The Bell Soaps: Is The Secret Out?

The Bold and the Beautiful: It looks like the wedding between Hope and Thomas is official. Looks like a round of applause are in order for the newly married couple, Thomas and Hope Forrester. Too bad she doesn’t look as happy as she should for someone who had just gotten married. The writers are incredibly reaching with the whole Hope having this weird connection to Phoebe and not realizing that is Beth. But, it’s a train wreck no one can peel their eyes from. Once she does find out will she take her from Steffy, will Steffy fight for her? What’s going to happen? Technically the writers allowed Douglas to tell Hope about Beth being alive, but no one ever listens to the children. 

Thank god for drunk Flo because without it I don’t think she would have been able to stand up to Thomas. But between Thomas, Zoe, and her mom trying to talk her out of telling Hope the truth who knows if she’ll tell anyone the truth about Beth. In case you forgot, Beth is alive and has been given to Steffy as Flo’s baby, but she and Liam don’t know that. We just feel so bad for Flo being so scared of Thomas since he threatened her life. 

What does Thomas expect from Hope since he manipulated her into a wedding? He’s pacing around his room as if he expected Hope to just forget about everything including Phoebe calling her mama during the wedding and just be with him during the wedding night. Did he really think he manipulated Hope into loving him? No, she loves Douglas. Sucks to be you, Thomas.

The Young and the Restless: Of course, Adam is going to take the custody hearing to a whole new level. We’re rooting for Nick to win, and the judge can see through Adam’s BS. It looked like Adam was going to lose, but it seems like making Kevin send Brenda the video of Nick impersonating JT will not be a good thing. If this were anyone else than Adam Nick bringing up, Delia would have been a low blow, but it is Adam. Though after the custody hearing, it doesn’t look so good. But it’s definitely a twist when the judge decided that neither Nick nor Adam can take care of Christian. Now it looks like Victoria is in the middle of the custody battle as she will be Christian’s temporary guardian.  It’s so heartbreaking watching Nick say goodbye to Christian. He truly loves him as if he was his, and hopefully, this works out in his favor.

Maybe it’s Phyllis’s new attitude or something, but she’s definitely growing on us. She knows Adam winning custody of Christian will never be a good thing. 

We have to give it up to the women of The Young and the Restlessbecause Lauren is one sharp cookie. She knows – well at least she feels – something is up with Kevin and Michael is trying to help him. 

Victor and Nikki have a huge decision to make. With Victor’s regimen making him confused and disoriented, and he doesn’t want to continue his life like that. However, Nikki wants him to stay so he can continue to live and be with her. But at least they came to the agreement of taking a vacation close to home, but still far enough to be alone.

Lola is taking her emotions about Kyle’s past a little too personal. He hadn’t even met her at that point. Everyone has a history, and she’s definitely blowing it out of proportion. But, does Celeste really have any right to talk about Kyle when she’s back with Adrian? The only thing that we all can agree about is that Celeste feels betrayed about is that Lola never told her about almost dying and needing a liver transplant and has every right to feel that way.

Kathy Hutchins | Shutterstock

Kathy Hutchins | Shutterstock

Performer of the Week: Eva LaRue delivered Celeste Rosales this week on a silver platter. She was nothing short of brilliant this week, and it’s so sad to think she might not be coming back until Lola’s wedding to Kyle. Eva is a daytime soap opera veteran, but her emotions ranged from excited to angry to sad all in one week, and that just shows how much of a great actress she is. You can hear the betrayal and hurt in her voice when not one of her kids told her about Lola being in a coma or needing and having a liver transplant. You can hear and see the annoyance and the bitterness when she confronts Lola and Kyle about Kyle’s past after speaking to Theo. Eva brings Celeste out in a way that no one else can.

Update: A couple of updates on our favorite CBS soaps. Looks like the secret about Phoebe/Beth is finally coming out as Emmy winning Vincent Irizarry will be joining the cast of The Bold and the Beautiful as Dr. Jordan Armstrong. But unfortunately, we won’t be meeting Dr. Armstrong until next month! Chloe Mitchell will be back as Elizabeth Hendrickson has recently posted an old behind the scenes on Instagram announcing her return to The Young and the Restless.