Mzansi - The Scandalous Generation!

Generations: The Legacy Tshidi is officially out of the country with the little one that she is pregnant with since last Friday, but honestly, poor Ayanda, has to put up with being raped, no one believing her, and then being called a liar on national TV by her rapist? It’s no wonder she pulled a gun to Joshua’s head and threatened him – anyone going through what she is going through probably wouldn’t do anything different. 

Smanga and Tau have some nerve on them pretending to care about Ayanda and what she went through. Smanga only cares about the company while Tau is only believing her because she is going back to Cape Town? She’s better off without them. However, Tshidi and Ayanda are now looking to sell their part of their company – offscreen of course.

Lucy needs a reality check; she's so privileged compared to most! Gogo is only praying that MaNdlovu's son can get the best care in the world, and it's like Lucy doesn't care at all. She's so pressed about having to pay for someone's else's school fees or their groceries. She doesn't seem to care that she never has to worry about it until she does. In the spirit of giving it forward, she finally agrees to pay the boy's hospital fees.  

The fire these South African soaps have is a lot hotter than the American soaps. Watching Generations felt so personal like we were there. I have got to say Lucy has some guts trying to make a deal with Stivovo to sell drugs as large as ten kilos! Something weird is happening when it comes to the shady Stivovo Lucy is interacting with. Selling her drugs, knowing no one will pay for the price that she bought it for is starting to get to her brother, Cosmo. With his money tied in and she doesn't care, he is becoming frustrated. Just as one drug hits an all-time high, it must come down – no puns intended. Coke is no longer going around, but fentanyl is, and Lucy is not happy about it. 


Performer of the Week:From all of the of the actress and actors Manaka Ranaka as Lucy Diale is an artist. She brought Lucy to life. From the drug dealing to the agitation of not being able to pay off her and her brother’s bills. Manaka brings a new sense of realness to her character. The greed and selfishness are exactly who Lucy is, and Manaka showed it well. 

Scandal!: There sure is a scandal on Scandal, with Romeo becoming a father to Xolile’s baby even though she is married who knows what will happen. Xolile’s husband, Mthunzi, doesn’t even know the child is his! Xolile is incredibly sketchy. 

Speaking about sketchy, Xolile isn’t making things easier for herself – unfaithful to her husband, and pregnant by someone else? Now that her husband has woken up how is she going to explain everything? How will she react when he tells everyone that she and her mom tried to kill him? 

The person to feel bad for the most is probably Lindiwe. All she wants is both of her parents to care for her, and it seems like she can only have one or the other or never both. She's in the middle of the split between the parents, and it just isn't fair even though she is of legal age. She's turning 20, and both of her parents have been refusing to go to her dinner party.

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Performer of the week: Nombelo Makhanya is honestly one of the best actresses I have seen on this show. She beautifully executes the raw emotions she feels when her parents both tell her that they won’t come to celebrate her birthday with her. You can see the small flicker of disappointment in her eyes before she gives everyone a huge smile and pretends everything doesn’t bother her. She’s going to be an important character!