The Bell Soaps: Will They Or Won't They? Is Thomas Dead? Chloe Is Back!

The Bold and the Beautiful: Flo sure had some nerve asking Hope for forgiveness. Her entire life was flipped upside down, and Flo wants to look like she is the victim. On the bright side, we managed to get some fantastic cheek slapping action as Hope hits Flo.

Justin is back trying to officially “un-adopt” Beth so she can formally be back with Hope and Liam. He is also going to help annul Hope’s marriage to Thomas.

Thomas is still in hiding, and now even Douglas is wondering where his daddy is. Though he genuinely is delusional if he thinks he can get Hope back. It really does look like Thomas might be sick with something – bipolar, psychosis, etc. Whatever it is, it seems like he needs significant help. Man, we knew Thomas has some issues, but the way he’s speaking to Douglas really brings out the evil in him. The way Thomas is acting is making us super grateful for our own dads – jeez. Maybe all he needed to hear was how much he can be useful from his own son, but how long will that last?

With Ridge still denying who Thomas really is, it makes it harder to feel any sympathy for him. He’s so quick to drop the hammer onto Flo but won’t take any responsibilities for his own son. It doesn’t look like Ridge isn’t going to stop believing in Thomas anytime soon – that’s a good dad.

How will Brooke and Ridge continue with Thomas pushed off the side of Steffy’s house? Did he die?

The Young and the Restless: It looks like Kyle, and Lola Abbott are an official Mr. and Mrs. But will they last?

Celeste is back, but confronting Lola and Kyle on their wedding night? It’s lovely of her apologizing for her actions before the wedding and giving them the blessing, they wanted. Apparently, she isn’t the only surprise for Lola and Kyle. Adrian definitely knows how to make an entrance.

Adrian isn’t making things easier by not leaving the wedding Lola doesn’t want him at. With Arturo being back will he and Rey be able to get him to go before Lola spots them? That doesn’t work that way. However, he’s acting like never being in Lola’s life and saying some beautiful things to her will have her fall to her knees and forgive him for everything.

The hurt in Summer’s eyes isn’t exactly lost to us. She’s honestly the biggest trooper compared to a lot of people. They all think she tricked him into marrying her out of spite, but in reality, she loved him.

Zoe seems just as sketchy as Theo is. What is her game?

Adam, dude, come on now!! Asking Sharon to marry you?!? Now that’s just insane! Adam and Sharon kind of remind me of The Joker and Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. Only we’re not sure if Adam is Harley or The Joker. Whoever he is, she is definitely the stronger of the two.

Billy has just gone and lost his mind completely. Not only is he obsessed with Adam and won’t get help for the night terrors he’s now having meetings with Phyllis about taking down Adam. Or taking them both down?


Performer of the Week: Normally Annika Noelle doesn’t blow our minds away playing Hope Logan, but this week she proved what a strong and valuable actress she can be. The anger we saw in Hope is because of Annika. The disdain she projected to Flo felt real when we were watching. Annika may not play a grieving mother well, but she definitely does anger properly. Out of both shows, she definitely stood out the most this week. It’s like finding her on-screen child alive gave her the strength to be angry.