The Bell Soaps: Reuniting Mothers

The Bold and the Beautiful: Thank goodness for Xander and the fact that he will not stop until Emma gets the justice she deserves for her death. We wonder if he can probably cause for police to search Thomas’s car?

Zoey is either in denial, or she's just as bad as Thomas and her father. She'd instead protect Thomas and her dad than tell Hope the truth. She’s shady as hell for calling Thomas and telling him all about how Xander knows that he wanted to tell the truth to Hope. Too bad he wasn't smart enough to keep it to himself because he can quickly delete the GPS that has the pinpoint where he got out to see Emma. Thomas still finds a way to get himself out of trouble once again.

Hope is acting like she can't use her brain or something because the way she is allowing Thomas to sway her opinion and choices is ridiculous. Agreeing to marry Thomas while still unsure about everything, grieving Beth, and still in love with Liam is hard for her.

Thomas is such a coward using a fake ghost to get Hope to his room. 

Whose more ridiculous than Hope? Ridge. He’s so oblivious or is in denial about his son. Ridge is acting as his son cannot harm Hope or anything.

The Young and the Restless: The biggest shocker of this week probably has to do with the fact that Calvin died of real natural causes - a blocked artery. With Calvin's death, it looks like Adam is on an ego trip. Instead of making sure Chelsea's okay he's more worried about Nick. At least Nick is there to take care of her. We’re just hoping one of them will be enough to take care of Chelsea. Though it doesn't look like Summer or Victoria are exactly thrilled, Nick is helping Chelsea. Can we blame them? She'll break his heart again.

At least Nick was able to give Victoria a farewell present for helping him with the family helicopter. How to take down Adam and Dark Horse by taking their most significant account – which means it'll go under and Victoria can choose the company to herself.

One thing that makes sense in Adam's insane actions is that he's doing all of this for his family. For the people, he loved before he lost his memories and way after he got them back. The conversation with Chelsea about them coming together has her feeling stressed out and suspicious of Adam.

It looks like Devon isn't the only one that holds onto memories and regrets. Elena showed up to Chelsea's apartment and picked up Calvin as a DOA – ‘death on arrival.' The death she saw just reminded her about her mother and how she wasn't there for her. It was just heartbreaking.

However, of course, Phyllis sticking her nose into something that doesn't even concern her. However, Paul, the detective, turned the tables on her and asked her about her "vacation," she keeps telling people about.

Moving onto the other Newman woman we’re all just pretty much glad that Summer came to her sense and apologized for the way she acted on her date with Theo last week. Those two are seriously cute together, and it doesn’t look like their fun is going to end anytime soon. It seems like her talk with Theo did her some good because Summer was able to pitch a great idea. She becomes an influencer and promotes JVC products and products that compliment JCV. 

It looks like more people are becoming suspicious about why Victor stepped down from the company allowing Victoria to run it. Doesn't help that victor forgot that he did pay the bill when out eating. Which is a side effect of the trial experiment he is on?

Mariah is creative because she gave Lola a once in a lifetime opportunity – to be the biggest hit online. First how to cook tutorials, then cookbooks, and eventually her show. Too bad her mom can’t keep her mouth shut and allow her to be happy about her successful first video.


Performer of the Week: Adain Bradley plays Xander Avant onThe Bold and the Beautiful, and he is a fantastic add on the soap. The way his energy is for Zoe's affection, the way he cared for Emma, and the way he doesn't care that he's standing up for what is right is fantastic. His passion can be seen through the screen, and the amount of care he has is tremendous. Adain did a trem