hope about making Sally the head designer for her line. Sally is excited to further her career. A bit later, Wyatt shows up and delivers the good news that Bill is interested in putting Sally back in business. Both Sally and Wyatt are thrilled.

Sally and Wyatt decide it is time to tell Forrester Creations about the change they will be making in their lives. When they tell Eric and Quinn they have big news, Quinn assumes that they are engaged. Unfortunately (we're all team Sally and Wyatt), Wyatt tells them that the news is that they will both be going back to Spencer Publications. They also inform them that Bill intends to bring back Spectra Fashions. Eric and Quinn understand why Wyatt would want to go and work with Bill, but just hope that Wyatt's father does not hurt him again.

Bill arrives at Katie's (uninvited) and her sister Donna makes a comment about how Will would love to see his dad every day. Bill tells Katie that Wyatt has agreed to rejoin Spencer Publications. Katie tells Bill that she thinks it was the right thing to do as well. Will comes out and is happy that his parents are together. His mother explains separation to him while his father tells him that the bond between him and his mother will never fully be broken. So many people on the show want Bill and Katie back together but Bill still gives me such bad vibes. I don't 100% trust him yet and I don't know if Katie should either.

Later on, in the week, Justin and Bill are together at Spencer Publications and Justin tells him that they are not a fashion house. Bill has to remind him that this is what he needed to do to get his son back. Sally and Wyatt arrive at the office and all is going well. Bill apologizes to Sally about the demise of Spectra Fashions the first time around and Sally asks him if he is fully prepared to start Spectra back up. Bill replies with "No. That's not happening," and just as Wyatt is preparing for a fight, Bill announces that the fashion house must be called Spencer Fashions. He wants his name attached to the project. Sally agrees and all is well, for now. I still don't trust Bill, not just with Katie, but with his sons and their significant others as well.

The Young and the Restless: First things first, Phyllis knows that she must take care of business at Jabot and tells all of her employees that she has no involvement in the JT murder, she was merely a witness. She wants business to continue as usual. Billy calls Phyllis a liar. He is angry she turned Victoria and the other women in. Lauren is worried that someone is going to sell these stories to reporters and tarnish Jabot’s name. Kerry seems to be the only associate of Phyllis’ who is supportive of her.

At home, Nick wants to know what Phyllis expects from him right now and Phyllis is disappointed that he isn’t comforting her through this difficult time. Phyllis and Nick argue over what Phyllis did. Through gritted teeth, Nick tells Phyllis that she betrayed them. Nick tells Phyllis that she needs to get out of the house and out of his life. They are over.

Michael tells Billy and Nick that he does not want the women on the witness stand. Billy argues that Victoria needs to tell her side of the story and not speaking out will cause all of the women to seem suspicious. Michael is afraid that Christine is going to chew the girls up, spit them out, and twist their stories around. He states again that he believes it is best for them to remain silent.

In court, Michael tells Victoria that his plan is to have her and her mother acquitted. Christine arrives and makes her opening statement. She tells the jury about a video she has of the women rolling up J.T.'s body in a rug and burying the body. Victor states that Christine has a vendetta against the Newman family. Victor is asked to leave the courtroom.

Sharon, Victoria, and Nikki discuss whether or not their lawyers have a chance against Christine. Sharon's lawyer warns her not to be too friendly with the Newmans. Things continue to dramatically run amuck in the courtroom as Billy and Jack discuss whether or not Phyllis should remain the CEO of Jabot. The court proceedings continue and Christine calls Mariah to the stand. Mariah talks about the girl's only night that took place and how Sharon organized it to help Victoria. Christine plays the video and grills Mariah to no avail.

Things still aren’t looking up for the Rosales with Lola still in the hospital. Her injuries do not seem to be improving and everyone is worried. While sitting at Lola’s bedside, Mia fiercely apologizes for what she did to her. Through tears, Mia explained that she did not know it was Lola, but thought it was Abby. I mean, does that make it any better, Mia? Arturo listens from outside the door and becomes suspicious. He starts to believe that Mia knows something that the rest of them do not.

At the station, Rey gets a tip that Lola's attacker is a woman. Rey returns home and begins to go through Lola's file. He discovers the earring and rushes over to Mia's jewelry. He finds the matching earring and he is fuming. He knows the truth. Mia arrives home going on about her visit with Lola. Rey tells her about the earring that was found, the earrings that he bought for her. Mia starts to apologize to Rey, yelling and making a scene in the process. Mia pleads with Rey to hear her out but instead, he puts her in handcuffs and starts to read Mia her Miranda Rights. Mia tells him that Rey that he can't arrest her because she is pregnant. Drama queen Mia strikes again.

Rey asks Mia to see the positive pregnancy test but she claims to have thrown it in the trash. Rey tells her that they will get another one because he believes that she is lying. Mia starts to cry and Rey has to remind her of the crime that she committed. Lola could have died and it would have been Mia's fault.

Back at the hospital, Abby tries to get Arturo to allow Kyle to come for a visit but Arturo does not want to hear it. Later on, wearing a doctor’s coat, Kyle sneaks in to see Lola. He tells her how much he loves her and pleads with her to wake up. Arturo finds Kyle and things seem as if they have the potential to get ugly.

We soon find out that Lola needs a liver transplant. Both of her brothers will be tested and Rey warns Mia that they will be getting a pregnancy test afterward. In the waiting room, Mia starts a conversation with a pregnant woman. Mia asks the woman if she wants to make some money. Rey returns and warns Mia that if Lola does not survive, Mia will be facing a murder charge. Mia takes the pregnancy test and it is “surprisingly” positive. Mia tells Rey he has a decision to make. He decided to not turn her in because he does not want the baby to be born in prison. He also believes Mia didn’t intentionally hurt Lola. Mia goes on about how it will be their little secret. Mia proves to be even sleazier than we originally believed.

Unfortunately, we find out Rey and Arturo are not a match. They are advised to get everyone they know tested, and fast. It is a race against the clock. Mariah and Kyle arrive with a camera crew the next day to go live with GC Buzz, Kyle shares Lola's assault story and they ask for a liver. Arturo thanks Kyle and offers him the opportunity to visit with Lola.

Summer shows up at the hospital and tells Kyle that she wants to take a blood test to see if she is a match. Kyle does not give Summer the reaction that she had hoped for. They argue and Summer explains to him that she is just trying to help. Kyle calms down and the doctor tells him that the more people who are tested, the better. Summer goes.


Performer of the Week: This week's performer of the week has been a long-time coming. Annika Noelle as Hope on B&B gets my vote. Hope has been going through such tremendous emotional turmoil and Noelle has been portraying it in a beautiful and authentic way. Her acting this week with Scott Clifton who plays Liam was truly outstanding and I hope we continue to see her skills shine.


Updates: Jacqueline MacInnes Woods, aka Steffy on B&B, is expecting her first child and is on maternity leave. She has no set date to return to set so you may see some new storylines revolving around Steffy pop-up soon. Eileen Davidson is set to return to Y&R as Ashley Abbott. It has been reported that the actress will be back for a visit for two episodes written by the returning head writer, Josh Griffith.

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