The Bell Soaps: 'Til Death Do Us Part

The Bold and the Beautiful: Whatever the drug Thomas put inside Liam's drink wasn't to poison him, it was to give him this energy that gave him word vomit! It kind of looks like he’s rolling on something. Whatever Thomas gave him did a number on Hope just like Thomas planned. 

Hope told Liam to go and be with Steffy to raise the girls with her. She said to him that they needed to break up and get a divorce. Why is she acting as he cheated on her? Even if Beth was stillborn, the two could have leaned on each other. She has no one – not even herself – to blame. She did what she thought she had to do, but maybe that was what she didn't need to do. 

Hope’s so angry that he slept with Steffy, but she, herself, is debating whether or not she should get with Thomas. This is probably an unpopular opinion, but she shouldn’t be so angry at Liam. She told him to leave and be with Steffy, she was with Liam, and understandable she had gone through unimaginable pain, but she could have dealt with it with Liam.

The hard part about watching Hope think that Steffy and Liam are falling in love is that she’s so close to finding out who Beth is. Amazingly, she sees Beth in Phoebe, but no one has told her who she is.

The person that is going to get the most hurt from all of this is Douglas. Thomas is coaching him what to say, how to feel, and how to act around Hope. He still misses his mom and doesn’t look like he has this connection with Hope that Thomas is pushing for. Then force him to propose to Hope and pretending he has no idea how he got to the ring? 

Please leave it to Xander to figure out to prove to the world that Thomas is responsible for everything that has happened with Emma. Hopefully, he finds everything he can to pin it on Thomas and finally get what he deserves. 

 The Young and the Restless: Looks like Chelsea is officially back in Adam and Nick's life, and she wants out now. We don't blame her. What we do blame her for is trying to tell Adam to let her son go. It's one thing to let her go, but it's one thing to ask him to let it go and let someone else be his dad.

 It would not be The Young and the Restless if Chelsea’s husband didn’t follow her to Genoa City. However, Calvin is trying to be a sound of reason by telling Chelsea he thinks that they should give up Connor to Adam. Calvin believes that Adam deserves to be Connor's dad and begin to gain what he has lost. All that is great if he didn't just end up dead.

Phyllis is definitely here to stay and to continue to annoy everyone. However, her memories are impeccable because she just realized Kevin is the one who kidnapped her only from his scent. He's playing dumb for the time being. 

The bad part about teaming up with Adam? Everyone hates you. Did Phyllis think that anyone was going to show up to hear party? Of course not! That’s what she gets for teaming up with the devil and playing innocent.

Devon is coming around and has already started packing Hilary's stuff, but something doesn't feel quite all right. Something good came out of it though – he's talking. Devon was finally able to tell some stories and be ready to start grieving. One thing The Young and the Restless is doing right is giving Elena the attention she deserves.

 Thomas doesn’t play around, asking Kevin to find out where his son is. He will do whatever it takes to get Christian and Connor back, and I don’t think kidnapping is off the table.

Typical Summer to use alcohol to deal with whatever crap she’s going through at the moment. However, leave it to Phyllis to show up at the wrong time… alternatively, the right time depends on how you see it.

While we didn't get to know whether or not Hope finds out about Beth we did some juicy content this week. Will Xander tell Hope everything? Will Hope agree to the marriage? Will Thomas shut him up? How about Phyllis and Adam? Did Adam kill Calvin? Does Phyllis finally get Summer back? Who knows! Catch up with us next week!

Performer of the week: Michelle Stafford is doing a fantastic job with Phyllis. She's cocky, annoying, vindictive, and at the same time, she's also regretful. Stafford has brought Phyllis out in a light that makes her feel real. She makes annoyed when she downplays her cocky attitude and teaming up with Adam like she isn't doing anything, but then something happens like no one coming to the 4th of July party she planned, and it makes you feel a certain way about it all. Michelle is doing something right.