Mzansi: A Week of Torture!

Generations: The Legacy Looks like Joshua’s racist words have landed him in hot waters with a lot of people – literally. Now that he has a mob wanting his head, it’ll be hard to get himself out of it without the police’s involvement. All they want is him to publicly apologize him live to all South Africans. 

Lerato is definitely in out of her head with the mob. The police are waiting for her, she’s made a point to stream Joshua live on her personal Twitter account. Whatever she was thinking is going to get her in deep trouble. Smanga used everyone’s emotions and just fueled them to the point of no return. His problem is that he doesn’t want to take responsibility for his own hate speech that riled everyone up. On the bright side, Lerato was able to leave on bail.

The problem with race wars is no one wins. Joshua knows who has kidnapped Lerato, but refuses to help? What? The only thing he can do is say he has nothing to do with her kidnap when they find her? How about actually helping find her! Bring her justice. He was humiliated, but he’s signing her death sentence.

Pele is close to finding out who is in charge of the drug cartel. He’s already raided Lucy’s house with a warrant. Cosmo is no better than Lucy. He’s so prominent in trying to fight her, but he still ends up agreeing to go with her ridiculous plans. They’re both going to get caught, and there is no going back.

Kumkani is not taking Tshidi’s death very well; would anyone? However, all he’s doing is drinking himself to literal death. He’s even carrying a gun with him, sleeping with it, and his future looks grim if he continues in this direction.

Scandal!: Quinton just can’t keep putting himself out of trouble because the gambling game he is trying to have before even getting the license is trouble! Let’s see how long it takes before he cops raid the party. Plus, it looks like Dintle isn’t too fond of him working with Yvonne.

We’ve been on Lindiwe’s side since the beginning but making excuses for her dad’s drinking is definitely not the way to go. She needs to be somewhere stable like her mom’s place. Mlungsi’s a drunk, and it doesn’t look like it’ll lighten up anytime soon. It’s hard watching a family fall apart, and it’s harder when someone in the family won’t stop drinking to stop the pain they’re feeling. We like Mlungsi, hopefully 

Mthunzi is a sneaky person getting up like that after everyone’s gone to sleep and sneaking out. Will anyone in the house be safe from Mthunzi? It looks like the caretaker has witnessed everything. Sloppy, sloppy Mthunzi. But why tell Sewela everything? Why tell her the truth if it can get him in trouble too? If he tells them about the fraud in the company, Xolile shooting him, and anything else it’ll come back to haunt him considering he shot Boniswa’s husband. Poor Sewela, we wouldn’t trust him, and it looks like she had the same exact thought because 

Chumani and Boniswa are definitely not seeing eye to eye when it comes to the family business. As he, Boniswa, Yvonne, and Xolile are shareholders, it only seems fit if everyone is included when it comes to the company. Apparently, three of the four don’t agree. Xolile and Chumani go behind Boniswa’s back to Yvonne knowing those two don’t get along to vote their mom out of the board. That’s just plain shady. They’ve made her cry, and it’s almost like they don’t care. 


Performer of the Week: We have got to give it up to the beautiful and talented Candice Modiselle who plays Lerota Matema on Generations: The Legacy. She knows how to play the worried sister, the activist, and more importantly, she plays a huge role in starting a riot in Joshua Warren’s office over his racial remarks. Candice is diverse in her acting, and it shows ultimately when she is nervous while speaking to the police over the phone during the protest. You can tell how scared she is when she acts afraid after realizing she was kidnapped, and you can tell how much she regrets everything. When you watch Candice, you don’t watch an actress you are watching Lerota. You can feel what Lerota is feeling and that is important to any actress. Having the audience feel everything in comfort in their own home is phenomenal. We can’t wait to see if she survives next week on Generations: The Legacy.