The Bell Soaps: Will The Bad Guys Win?

The Bold and the Beautiful: On Monday all we get out of the episode is Douglas doing what no adult was able to do – tell Hope and Liam the truth about Beth. But, too bad, no one believes him. It just looks like he’s so torn in wanting to do what his dad wants him to do and keep quiet and telling the truth. Looks like Douglas is a better person than any of the adults have been. He knows what a terrible person Thomas is or at least in his own words, “you’re mean.”

Give it up to Liam, figuring out that Phoebe is Beth. We don’t think that Steffy will let go that easily. Tears, and we mean, massive blubbing tears streaming down our faces watching Liam reunite with Beth. He might be gaining a biological daughter, but Steffy's losing her adopted daughter - insert more tears.

We’ve also found the most annoying woman on B&B – Zoe. She will do anything to protect her father and herself, and that’s admirable if it wasn’t incredibly illegal what her dad did! All Flo wants to do is tell the truth, and between Thomas threatening her, and Zoe trying to talk her out of it it’s hard. As hard as it was, at least she told the truth finally.

 Speaking of Thomas, he keeps making Hope feel bad. First, he manipulated her into a marriage, and now he wants to basically force her to sleep with him. He’s upset she’s thinking about Liam and Douglas even though he knows that’s why she’s even with him. Trying to get a clean break with Hope in tow knowing there is something wrong is not a way to ease her mind.

CHILLS watching Hope finally finding out that Beth is alive just pure chills.

The Young and the Restless: Michael is undoubtedly full of himself if he thinks he can beat Adam at his own game. However, with the deal he just made with the devil probably means he’s just as evil as he is.

Sharon may or may not be in love with Adam instead of Rey. She might be in love with Rey too, but the way she defends Adam's actions, it’s hard to believe she doesn’t love him. This is insane, Rey is a GOOD man, and now it seems like she’s throwing him away just to defend Adam! However, badgering Rey like that at the bar is not a good thing for Adam. Especially with Rey being so pissed at him anyways.

What we witnessed last week when we said goodbye to Celeste is a lot different than what Lola thinks about her mother. We’re just happy that Kyle is there to make sure that Lola is okay. We’re rooting that they stay together as long as she remembers to plan the honeymoon! We’re just glad they have the type of relationship that they can joke about something as crucial as honeymoons.

Victor has had a change of heart since the last time we saw him with Nikki. Last time we saw them, they had gotten away on a small getaway, and while on the getaway, Victor had let her know he wanted to stop the medication he was on because he was becoming forgetful. But now Victor wants to start stage two of the drug to see if he can beat his illness. But it looks like round two is not as easy as he thought it would be.

Whatever is going on with Billy is just not getting any better. He can’t sleep, he can’t stop thinking about Delia, and Billy thinks he’s seeing her. He decided on taking not one, but two sleeping pills thinking that will help him. They usually recommend one pill, not two. No wonder he ended up back at the house where Delia died without knowing how he got there. On the bright side, he’s finally sought out a therapist.

Okay, we haven’t been a big fan of Phyllis this entire summer, but, after she managed to get Victoria to buy some properties from Dark Horse to make amends with the Newman (or some of them) family. Maybe Phyllis is more of a badass than anyone has given her credit for it.


Performer of the Week: Out of all of the actors, the person that really stood out was Henry Joseph Samiri, who plays Douglas Forrester. He’s wrapped up in Douglas like he really is his character. It’s so incredibly amazing that this is his very first time in an acting role. His facial features when he’s mad, confused, or even scared are all different, and it just makes the storyline a lot better – he’s made the storyline a lot better. Can’t wait to see what Henry has in store for us as he becomes older - maybe we'll see him on the big screen!