The Bell Soaps: Is it too late for them?

The Bold and the Beautiful: Looks like any doubts about Thomas is coming to a halt since he made his son scared to death thinking there is a ghost in his room with a projector under his bed. So, let’s count what shady things Thomas has done in the last few weeks. He’s drugged Liam, forced Douglas into loving Hope, forced – no, sorry - coached Douglas into asking Hope to marry him, manipulated Hope into agreeing into an engagement, has put a projector showing a flowing ghost with sounds in Douglas’s room to scare him, and now has started removing photos of Caroline and putting up Hope’s in Douglas’s bedroom. He’s not going to stop being shady and creepy, and we’re totally in love with it.

We’re just glad to see that Liam’s thoughts and worrisome are all about Hope. We’re just not sure how Steffy isn’t worried that Liam loves Hope. Also, super glad she isn’t in one another her bathing suits. They’re super cute, but it feels like she lives in them or something. On another note, at least Steffy is looking out for not only her brother but also Hope. The problem with the scenario is that maybe she should be looking out for only Hope.

Brooke has never been happy about Thomas, and she’s made her opinion voiced loudly – yay Brooke! 

We wonder if the wedding will happen next week after Phoebe called her mama.

The Young and the Restless: Apparently Chelsea isn’t the only one who is back, let’s give a warm welcome to Sharon and Faith. She’s finally seen who Adam is, and it just seems like he’s doing it all for his kids. Kids that were taken from him when he didn’t even know who he was.

Well, one of Adam’s schemes has come to light with Adam’s recording trying to frame Chelsea for her husband’s death. Unfortunately for Adam, he died of natural causes.

Celeste seems not to care that she was burned by Adrian. That their father burned her kids. I mean, who want someone who hasn’t been in their lives since before they were born to walk them down the aisle? 

It looks like Nick struck a chord with Phyllis. It’s true, play with the devil, and you’ll get burned. However, has she had a considerable turnaround? Because telling Adam to drop the custody battle is a huge deal – even for her. She has a point though Nick is all whom Christian knows. He needs to think about his son, and his happiness before his if he was that worried about him. 

Cane went to the party with Traci, and maybe there is some connection blooming between the two. Besides being her date and dressing the part, he makes her so happy! 

Abby has some nerve asking Phyllis to go into business with her knowing her family will not like that all. Who knows maybe this will help her in the long run? However, of course, showing up to the Newman family dinner isn’t going in the right direction

Asking Elena to move in is a massive deal for Devon, especially after the death of Hilary.

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Performer of the week: We have to give it up to Katherine Kelly Lang for her role on Brooke on The Bold and the Beautiful. She played the worried mother so well this week. While the entire storyline is currently focused on the wedding between Hope and Thomas, she was definitely the star this week. It felt like we can see her worry in her eyes. She felt like she could genuinely be Hope’s mother. The way she doesn’t light up in the party planning and the way she clashes with Ridge. She’s a veteran on this show since the 80s, and her grace playing Brooke has just gotten better.