The Bell Soaps: The Children Are Back!

The Bold and the Beautiful: We have never felt so excited like seeing Liam and Hope finding out the truth about baby Beth. Thomas is livid, but at least he's getting what he deserves. We just hope that Liam can get to Thomas before he and Hope take off on the Forrester jet.

Thomas may or may not be a psychopath, but it doesn't look like he truly is in his right mind. Where is Ridge blaming him? He's still acting like he's innocent in all of this when he isn't.

The one person to feel bad for (besides Liam and Hope) is Steffy. She's losing the daughter she has cared for and loved since the day she was born. It wasn't her fault that she was dragged into the drama that was created by Thomas, Flo, Zoe, and her dad. Will she recover? We're not sure, but Ridge is not making anything better for her. He just can't see how horrible his son is.

As much as we want to hate Flo for everything we can't! She was guilty, but she wanted to tell Hope the truth! But of course, Thomas threatening her life got in the way. She needs punishment, that much is true; however, Flo knows what she did was wrong, she knows she should've said something to Hope and Liam. Maybe Wyatt will take a few days to himself and go back to Flo, and perhaps he won't. Possibly her most significant consequence is losing Wyatt.

The Young and the Restless: Cannot believe we're writing this, but we hope after everything Phyllis has done for Nick that she can get The Grand Phoenix hotel out from under Adam. We just hope that she gets someone to help her buy The Grand Phoenix from Adam to run the business.

Speaking of Adam, he just can't help himself getting into it with Nick by telling Christian he's his biological father. We don't know if he's sincere about wanting Christian in his life as his son or not, especially after he faked the paternity test to show he isn't Christian's dad. We hope he truly cares for Christian. We also hope he isn't using Sharon for the sake of getting back at Nick. But sleeping with her is definitely not helping anyone. But does Adam actually love Sharon? Does he genuinely want to be with her – in a relationship?

We see a new side of Adam when Connor shows up to see him. His love for him is so pure that we get to see a brand-new human front of him, a side that Sharon knows is there. A side no one wants to believe is there.

There will be a massive blow out between Theo and Kyle, and that's something everyone will want to watch. Theo is just this ticking time bomb that doesn't like that Kyle is dumping him for the adult life.

It looks like Lola's culinary career and wedding is going to take off without a hitch. She's definitely a bigger person inviting Summer like that to her co-ed bachelor/bachelorette party. We just hope that Abby isn't going to cause any trouble for Mariah during the party itself. It looks like the one who's causing problems is Theo, Abby, and Summer.

It just feels that one day, Billy is going to hurt himself or maybe even Adam? He's talking like Delia is going to respond to him. Someone is messing with him, but who? The theory we have is that if he's capable of sleepwalking maybe – just maybe – he's the one doing it while he's sleeping?


Performer of the Week: This week we got see a side of Steffy we haven't seen in a long time. Jacqueline MacInnes Wood did her character justice this week. Typically she's stoic, without emotions, and for some odd reason, her character's children are always napping. But this week she got it right. We can feel every heartbreaking moment when she kept having to think about Liam calling Phoebe/Beth, Beth. We literally cried big fat tears when she started freaking out and crying when Hope told her she was going to take her daughter home. Jacqueline did her character the justice she deserved. It felt like Jacqueline knew what Steffy thought at that moment. We kind of wonder what trauma Jacqueline has relieved to show that pain on screen. Maybe she's just a great actress – which we can all agree this hot mama knows how to act when need be!