Mzansi: Here's To New Beginnings! A Wedding And A Birth!

Generations: The Legacy Mrekza is definitely going to become one of those loathed groomzillas, and we're totally here for it. How is he a groomzilla? He needed Lucy to move into a home together before the wedding, brought in a wedding designer even though Gogo wanted to make his wedding tux, and now he doesn't like her wedding ideas? Dude, I'd be super careful if I were you. He's just lucky that Lucy is letting him plan everything.

Then again, maybe Lucy just doesn't care as much about a wedding as she wants to be married to Mrekza. Gogo is right, Lucy has never been the girly type. She has always been one of the guys, and while she loves Mrekza and wants to be his wife, she doesn't want the whole shebang, and Mrekza is definitely not listening to her.

Gogo and Mam'Zondiwe playing matchmakers between Palesa and Pele. While they want to get together, he just won't let himself go there. Which we still don't understand. Palesa is right about one thing – she's doing everything from behind the books... so why not?

Zitha sure is making it hard for us to even have some sort of sympathy for her love for Jack. She made things go from kind of okay to complete crap. The question on everyone's mind right now is whether or not Jack is faking his memory loss? Now she wants to plan Tshidi's death on Nkaba. One thing to come from her snooping and deceiving? She might find out that Tshidi is still alive.

Scandal!: Looks like Romeo and Xolile are forever parents now – a beautiful little boy. But it doesn't look like things are going right for the baby boy. Though we are glad, he was able to pull through and finally go home with Xolile.

As much as Boniswa bugs us we kind of feel bad for her as she isn't allowed to hold the baby let alone be near him. Now Chumani and Xolile are talking about moving out of the house as Xolile blames her mother for everything that has happened within the last two weeks.

However, it looks like Romeo has officially left the coop. Maybe it was the birth, or perhaps it was the fact that the child was in ICU, either way, he freaked the hell out and has packed a bag and left. She has a right to be upset, Chumani can help with the baby if Romeo is too scared to.

It seems like congratulations are all around, Vee is signing contracts for his novel! We're all hoping he's genuinely the next bestselling author. Too bad to become published, he might have to pay them money to get his book out to the public.

Quinton is going to get into significant trouble. Everyone thinks trouble finds him because of how much of a smooth talker he is, but in reality, he goes looking for trouble.

Neo may not be able to be talked out of destroying Chillax. Ndu doesn't know what's coming to him because he went behind Neo's back.

However, it looks like Neo might have a lot more to worry about besides Chillax.

Ingrid and Zweli have started a work romance it looks like, but we all know she shouldn't trust him. But does she? Yeah, she does. Maybe Mary can talk some sense into her, and perhaps not. Whatever it is, it looks like Ingrid needs to watch her back when it comes to Zweli.

Performer of the Week: Yvonne from Scandal! bugs all of us, and it just makes us appreciate the actress a lot more. Kgomotso Christopher as a 40 year old actress from South African. While Yvonne is only impressive because of Kgomotso she herself is even more incredible. Besides working in TV for the last two years she also takes care of her husband - since 2004 - and her two children. What makes her an all rounded actress is that she didn’t outright get an education in theatre or acting. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Law and Politics from the University of Cape Town. So beauty and brains? While she did get her degree in law and politics she ended up receiving the Jules Kramer Award for Fine Arts. Which in turn allowed her to move to New York City. Yes, the South African babe also received her Masters in Fine Arts in theatre arts from Columbia University. Since graduating she has ultimately acted in a few plays in New York that included Romeo and Juliet, Midsummer Night’s Dream, and so much others. While we think she could have been huge in the States after a few years working in the United Kingdom and the States her heart yearned for South Africa. She ended up moving back in 2008. Since then she has gotten married and has two children. She didn’t start acting in South Africa until 2010 where she stared in 4Play: Sex Tips for Girls. Eventually she has steadily worked jumping from projects like Isidingo to Zaziwa. Currently she is doing a fabulous job in allowing us to know Yvonne in Scandal! for who she truly is - a con artist.