The Bell Soaps: Secrets Revealed (Or Not)

The Bold and The Beautiful: Last week, old friends Shauna (Flo’s mom), and Quinn (Wyatt’s mom), were reunited and secrets are being revealed. Quinn tells Shauna that Bill Spencer is Wyatt’s father and Shauna is shocked. Quinn suggests that Shauna tell Flo her father is, she thinks it is only right that she knows. Shauna disagrees, she does not want Flo knowing who her father is. While the two are discussing, Bill arrives at Forrester with a waiver for Quinn to sign. Quinn introduces Bill and Shauna and Shauna is annoyed that Bill does not recognize her. Quinn is confused and asks what is going on. Shauna reveals that her and Bill once had a one-night back in Vegas. Shauna stuns both of them by revealing that it is possible that Wyatt and Flo are brother and sister. Quinn is speechless and can’t believe that this is happening. Bill orders Shauna and Quinn both to go to Spencer Publications so they can get to the bottom of this mess. 

Meanwhile, Wyatt is at Flo’s apartment and the two are going over her DNA kit. She is on a quest to find her birth father. Wyatt tells Flo how finding his father was life-changing and how he thinks anyone’s life would be better with Flo in it. Flo fears that she will not like the results of the DNA test, or worse, that her father will not like her. Flo asks Wyatt how he found Bill and he told her the story. He mentions that it wasn’t until Hope came into his life and what a small world it is. Wyatt is angry on Shauna’s stance regarding the situation, he thinks Flo has the right to know. Flo kisses Wyatt to thank him. She reveals to him the part of her will always love him. 

Once at Spencer, Shauna tells them that she is not positive that Bill is Flo’s father. Quinn accuses Shauna of being dishonest with Flo and reminds everyone that Flo and Wyatt were high school sweethearts. Bill is disgusted and tells Quinn they don’t need her to paint them a picture. Quinn insists that Wyatt and Flo both need to know and Bill alerts them that Wyatt is on his way up to the office. Upon his arrival, Wyatt can tell they are acting strange. Wyatt tells them that Flo is curious about her father and Quinn stutters before she finally gets out that there is a possibility that Wyatt and Flo are brother and sister. They all argue about whether or not they should tell Flo and Wyatt reveals that she has already taken a DNA test, so she will know soon enough. Wyatt suddenly gets an email about her test results. 

At Forrester Creations, Zoe and Hope discuss Thomas and his loss. Zoe brings up Hope’s loss and mentions trying for another child. Hope doesn’t respond but instead says that she is thinking about giving Flo a call. Zoe advises against it (for obvious reasons) but Hope talks about how Flo is probably still struggling and needs a friend. Hope calls Flo and invites her to Forrester Creations, Flo accepts the invitation. This stresses Zoe out but she obviously can’t tell Hope why. Once she arrives, Hope gives her a tour and introduces Flo as Phoebe’s mother. Flo tells Hope that she would rather not be known as Phoebe’s mother. Hope apologizes for embarrassing her and tells her that she hopes they can be friends. Flo does not think that that is a possibility. Hope begins to tell Flo how badly she needs someone right now. She talks about how her grief is consuming her and wonders how Flo is okay. Flo tries to explain to Hope how their situations are different and tells her that it will get better. Flo is so sweet and reassuring that it is easy to forget the underlying situation. It is easy to forget that Flo was an accomplice in the whole plan that has Hope feeling this way. 

Flo ends the conversation by telling Hope she is not as carefree as everybody thinks and excuses herself to take a phone call from Wyatt. He tells her that the results are in. She tells him she will look later before admitting she is with Hope and then hanging up. Hope tells Flo that she needs to understand why fate took Beth away from her. Flo tells her that it wasn’t fate and that someone else is responsible for Beth not being with Hope, and Flo knows who it is. Hope reiterates that the only person responsible for Beth’s death is herself. Hope asks Flo to tell her how she has moved on without her daughter and Flo again insists that Hope isn’t to blame and tells her she needs to tell her something.

Back at Spencer, everyone is anxious to see the test results and Bill’s reaction causes everyone to fear for the worst. Luckily, we find out that Bill is not Flo’s father, but Storm Logan is. Shauna reminisces on her time with Storm and recalls that he was a sweet guy and states that she is happy he is Flo’s dad. Bill breaks the news that Storm is dead. Wyatt is excited to find out that Flo is a Logan and can’t wait to tell her. He is happy that he and Shauna now have a family and a place where they feel like they can belong. 

Right as Flo wss about to confess it all to Hope, Shauna, Wyatt, and Quinn arrive. Shauna is excited to tell Flo about her father. After telling Flo that her father was Storm Logan, Wyatt points out that Hope and Flo are cousins. Hope begins to think that this is the reason she feels so connected to her.

Coincidentally, Katie, Donna, and Brooke discuss the sacrifice Storm made for Katie in the following scene. They discuss how Storm shot himself so Katie could have his heart. The three women discuss how their family really has been through a lot and vow to help Hope cope better with the loss of Beth.

The Young and The Restless: Last week, we left off with Sharon finding Mia’s ultrasound photo. This week, she confronted Rey. Sharon, clearly annoyed, asks Rey when he was planning on telling her that Mia was pregnant. Rey shares that he does not even know if it is his. Sharon wonders what Rey will do if the baby is his. He tells her he will take care of the child, but not with Mia. Rey wants nothing more than a relationship with Sharon and it feels like Mia is always getting in the way. Sharon decides to call Mia and asks her to meet. Once they are together, Sharon tells Mia that she wants her to stay off of her property and tells Mia she will have her arrested if she sees her there again. The two girls begin to argue and things are getting heated when Mia gets a sharp pain. Sharon, worried, calls Rey and insists upon bringing Mia to the hospital. 

