Mzansi: Two Guns and Two Weddings!

Generations: The Legacy It looks like Mrekza kind of let the night before getting ahead of him because the wedding is here, and he isn't. One he made a huge deal of, who knew Lucy would care so much that he might not make it. She cried, and she hates crying, this is the most depressing wedding – poor Lucy! So now

On the bright side, at least he's trying to make it, the question everyone poses is whether or not he will make it? He truly does love Lucy though because who would just hop into a random car with people he doesn't know. We just hope he makes it. The priest is only giving them an hour. Mrekza's unfortunate lousy luck was probably getting robbed of everything including clothes on his wedding day!

What we can't understand is Mrekza's bad luck – we mean bad like horrible luck. First, he wakes up in a field with his hands tied, then a couple of kids steal his phone, then he gets robbed by a bunch of dudes in a car who also take his clothes, then the pastor leaves and last but not least three security guards wanted to have him arrested for trespassing. Lucy looked devastated, but at least he made it before the guests left. At least they are now officially man and wife, and she can make fun of what happened during the wedding.

All Mpho wanted to do was make Tshidi proud of him since her "death." But everything has come down on him that he just felt lost – we've all been there – so we can see how heartbreaking this is for him. But stealing money for a supposed tutor is not the way to go! No wonder he looks so defeated. It's a good thing that Kumkani cares about him a lot more than he lets on!

On the bright side, at least Lesedi came back for the wedding! She had to disguise herself on account that she is pregnant, but still, that's exciting having her on the small screen again! No one did recognize her, and Gogo made sure that she knew she is always welcome to visit home whenever she wants since they are family.

Too bad Lucy had to cut her honeymoon short just so she can take care of business when it came to Mrekza's ex-girlfriend, and Lesedi sneaking into the wedding and coming home. Each woman has got to have taken Lucy to heart.

Scandal!: Looks like Romeo has come to his senses since he saw his son born. Ntsika will have both parents in his life, but can Romeo continue to be there for him? We will say this, thank goodness, for Xolile's grandmother, who talked some sense into Romeo. On the bright side, at least Xolile and Romeo have pushed past his insecurities of not being a good enough father.

It looks like Yvonne is gotten way over her head, and all because she was what, greedy? Maybe, but one person she has to thank for her troubles is Dintle. If she weren't so jealous, then Neo wouldn't know that Yvonne and Quinton were holding an illegal casino during the after-hours of Q's Lounge and poaching his big-time players. Now Neo wants five million rands (dollars) from Yvonne, or he'll put a bullet through her, and we all know Neo isn't one to bluff about things like this. But to go to Chumani and beg for money it isn't a new low, but it's definitely fun to watch. On the bright side, she technically isn't asking for a loan. She's asking for Chumani to weaken her share on the company, and after the Mthunzi pays out, he just won't be able to.

Dintle sure loves putting herself into situations she knows she can't get out of. After going to Neo and butting her nose into everything, there is a war between Quinton and Neo. Now she's at Neo's doorstep asking him not to go to war with Quinton like this didn't start with her from the beginning.

It sure doesn't look like Neo was lying about what he sees between Quinton and Yvonne. Maybe something will eventually happen there. Neo was right Dintle is naïve if she thinks they are nothing more than just business partners, but perhaps she doesn't have to worry now that Neo and Yvonne are meeting face to face. We're thinking he was going to shoot her, and instead, they throw us for a loop by Neo asking Yvonne to marry him and he'll not only forgive her but wipe her debt clean. So that's his game, Neo wants Yvonne to lose the person she wants – Quinton – like she played him with Sheila. Yvonne isn't stupid either at least she's going to marry him, so he doesn't kill her. Too bad Quinton couldn't keep his distance cause not only did Yvonne make her bed and lay in it she did it with Quinton.

Neo isn't stupid, that's for sure, and he can tell how much Dintle likes Quinton. She's playing it off, obviously, that she only wants him as the father of her child and nothing more, but Neo can see through it. He can also see that since Quinton is siding with Yvonne, there is a good chance that Quinton is really deep into Yvonne. Obviously, he's not just going to stand there and allow her to stand up for Quinton since he's made his bed.

Poor Zinzile, having a strange man named Zacharia show up at her doorstep to take a look at the house that she, Lindiwe, and her man live in and ask to take a look around because a man name Matome is telling him that the house is for sale. It looks like there is no mistake, the house is for sale, and by the son of the late owner. Too bad he's a jerk.

However, maybe Lindiwe might be the families answered prayers. She is incredibly passionate about going into property investment, and who knows maybe something good will come out her working so hard, being so passionate, and even studying it at her college.

If we were Lindiwe, we'd drop Kgosi in a heartbeat, "think like a businessman," who does he think he is? No one in their right minds would pay two hundred rands just so Lindiwe can give him some sort of information about property investment. It's a good thing she has her aunt around to speak some sense into her and have her sit down a really, honestly explain all that goes into a scheme and what goes into property investment.

Performer of the Week: Vuyo Dabula who plays character Kumkani Phakade on Generations: The Legacy. This isn't his first acting job; he's down numerous roles that also includes a series called Yizo Yizo. In 1995 he graduated from P.H. Moeketsi Agricultural High School and then completed one more year of school at Wits Technicon the following year. Apparently, soaps aren't the only thing Dabula knows how to do – he also acts in films like Small Town Called Descent. He didn't actually start working until the year 2003 in a movie called Soldiers of the Rock. The forty-three-year-old is married and has one son. In 2016 Vuyo earned rewards in "SowetanLive Mzansi's Sexiest Man, Feather Awards best Hunk, and lastly, he was crowned the sexiest man by Vuzu 10/10.