Mzansi: How The Mighty Have Fallen!

Generations: The Legacy We’re an episode short this week on Generations, but it’s still as impactful as it usually is! There is excitement, tears, horror, and backstabbing; it’s definitely the week to tune in.

By the looks of it, we can probably say that Mrekza is re-thinking Lucy’s engagement. Hopefully, they do get married! She loves him, and it looks like he finally loves her just as much! It’s kind of entertaining to watch him squirm trying to find the best way to propose to her. He’s the life of the show because the proposal he gave us all something to laugh at. He loves her, and it’s totally all over his face that he does.

Kumkani is still drinking his life away ever since Tshidi’s death. It’s like life doesn’t matter to him. It’s incredibly heartbreaking to watch. Tua is trying to get in the middle by reminding him that the world moves on after Tshidi’s death, but Kumkani doesn’t want to hear it. He probably shouldn’t feel bad. Kumkani doesn’t care at this point.

Zitha honestly is an artist when it comes to making people hate her – even the ones she loves. While Jack found out she was partly responsible for Tshidi’s death, she’s now thinking of ways to short circuit his short-term memory, and if that doesn’t work then try to kill him in a way to make it natural. Will electrocuting him actually take his memory away?

Sandal!: While the storyline for this week on Scandal! Isn’t as juicy as it was for Generations it still gave us a great story to keep us all in the loop.

First off, it looks like Mlungisi and Ma’Sikhakhane have officially come to forgive each other for what they have done to each other. Lindiwe must be through the roof excited now.

Now that Ma’Maduna knows that her son can talk and walk freely, he has told her everything – including that Xolile is the one who had shot him. He wants her to play dumb and steal Boniswa’s phone, so he can find evidence of her criminal activities.

Of course, the resident bad girl, Yvonne, has stuck her nose in where it doesn’t belong. Shishi giving Yvonne money is serious business, especially since she is dating Neo. However, according to her lies, Yvonne is helping her on a makeover for Neo.

Honestly, the stars of this episode have got to be hands down Romeo and Chumani for tricking Mthunzi in transferring fake 10.2 million dollars. But at least they were able to literally smoke him out of his wheelchair and live to stream it. This way everyone knows who Mthunzi really is.

Quinton is still playing with fire when it comes to the gambling games, he’s been hosting every night behind Neo. He’s lying to everyone, and Yvonne is the one making sure he keeps his mouth shut to literally anyone. This is definitely going to blow up in his face.

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Performer of the Week: Mrekza has been the life of Generations this entire week. The person to get him there? No other than Kope Makgae brought his character to life. This week we got to see him so incredibly happy and nervous when asking Lucy to marry him. We got to hilariously watch him figure out how to ask her, and best of all we got to watch him realize that he wanted to marry him. Kope brings in the lightness and happiness and even a little bit of comedy to the Mzansi world. While the soaps are meant to be full of drama, Kope’s small bit of comedy is what makes Generations better.