The Bell Soaps: The Evil Ones Lose!

The Bold and the Beautiful: As someone who has lost a lot, we would have hoped that Hope would be a little bit more considerate to the fact that Steffy is also going to lose a daughter. She probably cares, but if it comes in the way of her happiness, she’s ready to snatch it without caring how Steffy is feeling. At least she was the bigger person and let go of Beth.

It’s such a sweet moment watching Beth going home with Liam and Hope, and we’re just glad that Ridge finally sees the truth about Thomas. Hopefully, he’s able to locate him and punish him as he is doing with Zoe and Flo.

Even though Ridge is a trooper for everyone since Beth is officially home with Hope. However, the sadness and pain he feels for his daughter, and the anger he feels at his son is still heartbreaking just as bad as when Steffy realized she was losing a child.

Wyatt just can’t let bygones be bygones. He broke up with Sally because she kept a secret, but he was incredibly ready to turn his back everything from Flo and throw her under the bus for what she did to Beth, Liam, and Hope. But, then again, B&B writers were never one to keep a secret. What irks about Wyatt is that he runs from Sally to Flo and now he’s back to Sally? The audacity on that man.

The Young and the Restless: It just continues to become cute watching Adam and Connor together. Hopefully, this brings his humanity back. Letting Connor live with Adam is a huge step and maybe going alternating week/weekends are better, but full time living? That’s a hard pass.

Too bad Victoria and Nick aren’t allowing and going against court orders to enable Adam to see his son. It’s not that we think Adam has a right; it’s these people THINK they have a right. They ride their mighty horse and pretend they are so much better than everyone, but in reality, they aren’t any better than Adam. 

Whether or not the question is if Adam loves his son, it’s who’s going to stop him? Victor just sent Adam papers relaying that he is officially served to not come near Christian. Will Adam back down? Probably not, but the fact that he has to hear his own father telling him he doesn’t want him or worse regrets bringing him into his life cuts, badly. 

Abby doesn’t want to take any responsibility for what happened at the Bachelor/Bachelorette party, and that’s fine, but throwing Summer under the bus obviously shows how much she hasn’t matured. Phyllis is right about one thing, Abby, girl, you do sound insanely jealous.  

But, of course, this girl just doesn’t receive the get what she deserves. Instead, she’s going to buy The Grand Phoenix and throws Phyllis under the bus. If it’s not one thing, it’s another with this girl. 


Performer of the Week: Mark Grossman is definitely a versatile actor. The 32-year-old allowed us to feel his character’s emotions during this week. Just from his resume, we can tell Grossman can portray any emotion at the drop of a hat, but we got to see that first hand when his character Adam saw his son Connor for the first time in a long time. We saw Grossman allow his role to show the love he so wanted to his son. He showed Connor that he is his father. We also got to see Grossman break when his father reveals that Victor regrets bringing him into his life. You can hear in his voice that he wants to scream and cry but tries to preserve himself for the sake of not feeling weak. Grossman allowed us to see him happy, angry, sad, and best of all, loved when he was reunited with Connor.