Later that day, Paul shows up to Rey’s apartment to discuss a few different things. He expresses to Rey that he did not want to fire him, but he had to do what he had to do. Rey stands by what he did and Paul tells Rey he is willing to give him another chance if he agrees to work on Lola’s attack case. Paul asks if Rey knows anyone who may have wanted to hurt Abby (the jacket) and Rey thinks about Mia. He remembers that Mia was with Arturo that night, she has an alibi. Rey tells Paul he will do everything that he can to solve the case. 

Jack has big plans for Jabot, especially now that he knows he is in competition with Ashley. He calls a meeting with Traci, Kyle and Summer to discuss the new direction that Jabot is headed. He tells the group that not only will they be a cosmetics company, but also a lifestyle brand. They will sell their original stuff plus clothes, shoes, and accessories. Traci doubts Jack and thinks he only wants to do all of this to one-up Ashley. He tells Traci that there is nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. Jack also invites Summer to be a part of the Jabot team. She tells him that she will have to get back to him, she can’t leave Newman Enterprises suddenly like that. 

As per usual, Phyllis has something up her sleeve. She calls Lola to meet with her at Crimson Lights. The pair meet at the cafe and Phyllis tells Lola that she had no idea about Summer’s surgery. Lola wishes Kyle and Summer the best of luck and Phyllis tells Lola about how she’s not too keen to the idea. She fears that the longer the marriage goes on, the harder it will hurt her daughter once it ends. Phyllis develops a plan to take Summer away for a few days. Phyllis tells Lola that Kyle doesn’t really love Summer, Lola is the one he loves. Lola is doubtful. Later on, Phyllis meets with Summer who tells her about Jack’s job offer. Phyllis reminds Summer how important it is to keep her work and life with Kyle separate. Phyllis then tells Summer she booked a weekend getaway for the two of them. 

Then, much to our surprise (not really) Kyle and Lola run into each other at Crimson Lights. Kyle tells Lola that Summer is away on a mother-daughter trip and Lola suggests that the two get together and talk. They make plans to meet later and someone unseen takes photos of the two together. The two meet at the club where another unidentified person snaps more photos of the two. The two get on the topic of his marriage and Lola tells him that she knows it isn’t real. The pair agrees that their lives don’t make sense without one another. Kyle tells her that he has never stopped loving her. Lola wants to find out what they can be together and suggests that maybe they get a room. 

Lo and behold, the mysterious photographer was actually a private investigator hired by none other than Phyllis. She calls him to get an update. Lola and Kyle head upstairs and Lola assures Kyle that she does not feel like what they are doing is wrong and Kyle tells her he wants it more than anything. The pair enter a suite and start kissing and professing their love for eachother. Kyle’s phone begins to buzz, interrupting their kisses, and he sees that it is Summer. He abruptly stops and tells Lola that he can’t do this. Lola feels terrible for making Kyle cheat and Kyle promises that once he has everything sorted out with Summer, he and Lola can be together forever. 

Meanwhile, Summer is outside of the Abbott house having second thoughts about her trip. Jack tells Traci that he found a recording device in the gift basket that Ashley sent and it all starts to make sense. That is why Ashley’s company is launching almost the same lifestyle campaign as Jabot. Summer comes inside and suddenly tells Jack that she will accept his offer to work at Jabot. 

Summer goes to the club to see if Kyle is there and after finding out he is not, she heads back to the Abbotts. Once they are both home, Summer excitedly tells Kyle about accepting the job at Jabot. She, of course, wants to celebrate. Kyle suggests champagne and the two head to the bedroom. Downstairs, Jack opens the door to a furious Phyllis who informs Jack that his son is a sleazy cheater. She has the photos from the private investigator and she is ready to show everybody. Phyllis asks Jack if he is okay with what Kyle is doing to Summer and reminds him how bad another Abbott man scandal would make Jabot look right now. It is a threat. Jack asks Phyllis what he has to do to keep her quiet about the love triangle and she tells him that it is going to cost him Fenmore’s and she wants money. She tells him that she wants the money by the next day or else she will unleash hell. 

Once Phyllis leaves, Kyle comes down and Jack fills him in on all of the drama. Kyle tells Jack that he planned on telling Summer everything but he just can’t. She isn’t as tough as she makes herself out to be. Jack warns Kyle that he needs to make a decision. Kyle goes back upstairs to Summer who guesses that he slept with Lola. He tells her that it did not go that far and that he hates hurting her. Summer thinks that there love is strong enough to get through this and forgives Kyle for what he did. The two cuddle, Summer still oblivious to Kyle’s love for Lola. 

Performer of the Week: Sasha Calle as Lola on Y&R  takes the cake this week. Her character has been evolving a lot since she first joined the cast in 2018 and Sasha is doing an excellent job of keeping up. I can’t wait to see what is in store for Lola and how Sasha brings it. 

Updates: Unfortunately, quite a few exits were announced this week. Noemi Gonzalez (Mia Rosales) took to twitter early this week to alert followers that her character will be leaving Y&R. Daniel Goddard (Cane Ashby) also took to Twitter this week with a cryptic tweet hashtagged yr. “Life has been good to me, but just have to turn the page and move on…#yr.” While it is still yet to be confirmed, the actor’s tweet have fans speculating that he may be leaving his role. Stay tuned for more updates.