The Bell Soaps: To Fight Or To Live?

If you haven’t been keeping up with either the Bold and the Beautiful or the Young and the Restless then take a seat, grab your favorite TV or reading snack, and let the drama roll on through. Just a warning: there will be spoilers up ahead, and trust us you’ll want to know what’s going on this week!

The Bold and the Beautiful:We finally get to see what Thomas’s threats are all about when we see him on last Friday’s episode where he tailgates Emma off the road on Mulholland Drive, and if you’ve ever driven on Mulholland it is not the place to be speeding or tailgating especially at night. We watch as Zoe, Xander, and Flo wonder whether or not Emma has had the time to tell Hope the truth – baby Beth was not stillborn instead she was taken and forged as Flo’s baby that she has given up who currently lives with Steffy and Liam as adopted Phoebe II. 

However, the news about Emma’s death circulates after Justin calls Bill to give him the news. Her death leaves Xander, Zoe, and Flo, wondering if Thomas killed her. Xander is right though, “That’s the thing about secrets… it’s hard to keep the lid on them.”  

While Xander and Flo accuse Thomas about Emma's death, Zoe keeps making unnecessary excuses for Thomas almost like she keeps making excuses for her father’s action when it comes to baby Beth. We get that she wants to keep her dad out of jail, but come on, he’s a criminal at this point. However, let's give it up to Thomas for the lies he thinks is going to fly even though Pam is making her way around making sure he is a prime suspect – subconsciously.

The memorial that was held for Emma at Forrester was great and put together, but it only felt like it was a regular business meeting. Most of what was said about Emma was about how great she was as an employee, but not of her character. It’s as generic as it could be for a group of people that keep talking about how much they loved her.
After the wake of Emma’s memorial, we see Hope trying to push through everything as she goes with Thomas and Douglas to Liam and Steffy’s place to get the cousins together. Adding to Hope’s mom and Bill’s concern, Liam speaks his mind to let Hope know that he does not trust Thomas as most people don’t. Rightly so, on Friday's great deliverance and cliff hanger we see Thomas slipping a drug into Liam's drink, and whispering goodbye to himself and Hope as this weird connection to Phoebe???  

We guess we’ll find out this upcoming week whether or not Hope finds out the truth about her baby and whether or not Liam lives!

The Young and the Restless: Last week we see how Devon is still severely impacted by Hilary’s death with a major panic attack when he thinks he saw her walking in through the door to his apartment. He was lucky that Elena was the one who walked through the door – Dr. Dawson to the rescue! Devon truly is struggling with her death even if he does have it under control as he says he does. The problem that we saw and was voiced by his little sister, Ana is his home is Hilary’s shrine to her! What doesn’t seem right is that Elena is blaming herself for not allowing him to grief. It looks like Devon’s little sister got to him. He’s slowly letting go of Hilary.

On the other hand, we get to see the love between Tessa and Mariah as they work together on Tessa’s new music video. However, it seems like Devon isn't taking their work as seriously as he should because he isn't taking Ana as seriously either! Sounds like a storyline that'll end with them becoming closer as siblings.

Poor Nick is trying to figure out whether or not he should forgive his sister, Victoria, and she sure is as sneaky as Adam! However, at least she and Nick have started talking to each other. Like Nick said he got his sister back! 

Thomas is definitely up to no good. Trying to find dirt about Nick for the custody of his son he uses Kevin to get dirt on him. The way to get information from Kevin? By kidnapping Chloe and using her as bait. Hopefully, Nick, Chloe, and Kevin can bring Adam to justice. 

While theYoung and the Restless has been going for a while, it feels like some of the actors need a few brush-ups when it comes to their acting skills like Michelle Stafford. Phyllis is supposed to be mean and vindictive, and the feeling we get from her is an annoyance.  

Hopefully after next weeks episode we can finally see if Hope will find out if Beth is still alive! Will Steffy give her up if she does figure it out? Is Liam going to be okay? How about Thomas, is Hope going to figure out what creep this dude is?

Performer of the Week:I have got to give it up to John Matthew Atkinson playing as Thomas because he sure made my blood boil. He knew how to make Thomas the creep character that he is. Lying to Hope about what he and Emma were arguing about and how he should’ve told Hope about their argument? Low blow, Thomas. To make it all worse, he tried to comfort Hope. He is also using his son, Douglas, to get to Hope and make her love him. Once again, Atkinson made sure we knew Thomas is a creep. John Matthew Atkinson made Thomas a real person though he is just a character.