The Bell Soaps: Thomas Is Alive! But Will Adam Eventually Die?

The Bold and the Beautiful: We had the biggest shocker of last week: Thomas being shoved off the beaches’ cliff.

Detective Sanchez has officially reopened Emma’s car crash. Are we even that surprised that he believes he’s a suspect?

Bill, Justin, and Wyatt are talking about how Thomas needs consequences for his actions when it comes to the selling of Beth. However, what they don’t realize is that Thomas may well be dead before he gets his “fate” as Bill puts it. As of now, Thomas is unconscious and ultimately fighting to save his life.

The men are a little bit behind the times trying to come up with a call where it will get Hope to call Thomas out of hiding. As he has already gone the deep end when it comes to Hope.

Hope is still trying to protect him, and we don’t know if it’s because she saw him fall off the side of the beach cliff of Steffy’s home. Maybe it’s PTSD that she’s feeling after witnessing her mom push Thomas off the cliff.

From the looks of it, Ridge thinks Brooke pushed Thomas on purpose. That she meant to push him off and kill him. Ridge is fighting to stay together for the sake of his child. He can’t help but feel like he might lose another child, and his grandchild will officially lose a second parent. Brooke is right – he needs to have positive thinking so Thomas can pull through. Though Thomas’s role in everything with Hope and Liam Ridge will always believe Brooke pushed him off the cliff on purpose.

Who we don’t understand is Bill Spencer Jr. and while he’s angry about everything the insensitivity he carries around when around the situation that Thomas is in. “Karma. Karma is a bitch” isn’t an answer to someone’s potential death. Bill’s intuition is right about one thing, Ridge is blaming Brooke for the fall that Thomas took, and it’s kind of creepy how much pleasure he is getting out of it.

I guess his son, Liam, is just like him because there is absolutely no compassion for a man who may or may not live.

At least everything that went down with Beth, Hope of all people is able, to tell the truth about everything. She could have lied saying that Thomas threatened her, or she at least felt incredibly threatened, but she didn’t. She told Ridge the truth about

Shauna is visiting Flo in jail, but the problem is that Shauna doesn’t have the money or the means to pay bail for Flo. It looks like Shauna will want to ask Quinn for the help. Maybe she will help since she feels like what Flo did is just as bad as Thomas and everyone wants to forgive him.

At least Thomas is alive! It seems like the swelling in his brain is receding.

The Young and the Restless: Last week was one for the books. Kyle and Lola were on their honeymoon, Celeste is back and flirting HARD with Jack Abbott, and we get to meet the elusive Adrian who crashed Lola’s wedding because he wanted to see his daughter get married. Adam asked Sharon to marry him, and she turned him down. To top it all off, Billy has developed an obsession with Adam, one that has become all-consuming.

Back from their honeymoon, Kyle sweetly refurnished their apartment to the nines with new furniture. Now that’s a good husband! However, it looks like Lola is totally acing the whole wife thing. A baseball night for two since he’s a big fan and all!

Too bad Theo also has the need to make Kyle’s life a living hell by dragging Zoe all around town with him and Summer.

Speaking of Theo, what we still don’t understand is why he is so interested in working with Mariah so severely. The job with Devon in Power Communications can’t be so great that he really thinks stealing it from her is worth it.

Devon honestly is the best boyfriend going to all of the trouble to make Elena a sumptuous breakfast before her first day of work at the hospital. But it looks like Devon might not entirely like how close Elena and Nate were when he crashed their breakfast celebrations. Can’t wait to see how this storyline progresses – especially since Nate is seeing Abby.

Elena can’t help but seem over the moon as she is recounting her first day at the hospital as a resident! We really are here for a strong and independent woman like Elena finally getting her dream job. We just hope her relationship with Nate – that’s supposed to be platonic – doesn’t end up crushing Devon.

Looks like Michael found Chloe, and he has some sort of scheme up his sleeves. Maybe punching him wasn’t a good idea, Kevin? With a small plea bargain of mental breakdown on Chloe’s part, she might be able to get off with a few therapy sessions and parole. We just hope Chloe and Kevin don’t have to go on the run again.

Looks like the Newman children were called into a meeting with Victor, and it sure doesn’t look good. Taking precautions in case, Adam is going to retaliate against them is a little worrisome. While we all know Adam is capable of doing so, it seems like no one cares that he acts the way he does because of the way the family treats him – Victor included.

On the bright side of it, all Adam is dropping the custody battle for Christian. But Victor is right, what is the catch? The fight between Adam and the Newman family is officially on. However, Adam did hit the nail on the head – so to speak. He said everything we are thinking; the Newman family act like they love each other until they no longer do.

Let’s recount, shall we? Abby hates Summer and vice versa. Victor and Nicole have been married, how many times? Nicholas and Victor? Nicholas and Victoria? The list can continue, and it probably has continued. The plot thickens between Adam and the family.

So, while Adam may have sent in paperwork to relinquish his claims to Christian, it looks like he refuses to go to the hearing that will allow Christian to go home with Nicholas. While the judge may not have wanted to let Christian go back in the case, Adam was coerced into signing his rights away. However, maybe, it looks like Nick’s speech did a number on the judge and allowed him to take Christian home.

Chelsea seems to know Adam’s real intention of why he doesn’t want to go. He loves his son, but it looks like the family cares about themselves. We’re just glad she isn’t keeping Connor away from him.

The screwed up one in the family probably has to be Billy. The memory and the death of Delia are so raw and painful that his obsession with Adam has elevated to stalking and possible attempt of murder? It’s honestly a damn good thing Chloe knew something was up because Adam would be dead if she didn’t push him out of the way.

But now he’s going to try to figure out who is trying to kill him. Of course, the first person he goes to has to be his father, Victor. It looks like they might never recover their relationship.

Performer of the Week: Jason Thompson this week has done a spectacular job playing Billy Abbott this week on The Young and the Restless. In the soap, he has completely gone out of his mind from grief from the death of Delia and anger from Adam who accidentally killed Delia. Jason was born in St. Albert in Canada on November 20, 1976. He was nominated for the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series in 2011 and 2012. He was also nominated for Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Which isn’t a surprise since seeing him react to Adam and trying to kill him.